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Tor Browser official website.
BestMixer wants to promote anonymity and security with their Tor-compatible website for anyone surfing the dark web.

Anonymity in the dark web is vital.

That’s why anyone making any cryptocurrency transactions on the dark web has to make sure the transactions are anonymous.

Why anonymous? Mainly it’s to protect you from hackers and other cyberthreats, and from government agencies that may want to track you.

Cryptocurrencies themselves are untraceable in theory, but it has been proven that one can maintain track of the addresses and transactions, along with their amounts.

To achieve this anonymity, the use of a mixer will undoubtedly help protect your personal details, especially your address.

BestMixer bills itself as the go-to Bitcoin mixer in the market that offers a level of anonymity that its competitors don’t.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Bitcoin Mixing Service offcial website screenshot.

To back up this message, BestMixer has made a Tor-compatible website that offers their mixing service.

The Tor-friendly version of the BestMixer website was introduced for individuals who want their identity and transactions to remain anonymous on the clearnet as well as the dark web.

Generally speaking, I have observed no clear-cut differences between the site on the clearnet and the Tor-compatible site.

However, as we get into the details, we’ll take a look at its features, capabilities and everything else with respect to the platform.

The onion site (http://bestmixer7o57mba.onion/) incorporates a theme and interface similar to that of the clearnet site.

It is quite easy that even newbies can mix their coins without referencing to the tutorials. The website does not require any kind of registration in order to operate.

All one has to do is click on the cryptocurrency of your choice, enter your address then press continue.

A fee calculator and a mixing strength indicator are additionally provided as part of the organization’s goal of being completely transparent.Bitcoin Mixing Service onion address on Tor browser. A transfer/time delay gauge (adjustable) is equally available. Clients have control on time-delays for different addresses by just sliding a button on the indicator.

At the same time, they can choose what percentage each address will receive from the total.

Furthermore, clients gain access to three coin pools provided, by also sliding a button to select the desired reserve.

Alpha Pool is traditionally based on the traditional client-to-client and is mostly used by other mixer companies.

Beta Pool is made up of coins predominantly from Alpha Pool, but also supplemented by funds from investors and reserves.

Gamma Pool, on the other hand, has coins from investors and company reserves only. This makes it the cleanest pool available.

The fee imposed depends on the pool selected. The minimum fee for Alpha Pool is .5 percent; the Beta Pool is 1.50 percent, and Gamma Pool is 3 percent.

Taking everything into consideration, the site appears to offer the same service as its clearnet alternative.

The barely visible difference is that the Tor-friendly site contains less information about mixing. The clearnet website has content regarding what, who, why and how Bitcoin mixing is done.

Even though most people limit themselves to mixing Bitcoins, it’s worth mentioning that the two platforms also mix other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

BestMixer says it will soon be adding support for Ethereum and BitcoinSV.

In conclusion, the Tor-compatible site is easy to use and it adds an extra layer of anonymity for your valuable coins.

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    i use vpn, and i disabled javascript, this mixer pushed me to enable JS, so, i dont trust them.


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