Deep Web Search Engine “Memex” Boost Up

In recent developments, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) unveiled its progress in developing a new program called Memex.

Norwegian Trade Secrets on the Deep Web

It has been recently reported that trade secrets belonging to a number of Norwegian companies are being traded on deep web. The Deep Web is a section of the World Wide Web that contains information that a normal search engine like Google cannot find.

First Deep Web Drug-Related Arrest in South Korea

When it comes to the deep web’s drug-related interactions, the involvement of Asian countries has been minimal, to say the least. This is largely attributed to Asia’s iron-clothed drug laws and bottlenecked information, especially with regards to the internet.

Two Germans Convicted for Selling Fake Euros on the Deep Web

The deep web has long been blamed for the globalization of cyber-crime. In recent years, malicious and illegal commercial activities in dark net market are increasingly becoming common in many countries around the world. This has led to these platforms and their participants coming under increased pressure from authorities.

Monero To Replace Bitcoin For Darknet Ransomware, Experts Predict

Monero has recently hit the headlines. Towards the end of August 2016, the prices of the privacy-centric cryptocurrency Monero began to spike immediately after Oasis and AlphaBay (the leading darknet markets) announced that they would integrate Monero.

Tor Developers Being Used by FEDS to Catch Deep Web Users

Daily Dot reported that a person by name Matthew Edman, who was formerly apart-time at the Tor Project, helped the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by developing the malware Torsploit. Edman created the malware after leaving the Tor project and the FBI used it to deanonymize the Tor network users.

OPM Wants Background Check On Deep Web

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Department of Defense, and a few other agencies such as the FBI share the responsibility of conducting all Federal background investigations in the U.S. OPM moves quickly towards integrating the tracking of social media and public records, as well as combing the Deep Web into the security clearance investigative process.

Anonymous Launches A New Chat Hub On Deep Web

Recently, Anonymous started with a tweet siren alerting its followers of an important announcement coming its way and to hold on tight

Darknet E-Book As A Malicious Software

The internet has been abuzz with warnings about a new darknet eBook that has been doing rounds there, concealed as a free guidebook while in fact it’s a delivery system malware. It claims to teach rookie users how to navigate through the darknet and make safe purchases using bitcoin, while also maintaining high standards of anonymity for user protection.

The Deep Web Is Widely Used By Terrorists, Says France Minister

Recently, Russia made big news when it announced that a new proposal has been drafted by the Ministry of Finance seeking to penalize users of bitcoin with up to seven years of jail time. Close on the heels of Russia’s efforts to make the use of bitcoin within the country illegal, the French Interior Minister seems to be targeting the deep web

Case Of Two Drug Dealers Has Mark Of CMU’s Attack On Tor

The arrest of two Irishmen for drug charges had led to suspicions that this may be another sign that the FBI is using knowledge from Carnegie Mellon University’s research project that aimed to hack the Tor network. Tor, which stands for “The Onion Router,” is a volunteer run service that is made up of a group of servers that allow an Internet user to improve their security.

France Considers Banning Tor And Public Wi-Fi Following The Paris Attacks

France is still in a state of emergency following the November terrorist attacks that put the country into lockdown and caused an outpouring of grief across the world. The attacks were proof that large scale acts of violence can happen in any city, at any time.

Adorable Cookies For Sale On The Dark Web

Homemade cookies for sale on the dark web, but the “baked’ goods are not coming from the darknet market it comes as part of utilizing the anonymity capabilities of Tor and taking advantage of the Cybertwee’s project.

Baked Goods On The Deep Web

Most of the people who are aware of “Deep Web,” consider it to be a very nefarious place, filled with all kinds of “scary stuff.” First of all there is a distinct difference between deep web, which is just a huge pile of intangible data not accessible by search engine and darknet which is a collection of sites

40 Million Different Dark Web Domains For Sale

It is a well-known fact that innovativeness has been the one fundamental thing, which always brought the greatest profit. This applies both to the real world as well as the virtual underground of the Dark Web. One of the more recent stories from dark web talks about an “entrepreneur” who looked into the past and realized that there is potential for profit to be learned from there.

MoD Plans To Host A Deep Web Hacking Event

Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the UK has revealed a plan to hold a deep web hacking event or hackathon for developing technologies and improving the nation’s security. The MODHack event is scheduled to be held from the 25th to 27th of September at Wallacespace, London under the auspices of the Knowledge Transfer Network and Science and Technology Laboratory.

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Male terrorist wearing mask

Fighting ISIS On The Deep Web

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