Not All Contents on Dark Web are Illicit, According to Study

The dark web, a criminal den where drug dealers, assassination markets, child porn, human trade and many worst things are done under safely cloaked in anonymity. This is what we were told about Dark Web and in the past. Terbium Labs is the data intelligence provider that has conducted the data-driven and a fact-based research report that went too far corners of the internet to study the dark web.

One of the Largest Dark Web Vendors in Australia Shares His Experience

Ausking is arguably the largest dark web vendor Australia has at the moment. The dark web vendor has dabbled in almost every type of illegal substance including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. He runs more than a few businesses extending over various dark net markets, including the AlphaBay market, where he boasts of a perfect 10/10 rating.

Authorities Join Forces in Global Darknet Enforcement Operation

From October 22 to October 28, law enforcement agencies across the globe conducted a crackdown on various darknet sites in a bid to track down merchants and the numerous customers of the darknet marketplaces. The darknet has a reputation for being an online black market, which is dominated by the trade of illicit goods and services.

Russian Coffee Brand Being Sold Through The Dark Web

Over the years, people have developed a taste for the unusual, including the exclusive and the hard-to-get brands. For businesses, the more mystery they can put into their brand, the more buyers they can gather. Curiosity make people purchase things basing solely on brand names.

Ukrainian Dark Web Vendors Arrested In Drug Bust Operation

Law enforcement around the world seems to be slowly gaining an upper hand over dark web criminals as the recent increase in dark web drug busts shows. A major dark web drug ring is the latest to bite the dust after Ukraine’s law enforcement made several arrests throughout the country and shut down the operation once and for all.

Austrian Government to Implement a Federal Trojan to Spy the Dark Web

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in activities in dark net markets. Unfortunately, the majority of these activities tend to be illegal in nature. This has led to a number of international governments actively attempting to tackle increasing crime on the dark web.

Over 70,000 Canadian Credit Card Numbers Being Sold on the Dark Web

Earlier this year, a security consultant from Telus Security Solutions, Milind Bhargava revealed that over 70,000 Canadian credit card numbers were listed for sale on a dark web market. Bhargava released the findings as part of a presentation that was aimed at providing insight on just how much personal information from Canada was available on dark web markets.
Cropped closeup of a drug dealer and an addict exchanging drugs and money on the street

Lubbock Man Charged for Selling Drugs Bought on the Dark Web

A 26-year-old Benjamin Bricker is the latest dark web-affiliated criminal to fall into the hands of the authorities after a Fed-Ex package addressed to him gave up his drug-related activities. This is after his former landlord intercepted the suspicious package before alerting law enforcement, who, after using a sniffer dog, determined that the package did contain illegal narcotics.

Charleroi Agent Buys Weapons from Dark Web, Arrested

The 35-year-old Thomas V. is a Charleroi policeman who was detained following the allegations that he purchased illegal merchandise from the dark web. Thomas is a member of a Charleroi-based security intelligence agency called GSA.

Man Engaged In Dark Web Phishing Scheme To Steal Bitcoins

The function of the dark web is to provide anonymity to those who would like to protect their privacy and keep their real-world identity unknown.Cyber criminals have always taken advantage of this aspect leading to the dark web being associated with mostly illegal activities including but not limited to drug dealing, weapons, and stolen data are among others.

Hacking Forum “w0rm” Breached and Defaced

Black hat hackers operating on dark web platforms have been a pain in the neck for tech world security for years now. Although a considerable percentage of hacking attacks orchestrated by these parties are focused on innocent victims, they themselves are often not safe from each other.

Dark Web Data Intelligence “Matchlight” Is Now Globally Available

Good news for security teams in businesses and government organizations all around the world, Matchlight is now available for public use. Terbium Labs has recently announced the release of the automated data intelligence system for general use.

TheDarkOverlord Hacked WestPark Capital Bank and Demanded Ransom

One of the main issues that affect Information and Communication networks today is the increasing prevalence of cybercrimes. Cybercrimes are deliberate efforts to access and leverage information technology networks by unauthorized parties primarily for unlawful reasons. The main motivation behind cyber-attacks is often damage, sabotage, ransom or theft.

The Life of A Darknet Market Vendor

Darknet market usage has seen a significant spike ever since the Silk Road 1 was launched. Even after its closure, darknet market usage still thrives with a much larger economy and more darknet drug vendors.

Dark Web Arms Vendor Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison

A Berlin-based man was recently slapped with a 4-year prison sentence after being found guilty of trafficking illegal arms. There was enough evidence to bind the 41-year-old man to his arms dealing activities in addition to physical evidence. His arrest was the result of a crackdown on dark web arms dealers in the region in which the law enforcement ultimately managed to catch up with him.

Some Dark Web Vendors Shared Photos of Their Drug Labs

In what can only be termed as a brazen display of arrogance and blatant disregard for authority, two dark web vendors have released pictures and footage of the operations of their drug labs. Many of us would have never gotten the opportunity to set our eyes on anything of the sort if it weren’t for the audaciousness of these dark web dealers.

Fake Diplomas Are Being Sold on the Dark Web

Admittedly, the internet is a scary place. We have seen ransomware merchants breaking into secured computers to compromise the security and safety of users. We have also seen hackers getting unauthorized access to personal email addresses to steal sensitive information.

Student Bought Drugs on the Dark Web, Pleads Guilty To Charges

The internet has no doubt revolutionized the way of communication. It has also increased the allure to commit a crime. This is how Zhe Wang, a former University of Buffalo engineering student, found himself in crime. How, you ask?

Liberty Market Publicly Posted A Dark Web Job

A public job advertisement is not something you would expect to get the whole internet buzzing - then again, most “help wanted” advertisements do not come from well-known French underground markets.

Hacked Database of For Sale On The Dark Web

The dark web has recently played host to some interesting events. However, this one seems to be the most stirring of them all.According to...

FBI Denies Claims of Improving Dark Web “Playpen” Site’s Functionality

The Defense Lawyer's ClaimSteven Chase’s lawyer, Peter Adolf has made allegations that in the process of the FBI doing their investigations, they ended up...
Cocaine and marihuana in packages on black background

European Dark Web Drug Ring Busted By Authorities

According to a report that appeared in Yle Uutiset, a Finnish publication, police has busted and closed down a multi-million dollar European dark web drug racket in Finland. Officials said that three Finns who had exceptionally good IT skills were running a smuggling operation valued at 2 million euros or $2.26 million.
Men Arrested To Stand Trial (1)

Men Arrested For Dark Web Drug Dealing, To Stand Trial

Kyle Hall, Stephen Rodgers, and Richard Sinclair are to stand trial in court to answer charges against them of dealing illegal drugs on dark web. Three Irishmen are to stand trial for their roles in drug dealing operation on dark web. Kyle Hall, Stephen Rodgers, and Richard Sinclair were all arrested on suspicion of dealing MDMA and other drugs on the dark web.
Police car

US Tor Users Hacked By Australian Cops

According to reports, Australia’s law enforcement authorities hacked the computers of US Tor users when the Argos taskforce carried out an investigation into a child pornography website. In one instance, Australian authorities hacked the computer of a Tor user in Michigan for the purpose of obtaining the IP address of the suspect.
Money Laundering on computer keyboard background

Nigel Farage’s Aide Accused of Dark Web Money Laundering

George Cottrell, the 22-year-old aide of Nigel Farage, a prominent member of the UK Independence Party, was detained by the FBI on 22 July, just as they were preparing to board a plane back to Britain from the O’Hare airport in Chicago.
Cybercrime concept, on the computer keyboard

Australian Government To Create A Cyber-Intelligence Unit

Australia doesn’t feature in any of the noteworthy lists of nations affected most severely by cybercrimes. However, still, the country’s government has taken a vital step towards prevention of cybercrimes.

Darknet Arms Vendor Sentenced to 5 Years and 6 Months

Christian L., known by the username Dosensuppe in darknet circles, was sentenced to serve a term of five and a half years in jail for illegal firearms dealing through darknet markets. According to the judge who is presiding over the case, the weapons sold by Christian L. would be enough for equipping a small army.

200 Million Alleged Yahoo Accounts Are Being Sold On The Dark Web

A hacker who goes by the name Peace or “peace_of_mind” is selling alleged 200 million Yahoo accounts on the underground dark web marketplace, The Real Deal, for 3 BTC or approximately US$1,824. Peace has claimed that the Yahoo database comes from 2012 most likely.
Radio Show Hosts

Radio Show Hosts Accused of “Free advertising” The Dark Web by Listeners

KIISFM listeners recently expressed discontent with the station’s hosts, Jackie O Henderson and Kyle Sandilands, after they decided to discuss Dark Web matters on their show. Listeners accused the two of promoting the platform openly, which according to them is against the norm and unethical.
Glock 17 pistol

Munich Gunman Allegedly Bought Gun from the Dark Web

David Ali Sonboly, the Munich killer, reportedly bought the Glock 17 pistol from the dark web. The German police said that though the serial number of the reactivated gun with which the 18-year-old killed nine people was scratched off, it appeared as though it is of Slovakian origin.
Sixgill Platform

Sixgill, Dark Web Intelligence Platform to Detect Future Cyber-Attacks

Sixgill is a cyber intelligence startup company from Israel that analyzes the dark web to prevent sensitive data leaks and defuse potential cyber-attacks even before they occur. The company was launched in June 2016.

Drug Traffickers Using Dark Web Detected In India

Authorities discover increased activity of dark web-based drug traffickers in India, following the country’s adoption of the cryptocurrency. The Indian anti-narcotics agency registered the reports of rising illicit operations as its first case.

Dark Web Vendor Xanax King Writes Letters From Prison

It was in 2014 that XanaxKing, a dark web vendor that sold Alprazolam, was arrested and after that convicted for many drug-related charges. However, in recent times, a Reddit user who goes by the name of al_eberia on the forum has been communicating with him regularly.
Malicious Tor Nodes Spying On Darknet Sites

Malicious Tor Nodes Spying On Darknet Sites

The Tor Project, developed since 2006, has made the open network fully featured Tor browser available on virtually every platform for anyone wanting utmost privacy protection. However, the entire Tor network cannot be deemed safe just like the internet in general.

How To Avoid A Honeypot On The Darknet

There are many different definitions of a “honeypot” one will find on the Internet that covers both technical terms or otherwise. Let us first make it clear on what a honeypot actually represents in technical terms, so as to prevent further misunderstandings.
Italian Mafia Brussels Arrested

Dark web Group “Italian Mafia Brussels” Arrested By Authorities

Police in Belgium arrested six suspects, and most of them were nabbed in the Bruges area. However, others among the six suspects were arrested in the United States and in Romania. The arrests came as part of a global police operation in which authorities arrested the dark web vendor group known as “Italian Mafia Brussels” who trade Ecstasy and MDMA tablets on darknet markets.

Man Bought Glock Handgun From The Dark Web, Jailed

According to reports, Moynul Haque, a 21-year-old West Midlands (Smethwick) man, was jailed for ten months after he purchased parts of a Glock handgun from the dark web, which is a collection of websites not accessible by popular browsers. The Wolverhampton Court issued the sentence on 28 June 2016.
tor fbi hacks

FBI Not To Hand Over Tor Exploit For National Security Reason

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is choosing not to hand over the Tor exploit it used to track and arrest 1,500 users of a darknet child pornography website.

Man Bought Weed From The Dark Web, Intercepted By Authorities

Dark web news is widespread nowadays, with the rampant use of illicit marketplaces serving as a haven for drug dealers and criminals. Online availability presents easy access to almost everyone who wishes to use weed. Some people deem ordering drugs online for personal use is not something to be frowned upon. However, having a darker illegal purpose is a different story.

How Cops Bust Cybercriminals on the Dark Web

No matter how technologically savvy today’s cybercriminals are and think they’ve found a haven in the Dark Web, law enforcement agencies are surely getting better at tracking and bringing them down. Police from different parts of the globe have managed to come up with not one, but several proven effective ways to bust criminals as they aim to get the situation under control.

More People Turning To The Dark Web To Source Drugs

When people mention “Dark Web,” it sounds like a place for selling drugs in secret markets to unknown people masked in encryption, purchasing MDMA using Bitcoin. Well, that is because most times that is what the Dark Web is.

Manhattan Man Pleads Guilty To Selling Guns On The Dark Web

According to reports, Michael Andrew Ryan from Manhattan pleaded guilty to six different counts of illegally trying to export firearms from the United States to people located in the various countries using dark web. He was arrested last year in connection with firearms intercepted in Scotland, Australia, Ireland, and England.
Track Down Stolen Data

How To Track Down Stolen Data On Dark Web

More often than not, it could take weeks or months to discover that critical company or customer data has been hacked. Stolen data can be anything from names, addresses, login credentials, social security and credit card numbers, financial details, to an entire database of personal information, fingerprints, and more.

Stolen Data Of 5,400 Spanish Police Leaked By Hackers

Recently, a hacker claimed to be affiliated with the hacktivist group Anonymous has released confidential data belonging to approximately 5,400 Spanish police officers.The stolendata includes full names, national ID numbers, hashed passwords, and email addresses, which were leaked online.

Prison Librarian Ordered Handgun From Dark Web

An HMP Brixton prison librarian named Dwain Osborne has been charged with different counts including ordering a gun on the dark web, stealing a police uniform and also possession of cocaine with intent to distribute it. He was arrested in October 2015 when he tried to buy a handgun and ammunition from a darknet market.

Millions Of Tumblr and MySpace Logins Up For sale On The Dark Web

A total of 360 million MySpace accounts and 65 million Tumblr accounts have been hacked and put up on the Dark Web for sale; other details have also been listed on the hidden marketplace including emails, usernames, and passwords.

Cops Busted A Major Dark Web Drug Distribution Operation

Last month marks the biggest drug bust of synthetic opioid in Connecticut State’s history, which involved nine arrests and seizure of over 5 pounds of fentanyl discovered right in the city. The drug fentanyl was allegedly sold on the dark web and acquired by the apprehended drug distributor through Dark Web mass-market drug networks.

Reddit Has Sent Out 100,000 Password Resets

Earlier, Reddit has reset more than 100,000 of its users’ passwordsin two weeks amid a surge in account takeovers. Moderators attribute this phenomenal to a recent influx of unsolicited data dumps posted on the web by mischievous hackers.

FBI’s Hacking Tool “NIT” Is Not A Malware

From as early as the 1990s, FBI has been known to use hacking as a method and deploying malware programs to identify suspects and their online activities.However, in the recent Playpen case which involved the identification of a few suspe.cts in a child porn ring site, Daniel Alfin, an FBI agent has argued that the hacking tool called Network Investigative Technique (NIT) used to identify the Playpen userscannot be considered as “malware.”

TV Show Tries To Buy Gun From Dark Web, Lost $800 In Bitcoin

If your perception about the dark web is that it is the place for shopping stuff like pistols, rifles and other weapons and it is easy to do that, then you may have been mistaken. Recently, crew members of a TV channel found out for themselves that buying weapons is not as easy as it appears to be.

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