“Smart Drug” Modafinil Is A Cognitive Enhancer

A recent study found that popular over-the-counter drug Modafinil is actually a mental enhancer.The finding which was first conducted by researchers from both Oxford...

Cannabis: Medicinal Super Plant!

Cannabis has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant. Due to new US laws, marijuana self-treatment is now being opened up to sufferers of...

MDMA Trafficking

The synthetically produced drug, MDMA (3, 4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine) is often referred to as a party drug. Its street names are also ecstasy, e, x, Molly and...

Cocaine Trafficking

The illegal use of cocaine has been a favorite past time for many people for decades. Its illegal trafficking causes issues on a political, ethical...
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Drug Trade on Darknet Tripled since the Silk Road Demise

According to a recent report, the sale of drugs has tripled since the closure of the online drug marketplace Silk Road. In a joint study conducted by the University of Montreal and University of Manchester, it has been found that the online drugs black marketplaces have only grown in strength even after the closure of Silk Road by law enforcement authorities. The study also says that the revenue has since doubled.

Drugs That Can Do Some Crazy Things

Notwithstanding the fact that many of the users of drugs are aware about the benefits of getting a high when using drugs is miniscule...

Marijuana Trafficking

Marijuana is the most widely used drug in the world. Smoking marijuana started thousands of years ago in Asia and later it spread to Europe,...
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Drug Trafficking Rampant as a Result of the Dark Web

Acquisition and sales of drug-related products are the leading forms of income generating activities on the dark web.The sales of these products create millions...

The Dramatic Impact Of Cocaine

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that can cause adverse side effects on the body when consumed regularly.Users experience negative reactions immediately the substance...

Marijuana Remains a Schedule 1 Drug, DEA Says

Denying petitions for reclassifying marijuana as a less dangerous drug, DEA has said that it will remain in Schedule I, but will allow more research to be carried out to understand its medical benefits.

What Are The Pharmacologically Active Compounds In Cannabis?

Cannabis has been known to contain more than 500 pharmacologically active compounds, something that has led many people to use it for medicinal purposes. The psychoactive and medicinal effects associated with cannabis are caused by unique chemical structures known as cannabinoids.
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Teens Being Sold ‘Killer’ Ecstasy Pills on the Dark Web

Law enforcement authorities in the United Kingdom have issued an urgent warning following a string of deaths that are believed to have been caused...

Ecstacy On The Comeback Trail

The recent death incident at Sunset Music Festival, allegedly caused by drugs, has heightened the drug stigma associated with dance and music gatherings though the partygoers are not the only ones to use substances like ecstasy.

Smoking Weed Doesn’t Impair Driving

Six states where marijuana use is legal whether for medical or recreational purposes have set specific limits for THC, the high-inducing chemical in the cannabis plant, in the driver’s blood to determine impairment.

The Upside To Weed

The Cannabis plant grows in warm tropical lands and the dried buds and leaves of this plant goes by many names including marijuana, weed,...

Inside Britain’s Growing Cocaine Market

From a public health perspective, citizens of nations across the globe are generally of the belief that consuming hard drugs isn’t the healthiest activity.This...
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Cannabis Use Is Increasing, Perception Of Its Risk Is Decreasing

The legalization of medical cannabis in many states across the country is one of the primary reasons behind the shift in people’s attitude towards drug use. As more and more people rally behind the legalization of cannabis use, the restrictions on the drug are likely to be relaxed in the coming years.

Some Benefits of Using Marijuana as Medicine

There are more than 60 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, cannabis. The two most abundant elements in marijuana are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). For many centuries, marijuana has been smoked for its medicinal properties.

Blanket Ban On Legal Highs In The UK Begins

In the UK, a blanket ban has been enforced on legal highs in May 2016. As such, a person involved in the production or supply of psychoactive substances could be put behind bars for up to 7 years.
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States That Passed Marijuana Legalization On Election Day

As the citizens of the United States cast their final ballots to elect the 45th President of the United States of America, nine states were making decisions of their own concerning the legalization of marijuana.

What are the Effects of MDMA on PTSD Patients?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a chronic and often a highly destructive illness that greatly affects the quality of life of the person who has PTSD and is associated with high rates of suicide and psychological disability. Currently, it is a global public mental health problem with more than 20 million people suffering from this condition in the United States alone.

Vermont Kicks Off 2018 by Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

The Senate of Vermont has passed a bill that will legalize the use of recreational weed in the state.The legalization of marijuana use will...

Chocolate Cannabis Being Sold on the Dark Web

Teenagers from the US and Europeare now ordering chocolate cannabis using the dark web, though they come with warnings of high THC levels.
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Fentanyl-Related Overdose Deaths Rose by 78% in Utah

According to a recent global ranking, Utah has placed 4th concerning an increase of the drug overdose instances.In recent times, the state of Utah...

UK Has Classified CBD Oil As Medicine

Ever since the 70’s, “hippies” have been trying to prove to the government that cannabis is not a dangerous drug. Of course, the ultimate goal is to decriminalize the plant entirely.

Illicit Drugs Offered for Sale on Social Media Sites

Drugs ranging from cocaine, cannabis, and heroine are being offered on social media sites in the UK and Wales.

Advocates Launch New Initiative to Legalize Cannabis in Switzerland

Legalize It launches a new initiative for cannabis legalization in Switzerland, with government regulation and a ban for minors

Lib Dems Unveils Plan to Legalize Cannabis if Elected

The Liberal Democratic Party reveals plans to legitimize the production and sale of cannabis if they win the election.

Telegram: The App Used for the Drug Trade

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messenger with client applications available for all popular mobile operating systems as well as computer operating systems.It was founded...

Some Key Points About Ecstasy

Ecstasy is the street name for drugs that are usually in tablet of capsule form that have a hallucinogenic, stimulating or euphoric effect, and...

Mexican Politicians and Police Are Being Manipulated by Drug Cartels

Drug cartels in Mexico near the border between Mexico and the United States of America have infiltrated the Mexican politicians and policemen.The drug cartels...
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Synthetic Opiates Sold on the Dark Web to Finance ISIS Activities

ISIS is well known for terror activities. However, it is difficult to identify the financers of the group.The source of income used to expand...

Latest Research Review on the Benefits and Drawbacks of Marijuana

In the wake of the legalization of marijuana across the United States, a recent research study has thrown a wrench into the works and given more cause for skepticism in the ongoing campaign to legalize marijuana.
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Pediatricians Warn About Risks of Marijuana Use on Kids

A group of reputable pediatricians are warning parents not to dismiss the health implications of marijuana consumption to children and teenagers in the wake...

Understanding the World’s Deadliest Drug: Krokodil

Key details surrounding the discovery of Krokodil are as surreal as the health implications of consuming the drug.In 2002, Russian health centers began making...

Townsville Man Bought Drugs from Dark Web to Avoid Fake Dealers

A Townsville man has pleaded guilty to buying Methylamphetamine from dark web markets.He told the court that he did so to avoid dishonest dealers...
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Dutch Man Busted with $3.5 Million Worth of Drugs

There is a heightened sense of excitement and expectation in Germany as the police managed to nab a Dutch national who was selling drugs...

Carfentanyl Drug Detected at a Brisbane Mail Centre

Police in Brisbane, Queensland have issued an urgent safety warning following the discovery of a lethal fentanyl analog called carfentanyl at a local mail...

Even School Kids Use the Dark Web to Deal in Drugs

It is now official—apparently, even young school-going kids are now using the dark web to deal with drugs.According to an investigation by Mirror, a...
World Health Organization flag

WHO States Medical Marijuana has No Public Health Risks

The World Health Organization (WHO) has finally announced that medical marijuana, also known as CBD, has no particular public health risks.To the relief of...
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Dark Web Seller Pleads Guilty to 10+ Counts of Drug Trafficking

A South Australian man has admitted to running a dark web drug dealing operation from his home in Eyre Peninsula.

Ingredients Used to Manufacture DMT Seized by German Police

In Germany, police have seized substances used to manufacture the hallucinogen Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).Reports suggest that the amount of DMT confiscated by authorities is approximately...

Judge Orders Yahoo To Explain How They Recovered Deleted Emails

Recently, Yahoo has come under scrutiny after a judge ordered the company to provide documentation as well as a witness to detail how users’ deleted emails are dealt with. The case has been brought up in connection with a drug trafficking case which involved deleted emails on Yahoo.

Drug Known as ‘Devil’s Breath’ Reaches Europe and is Up for Sale on the...

Currently circling around Europe is a popular drug known as“Devils Breath,” which is used by criminals and sexual predators to perpetuate violence by putting...
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Is Ketamine An Ideal Treatment for Depression?

Popularly known as a party drug, research into ketamine and how it can be effective in the treatment of depression has shed new light on the substance. The study that was published in the Science Signaling journal divulged how researchers from the Baltimore-based Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the John Hopkins School of Medicine, the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and the Guangzhou Medical University in China brought to light the antidepressant properties of Ketamine.

Researchers Seek to Recruit 25,000 Marijuana Users for New Study

Researchers in Germany are looking to recruit 25,000 marijuana users to participate in a new study looking into the drug’s effects on healthy individuals.

Drones Being Used to Fly Drugs into UK Prisons

The UK government has put together a special unit tasked with combating the issue of drones delivering contraband to prisons in response to an...

Mexican Bus Drivers Busted, Marijuana Found on Board

Another controversial drug ring case has hit the internet by storm as two Mexican bus drivers were arrested when authorities found massive amounts of...

State Senate Approves Bill to Expand Use of Cannabis Oil

Virginia’s State Senate passed a bill that will expand the usage of cannabis oils to the treatment of several medical conditions
Hand of addict man with money buying dose of cocaine or heroine or another narcotic from drug dealer. Drug abuse and traffic concept, toned

Drug Dealer In Denmark Arrested After Mistaking A Cop Car For A Taxi

A drug peddler in Copenhagen was perhaps at the wrong place at the wrong time when he accidentally hopped into a police car thinking...

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