First-Ever Play About the Dark Web to Be Shown in London

London’s Trafalgar Studios will be hosting the world’s first dark web-themed play.Titled ‘Sillk Road: How to Buy Drugs Online,’ the Bitcoin-funded theatre production will...

How the Dark Web and Bitcoin Are Helping Keep ‘SamSam’ Ransomware Hidden

In the ever-changing world of cybercrime, the issue of malware has extensively been studied and researched by cybersecurity experts from all over the world.However,...

Second Judge Recommends To Discard Evidence Obtained From FBI Mass Hack

FBI Mass HackPaul J Cleary, a Magistrate Judge, is the second judge to suggest that evidence obtained in the FBI mass hack,using malware planted...
Glock 17 pistol

Munich Gunman Allegedly Bought Gun from the Dark Web

David Ali Sonboly, the Munich killer, reportedly bought the Glock 17 pistol from the dark web. The German police said that though the serial number of the reactivated gun with which the 18-year-old killed nine people was scratched off, it appeared as though it is of Slovakian origin.
Sixgill Platform

Sixgill, Dark Web Intelligence Platform to Detect Future Cyber-Attacks

Sixgill is a cyber intelligence startup company from Israel that analyzes the dark web to prevent sensitive data leaks and defuse potential cyber-attacks even before they occur. The company was launched in June 2016.
2FA word cloud, Two Factor Authentication. Cyber & Security concept.

Security Tools: A Guide to Hardware 2FA

Hardware two-factor authentication (2FA) could be a much better alternative on dark web marketplaces for creating a solid security measure without the use of...

Infamous Dark Web Hacking Forum Supposedly Ran by a Teen

The administrator of an infamous dark web hacking forumwho operated under the pseudonym Ping was allegedly a 15-year-old boy from Canada.

Drug Traffickers Using Dark Web Detected In India

Authorities discover increased activity of dark web-based drug traffickers in India, following the country’s adoption of the cryptocurrency. The Indian anti-narcotics agency registered the reports of rising illicit operations as its first case.
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Op-Ed: Going Dark—Encryption and the Dark Web

The consistent use of encryption is a necessity on the dark web. In fact, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) should be used a whole lot...
Radio Show Hosts

Radio Show Hosts Accused of “Free advertising” The Dark Web by Listeners

KIISFM listeners recently expressed discontent with the station’s hosts, Jackie O Henderson and Kyle Sandilands, after they decided to discuss Dark Web matters on their show. Listeners accused the two of promoting the platform openly, which according to them is against the norm and unethical.

Leaked Database Reveals Decrypted Passwords of over 1 Billion Accounts

Data theft has never been scarier. The perpetrators are not leaving anything to chance. And this reality is now dawning among the masses following...

Millions of User Accounts Potentially Affected in the Instagram Hack

One of the biggest hacks in recent times has just taken place on the popular photo-sharing social media platform Instagram.For any average user, what...

Dark Web Vendor Xanax King Writes Letters From Prison

It was in 2014 that XanaxKing, a dark web vendor that sold Alprazolam, was arrested and after that convicted for many drug-related charges. However, in recent times, a Reddit user who goes by the name of al_eberia on the forum has been communicating with him regularly.

Will Whistleblowers Continue to Use the Dark Web as a Communication Channel?

There are many individuals who feel as though “anonymous” immediately deserves a negative connotation.The influential writer H.P. Lovecraft once famously said, “The oldest and...

SMS Spammers Caught After The Darkode Shutdown

A trio of SMS spammers, all busted when the FBI and other law enforcement agencies from over 20 countries discreetly infiltrated and took down...

Interpol Creates Its Own Cryptocurrency To Battle Dark Web Crimes

In a spirited effort to curb online crime, Interpol has come up with its own unique cryptocurrency and a simulated version of dark web...
Hacker in mask under hood having many credit cards in computer room - with copy space on blank screen to insert text ,word, and pictures

Wide Range of Job Ads Available on the Dark Web

The dark web is considered to be a dynamic ecosystem, and like mainstream sectors, filled up to the neck with opportunities.By now, the offerings...

Dark Web Vendor Allegedly Selling 1M Decrypted Yahoo and Gmail Accounts

A data vendor going by the pseudonym “SunTzu583” on a dark web marketplace is allegedly selling over one million decrypted Yahoo mail and Gmail...

Securing The Dark Web With “Digital Blue Helmets”

In an interview, the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) with the UN, Atafeh Riazi, shared her ideas as to how the dark web could be secured. She said that Digital Blue Helmets would be of great help in foiling the threat posed by the dark web. Digital Blue Helmets refers to an expert group that would serve to maintain peace in the cyber world.

Fraudsters Behind £1m Next Directory Scam Jailed

Several people belonging to a group of cyber criminals that were accused of hacking the accounts of Next Directory clients through the dark web have been incarcerated.

Dark Web Users Identified After Visiting File Sharing Site

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has obtained the IP addresses of several users of a dark web child exploitation site after they downloaded media on a file sharing service.

Man Tried To Buy Dark Web Gun, Jailed

Harry Woodward, a man from Church Street, Newark was sentenced to go to prison for 21 months for attempting to buy a gun that costs approximately £1,100. He was trying to buy it from a Dark Web market which has not yet been named by the court. In his defense, the man said he needed the gun to defend himself. He said that he was worried about a terrorist attack and that is why he took steps to purchase the handgun from Dark Web.

International Authorities Shutdown Notorious Darknet Site ‘Infraud’

Reports reaching Dark Web News indicate that law enforcement agencies have arrested a key mastermind in the existence of the world’s one-stop shop for...

17 Million Hacked Zomato Accounts Listed for Sale on Dark Web

Zomato, a popular online restaurant and food-ordering app, fell victim to a data breach where 17 million user accounts were being sold on the dark web.
Dark Web concept for inaccessible web addresses with white text - Dark Web - on a black enter key on a white computer keyboard viewed at a high angle with blur vignette for focus. 3d Rendering.

Darknet Vendor Stores vs. Darknet Markets: Which Has the Higher Risk?

Darknet markets have long been the destination for obtaining anything you can think of using cryptocurrency, but before Silk Road revolutionized the way a...

Users’ Data Of Hacked Faithless Site Being Sold On The Dark Web

News broke earlier last week that hackers attacked the website of the British band Faithless. The hack was discovered in September 2015, but neither Faithless nor the cybersecurity company that found the hack, CyberInt, released the news until now.

Boston Police Cancel Plan of Buying Dark Web and Social Media Monitoring Software

The announcement that the Boston Police Department would not be going through with their plans to purchase dark web and social media monitoring software worth approximately $1.4 million was met with unanimous jubilation by the general public.

Can You Buy Things From The Dark Web That Are Legal?

The dark web was made for selling illegal goods on the internet.But just because it was made for illegal purposes does not mean that...

Man Bought Weed From The Dark Web, Intercepted By Authorities

Dark web news is widespread nowadays, with the rampant use of illicit marketplaces serving as a haven for drug dealers and criminals. Online availability presents easy access to almost everyone who wishes to use weed. Some people deem ordering drugs online for personal use is not something to be frowned upon. However, having a darker illegal purpose is a different story.

Should Businesses Consider Using the Dark Web as a Research Tool?

There is little doubt that the “dark web” is perceived by the mainstream masses as the dark underbelly of the internet.However, many don’t realize...

Mazar: The Dark Web’s Malware That Infects Android Devices

The dark web is dreaded as the source of some of the most lethal malware.Among the most feared malware coming from the dark web,...

Owl Detect: A Dark Web Scanning Service for Stolen Data

A new online service known as OwlDetect has been launched in the UK following recent rampant cyber-attacks. It is capable of scanning the dark web for any kind of stolen data.

Cops Busted A Major Dark Web Drug Distribution Operation

Last month marks the biggest drug bust of synthetic opioid in Connecticut State’s history, which involved nine arrests and seizure of over 5 pounds of fentanyl discovered right in the city. The drug fentanyl was allegedly sold on the dark web and acquired by the apprehended drug distributor through Dark Web mass-market drug networks.

German IT Specialist Bought Ammunition from the Dark Web

A 45-year-old German man whose identity has not yet been made public was arrested after two detectives from a Customs Investigations Office in Essen pinned a dark web shipment of ammunition to his address.
A mobile phone with the Telegram app screen with a prohibiting sign and russian flag.

An Examination of Russian Censorship, Cyber Weapons & the Dark Web

Russian authorities have cracked down hard on their citizen’s access to free information online after its internet regulator started an attack on the encrypted...

French Police Busted 5 Men Allegedly Running a Dark Web Site

French police have rounded five men suspected of running a dark web site to sell illegal drugs.The five, according to court documents, set up...

Hitman Site On The Dark Web, A Scam

The hitman marketplace Besa Mafia, a user-friendly and slick website, burst into dark web earlier this year. Silk Road, the first darknet market to offer illegal items, was focused on drugs and had drawn the line at weapons and hitmen. Besa Mafia, on the other hand, offered different kinds of violence in exchange for bitcoins, including arson, acid attacks, beatings and even murder, to pick up extra business.

Federal Contractor Emails Found On The Dark Web

A study carried out recently by ID Agent showed that email accounts of thousands of contractors who provide varied professional services to the federal...

Arms Dealer Jailed after Trying to Buy Grenade from the Dark Web

An arms dealer named Umair Khan was recently jailed after getting caught buying guns and ammunition illegally from darknet sites.He went by the alias,...

Dark Web Vendor ‘Caliconnect’ Pleads Guilty to Drug Sales

A 40-year-old man in Merced, California has just pleaded guilty on account of crimes he committed selling drugs on the dark web.David Ryan Burchard...
electronic crime concept. hacker is using computer.

Online Crooks Selling Infants’ Social Security Numbers on Dark Web

Cybercriminals are listing infants’ Social Security Numbers, together with other types of stolen data, for sale on the dark web.That’s according to a report...

Dark Web Vendors Fueling Cyber Crime by Selling Tutorials

In a bid to maximize profits, dark web vendors have created tutorials that fuel cyber crime, in the sense that users who are new...

Naughty America Users’ Data For Sale On Dark Web For $300

With the rising concern on online privacy and security, have you ever given it a thought how much your identity is actually worth? Data on a more personal note, that which could be linked to your deepest fantasies and secrets surprisingly come at a cheap price. For Naughty America users, it costs merely one speck out of 3.8 million emails and passwords which have been packaged in a $300 deal on the dark web.

Suspected Dark Web Drug Dealer Arrested on Trip to World Beard Competition

Update: Gal Vallerius has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Coverage here.Gal Vallerius, who hails from France, was arrested recently by United States...

Tracing the Steps: How Stolen Data Ends up on the Dark Web

Data is the ultimate “black gold” of the digital economy.The commercial significance of personal data is undisputed, with a bustling economy that supports giant...

Teenager Tried to Buy Guns and Ammo on Dark Web, Charged

A 14-year-old resident of Colerain, Northern Ireland was arrested and charged with the attempted possession of a live firearm and 100 rounds of ammunition.The...

Dark Web Hacking Forum “” Has Been Hacked

A forum that promotes sharing of hacked content has been attacked by hackers, which makes it quite an ironic breach and has proved to be one interesting Dark Web activity for 2016. Though confirmation and knowledge on how the cybercrime that targeted the occurred remains unknown, the leak apparentlyinvolves valuable data, and its aftermath presents an even bigger problem.

Random Darknet Shopper Arrives In London

Random Darknet Shopper is a shopping bot that has been introduced lately in London. It is automated and is provided with a budget of up to around £66 which is about $100 worth of Bitcoins once a week. It is supposed to use this money to buy random items from the Deep Web, hidden parts of the web that are not available through conventional search engines that are put into daily use by everyone.

200 Million Alleged Yahoo Accounts Are Being Sold On The Dark Web

A hacker who goes by the name Peace or “peace_of_mind” is selling alleged 200 million Yahoo accounts on the underground dark web marketplace, The Real Deal, for 3 BTC or approximately US$1,824. Peace has claimed that the Yahoo database comes from 2012 most likely.

British Model Kidnapped to be sold on Dark Web Auction

"Updated coverage on British Model Kidnapped case here"The latest story about the horrific kidnapping of a British model is the stuff nightmares are made...

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