DIY Ransomware Kits Accessible on the Dark Web

The existence of crime as a service is no longer such an inconceivable thought in this day and age, and we all owe that...

Identity Fraud Reached Record High in 2016

The number of recorded identity theft cases in the UK reached a record high in 2016, painting a grim picture for the future of...

How Fraudsters Use PayPal

PayPal is a popular service for online transactions, but has been and is still exploited by fraudsters. Here are some of the methods they use.

Proton Malware Being Offered on Russian Hacking Forum

A Mac OS Remote Administration Tool called Proton is being sold at 40 BTC through the dark web. The malware can facilitate remote espionage and theft.
Cyber Criminal Downloading Data Onto Portable Hard Drive

Over 600,000 PlayStation Accounts for Sale on the Dark Web

A data vendor is allegedly selling more than 600,000 decrypted PlayStation user accounts on a dark web marketplace for $35.71 in bitcoin.

Many Dark Web Busts Are Bull Shit

Even for the powers that be, telling a fib every now and then to shape public opinion is not something particularly strange or unheard...

Austrian Authorities Nab Six Alleged Dark Web Vendors

As internet users around the globe are increasingly accessing dark web platforms, law enforcement agencies are turning their focus to illicit activities facilitated by...

The Number of Dark Web Hidden Services Has Dramatically Dropped

The dark web has shrunk by approximately 85%.This was the revelation that was brought to light by a published OnionScan report after the web...

Dark Web Vendor Allegedly Selling 1M Decrypted Yahoo and Gmail Accounts

A data vendor going by the pseudonym “SunTzu583” on a dark web marketplace is allegedly selling over one million decrypted Yahoo mail and Gmail...

DOJ Dismisses Playpen Case to Keep Disclosure of Tor Hack

Dark web networks such as Tor have been in the spotlight of law enforcement agencies in recent years.This is largely due to the increased...

Almost 820,000 Accounts Leaked in vBulletin Hack

Cybercrime remains to be on the rise and people’s information is always at risk of being used maliciously.It has been ranked as the 2nd...

2014 Hacked ICANN Data Still Being Offered on Dark Web

If you were a user of ICANN’s CZDS (Centralized Zone Data Service) in 2014 you might wish to think about changing some of your...

University Student Accused of Drug Trafficking

Spencer Nichols, a first-year student from the University of Minnesota, was arrested and charged in late February with the first-degree sale of narcotics and...

Dark Web Vendor Selling Over 950,000 Coachella User Accounts

Over 950,000 user account details for Coachella Music and Arts Festival’s website are being sold on the dark web, according to reports.The data vendor,...

Alleged Murder Suspect Linked to Dark Web Site “Besa Mafia”

Stephen Allwine allegedly shot his wife, Amy Allwine, from close quarters using a nine-millimeter handgun.A crime of undisclosed motives, the fatal shooting took place...

Hacker “Rasputin” Attacked Government Agencies and Universities

A Russian hacker going by the pseudonym “Rasputin” has compromised over 60 global organizations, including US and UK universities and government organizations.Security researchers believe...

Boston Police Cancel Plan of Buying Dark Web and Social Media Monitoring Software

The announcement that the Boston Police Department would not be going through with their plans to purchase dark web and social media monitoring software worth approximately $1.4 million was met with unanimous jubilation by the general public.

Hacktivist “Phineas Fisher” Takes a Break from Hacking

Famous hacktivist “Phineas Fisher” is said to be considering taking a break from hacking for a while, just days after reports emerged in Barcelona,...

A New Tool that Makes Creating Dark Web Site Version Easier

The dark web, previously considered a well-hidden part of the internet where all sorts of criminal activities occur, is now attracting the presence of mainstream websites.

Breached Accounts from Being Sold on Dark Web

Back in its heyday, the American news agency known as the United Press International was a broadcasting heavyweight with A-list news anchors such as...

19-Year-Old Man Jailed for Importing Drugs Bought on the Dark Web

A teenager has recently been charged with the importation of illegal drugs through a dark web marketplace. Toby Fairall, 19 years old, confessed that he had purchased herbal cannabis through the dark web and he sought to supply the product.

Stolen Police Forum Data Available on the Dark Web

A hacker, only identified by the moniker “Berkut,” made easy work of breaching the database of popular police forum PoliceOne to steal the login...

20 Percent of Dark Web Sites Went Offline in Freedom Hosting II Hack

Freedom Hosting II was taken down on February 3rd by a sole hacker pledging allegiance to the Anonymous hacking group, causing a surprise shutdown of 20 percent of all dark web sites.

Stolen W-2 Tax Form Data Up for Grabs on the Dark Web

It is common knowledge today that the dark web is a major facilitator of many cybercrime incidents. A large percentage of dark web transactions involve the buying and selling of fraudulently-obtained troves of confidential data.

LeakedSource Allegedly Shut Down by Police Raid

According to recent reports, an unidentified United States law enforcement agency carried out a raid on LeakedSource, causing the site to go offline. LeakedSource is the highly controversial breach notification website.

Police Search For Drugs Ordered Online But Find Marijuana Hydro Setup

The dark web has seen its fair share of controversy, largely due to the proliferation of criminal activities that are facilitated by this hidden part of the internet.

German ZIT Operatives Infiltrate the Dark Web to Catch Users

Internet crime has become a large enterprise, especially in the last decade. Currently, it has been projected to outpace all other forms of crime including the conventional drug trade.

German IT Specialist Bought Ammunition from the Dark Web

A 45-year-old German man whose identity has not yet been made public was arrested after two detectives from a Customs Investigations Office in Essen pinned a dark web shipment of ammunition to his address.

ThePirateBay Went Offline But Still Accessible on the Dark Web

Since its start in Sweden back in 2003, ThePirateBay has experienced numerous service issues.
Closeup of a man's hand cutting cocaine on a glass table with razor blade

Ex-Drug Users to be Hired by EU – This will be Good to Watch!

In perhaps what is going to be one of the most prominent “set a thief to catch a thief” scenario ever played out by an authoritative institution in the war against the online drug trade, the EU has decided to use former hackers and drug users to curb the rise of dark web drug sales.

Fraudsters Behind £1m Next Directory Scam Jailed

Several people belonging to a group of cyber criminals that were accused of hacking the accounts of Next Directory clients through the dark web have been incarcerated.

Nuke Malware For Sale on the Dark Web

Cases of cybercrime continue to increase with each passing day. On December 16th, a new malware was discovered by Sixgill security researchers on a popular Russian/English cybercrime message board - it is known as Nuke and is being sold in the dark web.

Mail Postman Unknowingly Delivering Drugs from the Dark Web

Trending in recent news headlines, large amounts of illicit narcotic substances are being sold on the Dark Web and delivered to clients through the postal services.

Man Sentenced for Setting Up a Vendor Shop on the Dark Web

A German casual worker was recently sentenced to 21 months in juvenile prison after he was busted trying to set up a narcotics store on the dark web.

Owl Detect: A Dark Web Scanning Service for Stolen Data

A new online service known as OwlDetect has been launched in the UK following recent rampant cyber-attacks. It is capable of scanning the dark web for any kind of stolen data.
blockchain cryptocurrency

Darknet Cryptocurrency: Zcash Vs. Monero

The cryptomarket also referred to as darknet market, is an anonymous online marketplace on the dark web that uses cryptocurrency as its medium of exchange. Among the cryptocurrency used on darknet markets, include Zcash and Monero.
It has been reported that xHamster database was hacked and a number of its users’ personal information being used to make money on the dark web.

Hacked xHamster Accounts are Being Sold on the Dark Web

The user account details of a supposedly free mature content website known as the xHamster, have been leaked and traded on the dark web. An estimated number of xHamster subscribers, almost 380,000 users have had their personal credentials leaked by hackers.

Not All Contents on Dark Web are Illicit, According to Study

The dark web, a criminal den where drug dealers, assassination markets, child exlpoitation, human trade and many worst things are done under safely cloaked in anonymity. This is what we were told about Dark Web and in the past. Terbium Labs is the data intelligence provider that has conducted the data-driven and a fact-based research report that went too far corners of the internet to study the dark web.

One of the Largest Dark Web Vendors in Australia Shares His Experience

Ausking is arguably the largest dark web vendor Australia has at the moment. The dark web vendor has dabbled in almost every type of illegal substance including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. He runs more than a few businesses extending over various dark net markets, including the AlphaBay market, where he boasts of a perfect 10/10 rating.

Authorities Join Forces in Global Darknet Enforcement Operation

From October 22 to October 28, law enforcement agencies across the globe conducted a crackdown on various darknet sites in a bid to track down merchants and the numerous customers of the darknet marketplaces. The darknet has a reputation for being an online black market, which is dominated by the trade of illicit goods and services.

Russian Coffee Brand Being Sold Through The Dark Web

Over the years, people have developed a taste for the unusual, including the exclusive and the hard-to-get brands. For businesses, the more mystery they can put into their brand, the more buyers they can gather. Curiosity make people purchase things basing solely on brand names.

Ukrainian Dark Web Vendors Arrested In Drug Bust Operation

Law enforcement around the world seems to be slowly gaining an upper hand over dark web criminals as the recent increase in dark web drug busts shows. A major dark web drug ring is the latest to bite the dust after Ukraine’s law enforcement made several arrests throughout the country and shut down the operation once and for all.

Austrian Government to Implement a Federal Trojan to Spy the Dark Web

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in activities in dark net markets. Unfortunately, the majority of these activities tend to be illegal in nature. This has led to a number of international governments actively attempting to tackle increasing crime on the dark web.

Over 70,000 Canadian Credit Card Numbers Being Sold on the Dark Web

Earlier this year, a security consultant from Telus Security Solutions, Milind Bhargava revealed that over 70,000 Canadian credit card numbers were listed for sale on a dark web market. Bhargava released the findings as part of a presentation that was aimed at providing insight on just how much personal information from Canada was available on dark web markets.
Cropped closeup of a drug dealer and an addict exchanging drugs and money on the street

Lubbock Man Charged for Selling Drugs Bought on the Dark Web

A 26-year-old Benjamin Bricker is the latest dark web-affiliated criminal to fall into the hands of the authorities after a Fed-Ex package addressed to him gave up his drug-related activities. This is after his former landlord intercepted the suspicious package before alerting law enforcement, who, after using a sniffer dog, determined that the package did contain illegal narcotics.

Charleroi Agent Buys Weapons from Dark Web, Arrested

The 35-year-old Thomas V. is a Charleroi policeman who was detained following the allegations that he purchased illegal merchandise from the dark web. Thomas is a member of a Charleroi-based security intelligence agency called GSA.

Man Engaged In Dark Web Phishing Scheme To Steal Bitcoins

The function of the dark web is to provide anonymity to those who would like to protect their privacy and keep their real-world identity unknown.Cyber criminals have always taken advantage of this aspect leading to the dark web being associated with mostly illegal activities including but not limited to drug dealing, weapons, and stolen data are among others.

Hacking Forum “w0rm” Breached and Defaced

Black hat hackers operating on dark web platforms have been a pain in the neck for tech world security for years now. Although a considerable percentage of hacking attacks orchestrated by these parties are focused on innocent victims, they themselves are often not safe from each other.

Dark Web Data Intelligence “Matchlight” Is Now Globally Available

Good news for security teams in businesses and government organizations all around the world, Matchlight is now available for public use. Terbium Labs has recently announced the release of the automated data intelligence system for general use.

TheDarkOverlord Hacked WestPark Capital Bank and Demanded Ransom

One of the main issues that affect Information and Communication networks today is the increasing prevalence of cybercrimes. Cybercrimes are deliberate efforts to access and leverage information technology networks by unauthorized parties primarily for unlawful reasons. The main motivation behind cyber-attacks is often damage, sabotage, ransom or theft.

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