Man Bought Weed From The Dark Web, Intercepted By Authorities

Dark web news is widespread nowadays, with the rampant use of illicit marketplaces serving as a haven for drug dealers and criminals. Online availability presents easy access to almost everyone who wishes to use weed. Some people deem ordering drugs online for personal use is not something to be frowned upon. However, having a darker illegal purpose is a different story.

How Cops Bust Cybercriminals on the Dark Web

No matter how technologically savvy today’s cybercriminals are and think they’ve found a haven in the Dark Web, law enforcement agencies are surely getting better at tracking and bringing them down. Police from different parts of the globe have managed to come up with not one, but several proven effective ways to bust criminals as they aim to get the situation under control.

More People Turning To The Dark Web To Source Drugs

When people mention “Dark Web,” it sounds like a place for selling drugs in secret markets to unknown people masked in encryption, purchasing MDMA using Bitcoin. Well, that is because most times that is what the Dark Web is.

Manhattan Man Pleads Guilty To Selling Guns On The Dark Web

According to reports, Michael Andrew Ryan from Manhattan pleaded guilty to six different counts of illegally trying to export firearms from the United States to people located in the various countries using dark web. He was arrested last year in connection with firearms intercepted in Scotland, Australia, Ireland, and England.
Track Down Stolen Data

How To Track Down Stolen Data On Dark Web

More often than not, it could take weeks or months to discover that critical company or customer data has been hacked. Stolen data can be anything from names, addresses, login credentials, social security and credit card numbers, financial details, to an entire database of personal information, fingerprints, and more.

Stolen Data Of 5,400 Spanish Police Leaked By Hackers

Recently, a hacker claimed to be affiliated with the hacktivist group Anonymous has released confidential data belonging to approximately 5,400 Spanish police officers.The stolendata includes full names, national ID numbers, hashed passwords, and email addresses, which were leaked online.

Prison Librarian Ordered Handgun From Dark Web

An HMP Brixton prison librarian named Dwain Osborne has been charged with different counts including ordering a gun on the dark web, stealing a police uniform and also possession of cocaine with intent to distribute it. He was arrested in October 2015 when he tried to buy a handgun and ammunition from a darknet market.

Millions Of Tumblr and MySpace Logins Up For sale On The Dark Web

A total of 360 million MySpace accounts and 65 million Tumblr accounts have been hacked and put up on the Dark Web for sale; other details have also been listed on the hidden marketplace including emails, usernames, and passwords.

Cops Busted A Major Dark Web Drug Distribution Operation

Last month marks the biggest drug bust of synthetic opioid in Connecticut State’s history, which involved nine arrests and seizure of over 5 pounds of fentanyl discovered right in the city. The drug fentanyl was allegedly sold on the dark web and acquired by the apprehended drug distributor through Dark Web mass-market drug networks.

Reddit Has Sent Out 100,000 Password Resets

Earlier, Reddit has reset more than 100,000 of its users’ passwordsin two weeks amid a surge in account takeovers. Moderators attribute this phenomenal to a recent influx of unsolicited data dumps posted on the web by mischievous hackers.

FBI’s Hacking Tool “NIT” Is Not A Malware

From as early as the 1990s, FBI has been known to use hacking as a method and deploying malware programs to identify suspects and...

TV Show Tries To Buy Gun From Dark Web, Lost $800 In Bitcoin

If your perception about the dark web is that it is the place for shopping stuff like pistols, rifles and other weapons and it is easy to do that, then you may have been mistaken. Recently, crew members of a TV channel found out for themselves that buying weapons is not as easy as it appears to be.

Dark Web Hacking Forum “Nulled.io” Has Been Hacked

A forum that promotes sharing of hacked content has been attacked by hackers, which makes it quite an ironic breach and has proved to be one interesting Dark Web activity for 2016. Though confirmation and knowledge on how the cybercrime that targeted the Nulled.io occurred remains unknown, the leak apparentlyinvolves valuable data, and its aftermath presents an even bigger problem.

Hitman Site On The Dark Web, A Scam

The hitman marketplace Besa Mafia, a user-friendly and slick website, burst into dark web earlier this year. Silk Road, the first darknet market to offer illegal items, was focused on drugs and had drawn the line at weapons and hitmen. Besa Mafia, on the other hand, offered different kinds of violence in exchange for bitcoins, including arson, acid attacks, beatings and even murder, to pick up extra business.
Tor logo

Admin’s Mistake Led To The Shutdown Of Playpen

Cybercrime has managed to keep up with modern technology, with vendors utilizing the Dark Web to reach out to a vast number of customers worldwide. Drug dealers come up with vendor shops and close deals without face-to-face contact.

Hacker Selling 117 Million LinkedIn Users’ Emails And Passwords

According to a recent report, a hacker going by the name of “Peace” has been selling stolen data on the dark web from LinkedIn accounts of over 117 million users. The data is being sold for 5 bitcoins (approximately $2,200).

Dating Profiles Of Users For Sale On The Dark Web

BeautifulPeople, a self-described “elite”dating site, was hacked last year and its members’ stolen data is now for sale on the dark web, according to a report. The members’ data that was hacked from the dating site was purportedly sensitive and ranged from addresses, sexual preferences and private messages.

Counterfeit Money Rose Dramatically In Germany

According to Germany’s Police Agency (BKA), the rate of counterfeit money crimes spiked by 42% in 2015.

Second Judge Recommends To Discard Evidence Obtained From FBI Mass Hack

FBI Mass HackPaul J Cleary, a Magistrate Judge, is the second judge to suggest that evidence obtained in the FBI mass hack,using malware planted...
Woman reading a magazine which she has just removed for a display on a shelf in a supermarket

The First Literary Magazine On The Dark Web

In spite of negative connotations like Adult content, banned drugs, hitmen and stolen identities that the dark web may bring to your mind, it...

MDMA Purity Is On The Upswing, Report Says

The club drug MDMA, whose purity has been reported to be falling down since dawn of the new millennium, has picked up once again in the European markets. Ecstasy pills are a hot selling item in dark web, the cyber underworld.
Drugs and substances prohibited - arrest criminals

ESU Student Ordered Drugs On Dark Web, Arrested

Michael Mancini, a student from the East Stroudsburg University, has been accused of selling LSD to his fellow roommates from his dorm room.

New Dark Web Site Offers To Monetize Stolen Data

As of today, ransomware has established itself as a criminal enterprise amassing $60 million a year. Internet criminals utilize the malware to steal data and extort data owners of their demands to pay a certain ransom, in order to remove the restriction it has implanted into the infected system.

Biggest Dark Web Drug Bust In Norway

The case traces its origins from the Silk Road website on the dark web that was shut down by the FBI in 2013. This closure can be attributed to the audacity or humanly mistake of its creator, Ross Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts, of posting his personal email address in a forum. The alleged operator of the next version Silk Road 2.0, Blake Benthall aka Defcon, then followed the sloppiness of its original administrator by registering a server under his own name.

Number Of Users Accessing Facebook Via The Dark Web Is Increasing

The world’s largest social network announced last April 22ndthat the number of Facebook users who utilize the Tor browser to access their accounts via the Dark Web is currently at 1 million per month.

Researchers Found Trojan Plot Unfolding On The Dark Web

Web hosting provider to some of the largest brands, Invision Power Services (IPS), was saved from a systems compromise in early April. The cybercriminal plot could have potentially damaged IPS clients had it been launched. Good thing it was not left undetected with the watchful eye of researchers who gathered intelligence on this activity unfolding on the dark web.

Naughty America Users’ Data For Sale On Dark Web For $300

With the rising concern on online privacy and security, have you ever given it a thought how much your identity is actually worth? Data on a more personal note, that which could be linked to your deepest fantasies and secrets surprisingly come at a cheap price. For Naughty America users, it costs merely one speck out of 3.8 million emails and passwords which have been packaged in a $300 deal on the dark web.

Cost of Dark Web Services Has Dropped

According to experts and other researchers of the dark web, it seems that the rates charged by cybercrime perpetrators have dropped dramatically in recent times. They came to this conclusion after an investigation into the different markets and forums on dark web.

“OnionScan” Checked Hidden Sites For Vulnerabilities

The dark web is aptly named because it helps to conceal the identities of those who access it as well as the owners of the websites because specialized software has to be used. However, due to some mistakes committed by the administrators while setting up and configuring servers of these sites, it so happens that the real IP address of the website has leaked out.

71% Of People Believe Dark Web Should Be Shut Down

The results of a survey conducted by Centre for International Governance Innovation, a think-tank body in Canada, have shown that people wanted the dark web to be shut down. The dark web is a collection of websites that are not indexed by popular search engines and it can be accessed only by using specialized software.

Dark Web Data Intelligence Firm Raises $6.4M In Series A Funding

A Baltimore based company that specializes in hunting data on the Dark Web has secured $6.4 million funding from investors to advance its course. Terbium Labs works as a cloud-based information security organization serving various sectors of the economy including healthcare, financial services and manufacturing.

The Other Side Of The Dark Web

The set of underground websites that collectively form the dark web has everything negative about it: from child exploitations to banned weapons to hiring...

Steam Stealer Malware Sells For $15 On The Dark Web

Steam Stealer, a growing family of malware, is being used by hackers to steal credentials from the Steam gaming platform. The hackers are reselling the stolen details in the dark web black market. This cybercriminal phenomenon has become more pervasive.

Is Dark Web A Hidden Place For Hackers, Cybercriminals And Whistleblowers?

The dark web is presumably the space that provides the ultimate privacy: for the whistleblowers, cybercriminals and hackers alike. The dark web can be accessed only via the Tor browser that offers anonymity to its users and offers a platform to trade stolen personal identities including credit cards, do business with dangerous and banned drugs, and sell weapons, among others.

Securing The Dark Web With “Digital Blue Helmets”

In an interview, the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) with the UN, Atafeh Riazi, shared her ideas as to how the dark web could be secured. She said that Digital Blue Helmets would be of great help in foiling the threat posed by the dark web. Digital Blue Helmets refers to an expert group that would serve to maintain peace in the cyber world.

Federal Contractor Emails Found On The Dark Web

A study carried out recently by ID Agent showed that email accounts of thousands of contractors who provide varied professional services to the federal...

FBI Seemed To Shared Data from Its Hacking Operation With UK Authorities

When FBI agents seized on PlayPen server last year, a notorious child exploitation site operating under the guise of dark web, they installed a...

Judge Rules FBI To Turn Over Malware It Used To Hack Dark Web Adult...

A judge has officially ordered the FBI to release the full code it used in infiltrating a child exploitation site located at the dark web. Much...

Pirated Academic Research Is Accessible On The Dark Web

After being shut down in late 2015, a site that allows users to access paywall academic research papers for free has resurfaced again on...

When Data Leaked Into The Dark Web

Researchers have found out that cyber attackers just need one leaked credential. They would swarm in, grab the data and exploit it on the dark...

Dark Web Vendor to Give Support To NORML

A dark web cannabis dealer recently announced that he will be sending part of his proceeds to a nonprofit organization, which campaigns for the...

Fraud-As-A-Service On The Dark Web

Cybercrime groups have emerged to offer their shady services. We are talking about DDoS attacks, stolen payment cards, stolen identities and medical records, and of...

SMS Spammers Caught After The Darkode Shutdown

A trio of SMS spammers, all busted when the FBI and other law enforcement agencies from over 20 countries discreetly infiltrated and took down...

Dark Web As A Source For Threat Intelligence

The Dark Web is home to many underground dealings, illicit trade marketplaces and shady cyber activities, all of which aren’t readily visible to enforcement agencies and the prying eyes of various government bodies. Under the safety of the Tor browser and some other clever software, people can purchase cyber-attack tools, potent malware and procure some pharmaceutical products, among others.

US Voter Data Has Been Exposed On The Dark Web

It has been alleged that the voting records of millions of citizens of America are available on a site on the dark web which is affiliated to Hell, a well-known cybercrime forum. The administrator of the forum posted a link to the site on which the data is hosted.

Uber Account, The Hottest Commodity On Dark Web

Uber accounts are once again making news as they are being traded on the dark web. However, this time round, hacked Uber accounts are being sold on the dark web at rates higher than that of stolen credit card details. Unsuspecting Uber users are finding their accounts charged with phantom rides, that is, rides that they never took.

Users’ Data Of Hacked Faithless Site Being Sold On The Dark Web

News broke earlier last week that hackers attacked the website of the British band Faithless. The hack was discovered in September 2015, but neither Faithless nor the cybersecurity company that found the hack, CyberInt, released the news until now.

Adland, The First Ad News Source On The Dark Web

Adland, a website focused on the advertising industry and archiving Internet commercials, has now been made available on the dark web. Adland is the first among the advertisement news organizations to have become accessible as a hidden service on Tor network. This enables individuals to read Adland within the dark web with their privacy intact. There will be neither network surveillance of any kind, nor traffic analysis. Reports show that news organization Propublica is also available on the dark web.

Customer Service And Support Are Being Offered On The Dark Web

The activities of criminals in the cyber underworld or dark web are turning out to be fiercely competitive. As a result, cyber-criminals are on the lookout for newer ways of extorting not only information, but also money from naive victims. They are constantly introducing new software in order to stay ahead of competition.

Teen Attempted To Buy Gun On The Dark Web, Sentenced

A 17-year-old teenager from Cardiff, Wales, attempted to buy a gun from a dark web vendor and has now been caught and convicted. After a police raid at his residence in December 2015, he has been sentenced to 12 months in a juvenile prison. The young man tried to buy a Glock handgun from a seller of firearms on the dark web. It has since been discovered that the dealer lives in the United States. The teenager who attempted to make the purchase was sentenced at Cardiff Youth Court and will spend the next year of his life in a young offenders’ institution.

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