UK Forms A New Task Force To Fight Dark Web Crimes

The “Dark Web,” also confusingly known as “Deep Web” is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets. Darknets are overlay networks that make use of the public internet but require specific software such as Tor browser, authorization, or configuration to access.

Thousands Of British People’s Identities For sale On The Darkweb

It was reported that tens of thousands of Britons’ identities were on sale on the darkweb for a price less than £20 for an individual’s identity details. This startling revelation was made after a 15-year-old was arrested in connection with the cyber-attack on TalkTalk that placed on risk the identities of more than 4 million of its customers.
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Dark Web Vendor Known As “Shiny Flakes” Sentenced To 7 Years

The dark web vendor famously known as “Shiny Flakes” may spend the next 7 years lighting up a jail cell.This is after a German...

Using Dark Web To Support Intelligence Gathering

We are all very familiar with using the Surface Internet. Basically, that’s everything that has been indexed by search engines - Google,Bing and Yahoo;...

How Mysterious Is The Deep Web?

Deep Web exists beneath the surface and cannot be accessed by standard search engines, this makes it very mysterious and only a few people actually know how the Deep Web works. Studies show that the portal consists of 7.5 petabytes, though this number continues to grow exponentially. While the Surface Internet is immense, Deep Web is even bigger and estimated to be around 500 times greater than it.

Gun Fantasist Posed As A Woman Pleads Guilty

A UK man who was nabbed by the police after he used an elaborate plan to order a gun on the darkweb has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to import a firearm and ammunition illegally into the UK. 38 year old Darren Hillyer, a resident of Milton Keynes in the south eastern county of Buckinghamshire, took the plea at a Bristol Crown Court.
A credit card is a payment card issued to users (cardholders) as a method of payment.

Cracked Version Of “FraudFox” On The Dark Web?

It’s a scary time for credit card holders. (Online fraud)* is a hugely successful business for many criminals operating on the dark web and across the globe.

Well-Known Vendor On The Darkweb Gives Donations To Charities

Back in the 1960’s, we had the Vietnam War and a bunch of drug users openly gathering in public places, singing, dancing, protesting against wars; while the drug dealers were considered the bad guys.

Interpol Has Indexed Thousands Dark Web Sites

Interpol held a working group meeting assembling heads of the European, Asian and Oceanian units. Focus of the meeting was to identify and learn about trends in cybercrime and to discuss the possible united and law backed response. The meeting was also an opportunity to develop regional action plans in order to identify potential areas for operational activities and of course to target cybercriminals.

French .Onion Sites Hacked By Anonymous Darkweb Hacker

Recently, rather shocking development shook French darkweb community, as news of a wide-range hack was reported from a French online magazine As it stands, a certain unknown darkweb hacker has reportedly gained access to databases and private messages of several French .onion sites

Memex Indexes The Internet’s Darkest Corners

As most of you probably know, the one important thing that separates Dark Web from Clearnet is the fact that Deep Web was unindexable and as such unreachable by search engines. As it stands this might soon become untrue, since DARPA has announced that they are finishing the development of their MEMEX search engine capable of crawling dark web.
Tor is free software for enabling anonymous communication. The name is an acronym derived from the original software project name The Onion Router.

Dark Web Sites Are Getting Some Official Recognition

The “dark web” has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Granted being an unsanctioned Internet space, it DOES become a natural habitat for certain illegal activities but that is just one side of the coin. The other side of it is all about being extra secure, and the way user privacy and anonymity is supposed to be maintained by the Internet Service Providers.

Coleraine Man Arrested For Running Darkweb Drugs Operation

A man has been arrested and charged with running a darkweb drug operation from his bedroom.Richard Sinclair, a 32-year-old male from Cranagh Road,Coleraine,was busted...

Interpol Creates Its Own Cryptocurrency To Battle Dark Web Crimes

In a spirited effort to curb online crime, Interpol has come up with its own unique cryptocurrency and a simulated version of dark web...

Drug Markets Are Operating On The Clearnet

It’s now possible to purchase hard drugs through normal Internet sites such as Chemical Love and Forbidden Market.Until recently, such operations could only be...

Hacked Uber Accounts Being Sold For 40 Cents On The Dark Web

Following the report from Motherboard that thousands of hacked Uber accounts were for sale on the Dark Web for about a dollar each in...

Dark Web Site Dealing In Illicit And Prescription Drugs

A Dark Web site has emerged once again after the seizure of Silk Road 2.0 and a few other sites by the federal police,...

Interpol Dark Web Training Course

Interpol has embarked on a program of training police officers combat sophisticated cybercrime such as those found on the Dark Web.Cops from different countries...

Darkode Is Back Online

The world’s most dangerous dark web hacking forum has resurfaced, barely two weeks after the law enforcement agencies claimed to have seized those behind...

The Dark Web – The Number One Source Of Malware

The Dark Web is known to have been the source of most of the major security breaches of the past few years.Any place where...

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