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Drug Trafficking Rampant as a Result of the Dark Web

Acquisition and sales of drug-related products are the leading forms of income generating activities on the dark web.The sales of these products create millions...

The Medical Benefits Of MDMA

From our pre-teens, all the way into early adulthood, we are confronted with stories of people taking drugs to fit in.We are informed of...

Medical Cannabis May Help Improve Memory in Old Age

Throughout history, many new discoveries and theories have always faced heavy resistance to begin with.Later, when irrefutable scientific evidence is produced, the concept is...

Cops Failing To Prosecute Cannabis Criminals

Steven Ficano is a very, very lucky man. The Las Vegas resident was in May 2015 acquitted of both charges that arose from his...

What Americans Think About Drugs

To date, the perception of the majority people regarding drugs use is mainly rooted in the moralistic view of addiction that perceives addicts as weak-willed, immoral, and people with character flaws that require incarceration or some form of punishment.

Drug Known as ‘Devil’s Breath’ Reaches Europe and is Up for Sale on the...

Currently circling around Europe is a popular drug known as“Devils Breath,” which is used by criminals and sexual predators to perpetuate violence by putting...

Ohio to Increase Number of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

According to new regulations released by the state board of pharmacy, Ohio is looking to increase the number of medical marijuana dispensaries.

Blanket Ban On Legal Highs In The UK Begins

In the UK, a blanket ban has been enforced on legal highs in May 2016. As such, a person involved in the production or supply of psychoactive substances could be put behind bars for up to 7 years.

The Upside To Weed

The Cannabis plant grows in warm tropical lands and the dried buds and leaves of this plant goes by many names including marijuana, weed,...

$81 Million Worth of Cocaine Found on Two Beaches in England

Police in Eastern England have seized approximately $81 million dollars’ worth of cocaine on February 10th in what was a curious incident. The brightly-colored drug-packed duffel bags washed up on two different beaches in Norfolk, Eastern England before they were promptly seized by the local authorities.

Marijuana Trafficking

Marijuana is the most widely used drug in the world. Smoking marijuana started thousands of years ago in Asia and later it spread to Europe,...

Mexican Bus Drivers Busted, Marijuana Found on Board

Another controversial drug ring case has hit the internet by storm as two Mexican bus drivers were arrested when authorities found massive amounts of...

Cannabis: Medicinal Super Plant!

Cannabis has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant. Due to new US laws, marijuana self-treatment is now being opened up to sufferers of...

State Senate Approves Bill to Expand Use of Cannabis Oil

Virginia’s State Senate passed a bill that will expand the usage of cannabis oils to the treatment of several medical conditions

Inside Britain’s Growing Cocaine Market

From a public health perspective, citizens of nations across the globe are generally of the belief that consuming hard drugs isn’t the healthiest activity.This...

What Are The Pharmacologically Active Compounds In Cannabis?

Cannabis has been known to contain more than 500 pharmacologically active compounds, something that has led many people to use it for medicinal purposes. The psychoactive and medicinal effects associated with cannabis are caused by unique chemical structures known as cannabinoids.

Understanding the World’s Deadliest Drug: Krokodil

Key details surrounding the discovery of Krokodil are as surreal as the health implications of consuming the drug.In 2002, Russian health centers began making...
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Growing Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes is Now Legal in Australia

Businesses in and around Australia can now obtain licenses that will legally permit them to grow cannabis or marijuana purely for medicinal purposes.This comes after the Narcotics Drugs Amendment Act 2016, which was recently implemented to legalize the production of cannabis and other cannabis products for the benefit of patients who are in need of the drug.

Motion to Legalize Cannabis Use In South Tyrol, Rejected

The cannabis wave is currently in full swing, and the whole world is trying as much as possible to take advantage of it. The United States aside, Italy is another country where the legalization of cannabis, whether to grow or use for both medical and recreational purposes, has seen some dramatic advancement in a number of provinces.

Legal Marijuana Sales Start in Nevada

As of July 1 2017, marijuana sales have become legal in the state of Nevada and thousands of people have come out celebrating this...

Illicit Drugs Offered for Sale on Social Media Sites

Drugs ranging from cocaine, cannabis, and heroine are being offered on social media sites in the UK and Wales.

Some Benefits of Using Marijuana as Medicine

There are more than 60 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, cannabis. The two most abundant elements in marijuana are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). For many centuries, marijuana has been smoked for its medicinal properties.

Fentanyl Shipped To US Via Postal Service

Fentanyl is finding its way into the hands of more people than ever, this time aided by mail packages and anonymous online purchases.The highly...

Chocolate Cannabis Being Sold on the Dark Web

Teenagers from the US and Europeare now ordering chocolate cannabis using the dark web, though they come with warnings of high THC levels.

Peru To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Lawmakers in Peru have overwhelmingly voted in favor of legislation that seeks to legalize medical marijuana. It allows the local production, importation and selling...

Researchers Seek to Recruit 25,000 Marijuana Users for New Study

Researchers in Germany are looking to recruit 25,000 marijuana users to participate in a new study looking into the drug’s effects on healthy individuals.

Australian Government Approves Importation of Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis has long been identified by governments as a solely recreational drug despite plenty of research and numerous cases supporting the claims of cannabis’...

New York to Change Rules and Regulations on Medical Marijuana

As many states in the U.S. employ different approaches for allowing marijuana for medicinal purposes, the state of New York also has its own...
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Teens Being Sold ‘Killer’ Ecstasy Pills on the Dark Web

Law enforcement authorities in the United Kingdom have issued an urgent warning following a string of deaths that are believed to have been caused...
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Dutch Man Busted with $3.5 Million Worth of Drugs

There is a heightened sense of excitement and expectation in Germany as the police managed to nab a Dutch national who was selling drugs...
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Marijuana Legalization Reduces Alcohol Use, According to Study

Researchers found that states with medical marijuana laws witness low alcohol sales, proving them through statistics albeit with caveats.

Potential Medical Uses Of Psychedelic Drugs

Researchers who have done brain scans for the first time of people under LSD influence say that psychedelic drugs could be effective in treating...

Smoking Weed Doesn’t Impair Driving

Six states where marijuana use is legal whether for medical or recreational purposes have set specific limits for THC, the high-inducing chemical in the cannabis plant, in the driver’s blood to determine impairment.
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WHO States Medical Marijuana has No Public Health Risks

The World Health Organization (WHO) has finally announced that medical marijuana, also known as CBD, has no particular public health risks.To the relief of...

The Israeli Drug Underworld: A Hub of Trafficking

Activities of the Israeli drug underworld has been associated with approximately 75 percent of the United States ecstasy market.Statistical figures by the United Nations...
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Dark Web Seller Pleads Guilty to 10+ Counts of Drug Trafficking

A South Australian man has admitted to running a dark web drug dealing operation from his home in Eyre Peninsula.

Hawaii Plans Cashless Payment System for Cannabis Sales

Hawaii has just announced a revolutionary way for its citizens to pay for medical marijuana.The state is planning to go cash-free in all its...

Ingredients Used to Manufacture DMT Seized by German Police

In Germany, police have seized substances used to manufacture the hallucinogen Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).Reports suggest that the amount of DMT confiscated by authorities is approximately...

Some Key Points About Ecstasy

Ecstasy is the street name for drugs that are usually in tablet of capsule form that have a hallucinogenic, stimulating or euphoric effect, and...

Two Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Hawaii Begin Sales

As of last week, a second medical cannabis dispensary has opened in Hawaii, beginning sales of medical cannabis to citizens.The new dispensary, named “Aloha...

Judge Orders Yahoo To Explain How They Recovered Deleted Emails

Recently, Yahoo has come under scrutiny after a judge ordered the company to provide documentation as well as a witness to detail how users’ deleted emails are dealt with. The case has been brought up in connection with a drug trafficking case which involved deleted emails on Yahoo.

Heroin Trafficking

Golden CrescentGolden Crescent represents the region of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran where most of the heroin is being produced and delivered from. It is estimated...

Advocates Launch New Initiative to Legalize Cannabis in Switzerland

Legalize It launches a new initiative for cannabis legalization in Switzerland, with government regulation and a ban for minors

Medical Cannabis Producer Faces Drug Charges

Jenny Hallam, a South Australian woman who has been supplying medical cannabis products throughout Australia for the past two years, is facing charges for...

Lib Dems Unveils Plan to Legalize Cannabis if Elected

The Liberal Democratic Party reveals plans to legitimize the production and sale of cannabis if they win the election.

Latest Research Review on the Benefits and Drawbacks of Marijuana

In the wake of the legalization of marijuana across the United States, a recent research study has thrown a wrench into the works and given more cause for skepticism in the ongoing campaign to legalize marijuana.

DEA Places Opiate U-47700 On Schedule 1 Controlled Substance

Synthetic drugs have always had a prominent presence in the drug market and with the advent of the dark web, their popularity has continued to grow. The latest subject of the DEA’s attention is opiate U-47700, a synthetic opiate purported to be responsible for 46 deaths this year alone.
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Cannabis Use Is Increasing, Perception Of Its Risk Is Decreasing

The legalization of medical cannabis in many states across the country is one of the primary reasons behind the shift in people’s attitude towards drug use. As more and more people rally behind the legalization of cannabis use, the restrictions on the drug are likely to be relaxed in the coming years.

Davenport Police Arrest Man for Allegedly Peddling Methamphetamine

One of the most known notorious drug peddlers from Davenport, Iowa has been arrested again for possession of methamphetamine.The Davenport Police Department has identified...
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Australian Federal Police Seize a Staggering 30kg Supply of Cocaine

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has achieved yet another milestone in the war on drugs. Four men have been hit with drug smuggling charges...

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