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Editors Note: This is a heart felt piece from the author but not necessarily the views of Dark Web News

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Cryptocurrencies will not heal all of our ills

Greetings… greetings to you all, here in the dying architecture of a passing age of greed without remorse.

Welcome to the “possibility” of a new existence, as the outworn forms that have been wielded like clubs and whips in the hands of the oppressive self-styled elite are rendered powerless and pointless for the new world to come.

I do not know how many of us will survive the death and birth pangs of the coming times but I am assured that some will.

As in every time of great revolution, there are insane forerunners with evil intent who hope to grab on to the reins of change and enslave us again in the newly forged chains of forced parameters of thought.

I am speaking of the social justice warriors and political correctness zombies. I am talking about the sudden emergence of Antifa, which is no different than systems of repression set into motion in Ukraine and other locations.

Your TOR usage is being watched

I am talking about both the new Nazis and the new Communists who are warring against one another for supremacy and who are, in reality, simply opposing hands on the same corrupt body of the melting shadow of previous bosses, same as the old bosses.

What I am saying is that all this talk about freedom and liberation are just buzzwords in defense of violence at the behest of the same entrenched cabal which has hijacked nearly every legitimate collective—and which presently finances the Frankenstein monster they have cobbled together out of the parts.

In some ways, they are not unlike vulture capitalists except that they are only venal speculators, whereas the monster-makers are of a different order.

Forget about things like the struggles against the one percent, the BLM movement, and nearly every social and sexual operation at work in the streets, workplaces, universities and government services.

These are all weapons in the hands of Satanists like George Soros.

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Education system is riddled with mind-control exponents

In essence, the rights that are being sought and fought for are ideas whose time has come but… so long as they are being controlled by those who use them for the cynical purposes of applied dissension and divide and conquer, they will do no good for anyone.

In these times, the education system at every level is riddled with mind-control exponents who wish to push the lifestyles of tiny demographics upon one and all, who want to legitimize every form of behavior that will open the gates of social and cultural destruction, and who are utilizing the same methods and techniques employed by the engineers of every once-great and now-dead civilization.

I do not believe that cryptocurrencies will heal all of our ills. I do not believe the internet is the final frontier of human thought.

I do not believe we are all the same, but I do believe equal opportunity is the right of all, just as I do not believe that the tyranny of any minority is EVER a good thing.

This is the third installment of a conversation about cryptocurrencies. I feel that you do not learn anything in any lasting way unless you learn it on your own.

Subsequently, I will now provide you with all kinds of learning opportunities, set before you in the form of current events, proper definitions and positive mindsets that you can apply for your own efforts to throw off the shackles of the mind parasites.

No one ever enslaved anyone who did not take control of their mind and shape the manner of their thinking.

For centuries, power and greed have poisoned global financial systems and caused perpetual economic and social turbulence.

Financial systems like banks and asset exchanges have the potential to benefit society in great ways when used properly, but are easily compromised by design.

The Powers That Be have maintained their control largely through centralization, but an emerging technology is using peer-to-peer systems as a legitimate solution for decentralization.

The technology that has the greatest potential to disrupt authoritarian systems is called Blockchain.

Blockchain is the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but the use-cases go far beyond trading digital money.

Blockchains are enabling an evolution in the way people self-organize and co-operate.

Blockchains are advanced systems that perform transactions and protocols automatically, without requiring a middle-man.

Bitcoin, for example, eliminates the middle-man required to securely transfer digital assets.

Other Blockchains cut the middle-man from banking.. betting… social media… publishing… voting…IoT… copyrights and much more.

The implications of this revolution go far beyond eliminating the middle-man; it can majorly disrupt the centralized control established by THE Man.

Blockchain network
Blockchains stand to gain from extreme policies

Blockchains are freaking governments out because they cannot be shut down or controlled, access cannot be restricted, and users can remain anonymous.

A more seismic reason is because Bitcoin and similar Blockchains have the potential to interfere with the continuously tightening restrictions on the centrally controlled money supply.

The agenda for money supply manipulation and control took a giant leap in 2008 when the U.S. Federal Reserve began enacting Quantitative Easing in order to defibrillate the economy.

This inflated the money supply into uncharted territory, and will certainly lead to more policy changes.

One such policy getting peddled is a cashless society; already well underway in India and China.

This would ensure maximum control over the flow of money, including maximizing tax revenue.

Many of the largest authoritarian systems are in distress, which is when extreme measures are most likely to pass.

Bitcoin and other Blockchains logically stand to gain from extreme policies and the inevitable economic turbulence that ensues.

The Blockchain revolution is impeccably timed because it is developing parallel to the centralized digital money agenda.

Many people recognize these patterns, and this is one reason why the Blockchain industry has recently experienced significant growth.

But the industry has also attracted sharks—bankers have realized that this is an opportunity to exploit a growing industry.

Although much of the Blockchain industry is legitimate and philosophically driven, it has also attracted greedy investors who pray on the inexperienced.

For example, some projects that raise money distribute a small fraction of the stock to the investors.

A project called Gnosis raised over $300 million, but distributed less than five percent of the stock to investors, and the project’s insiders kept the rest.

Even celebrity investors like Mark Cuban are jumping on the band wagon.

Other projects are merely hyped ideas, yet still manage to raise enormous amounts of capital largely due to exploiting emotional investors’ fear of missing out on an opportunity.

Companies that raise hundreds of millions when they are still in the startup phase is good for the project developers, but not necessarily for the investors.

Although the project might succeed given enough time, the stock will likely take time to increase because the project valuation is immediately bloated.

The Blockchain industry is also a breeding ground for hackers.

Blockchain technology in-and-of itself is secure, but sometimes supportive applications are built and released without proper testing. Hackers then find and exploit bugs in the code, victimizing the early adopters of the application.

A high-profile example of this is called The DAO.

This is when an application was built on the Ethereum Blockchain, but an error in the code allowed a hacker to drain over $70 million.Other hacking examples involve exchanges, wallets and ICO’s.

The easiest way to avoid getting hacked is to use applications that have been around for a year. Bugs are usually found quickly and only effect the first users.

These hacks are merely fleeting symptoms of a young and growing industry.

Personal accountability is required in order to break away from authoritarian systems, and therefore personal responsibility is extremely important in the blockchain industry.

Basic research, asking questions on forums, and practices like saving your passwords in a secure place will empower you to safely participate in this revolution.

And revolution it is. The whole world is changing around you more quickly than the mind can process, and those who have been sucking the lifeblood out of the populations know that big changes are coming.

What they don’t know is that there is more than one hierarchy at work in the transformations than one might immediately presume.

We have become so programmed to see the larger world as a physical construct that we do not recognize that everything visible comes out of the invisible.

The people who think they are running the show are aware of this.

Mystics and those possessing an illuminated intellect also know this, but the one group does not envision the ruling entity in the same way.

Those who are materialists and selfishly driven have different goals and intentions, AND they have a different master.

I will make a serious point here. It is a timeless verity that has been aptly concealed by those who make their living and gain their power from the suppression of it.

That which we call The Devil and that which we call God are the same force differently applied. Quite frankly, the devil is the way the wicked see God.

There is only one force, and it is permitted to be differentiated by the supreme ruler of all things to create a playing field for the coming and going of lives beyond counting.

Good and Evil are temporary terms of demarcation and have been known to change places at the convenience of those setting the definition of either.

It is this construct that you need to free yourself of.

Intention defines us all.

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Les Visible

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