Top 9 Things to NEVER Do While Browsing the Dark Web

Browsing the dark web can be an exciting experience but it can end up having more troubles while browsing the dark web can be...

Deep Hosting Hacked, Several Dark Web Sites Affected

Cyber attacks seem to have moved one level up now. After targeting individual websites with a variety of objectives, now a server hosting hundreds...

DDoS-As-A-Service Popular on the Darknet

Kaspersky Lab reveals that cyber criminals are making up to a 95% profit by offering DDoS-as-a-service on the dark web.
Drugs and substances prohibited - arrest criminals

ESU Student Ordered Drugs On Dark Web, Arrested

Michael Mancini, a student from the East Stroudsburg University, has been accused of selling LSD to his fellow roommates from his dorm room.

Father and Son Accused of Dark Web Drug Dealing

The U.S. Department of Justice’s crackdown on dark web dealers continues.It all started this summer when officials seized the servers of popular darknet market...

Austrian Government to Implement a Federal Trojan to Spy the Dark Web

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in activities in dark net markets. Unfortunately, the majority of these activities tend to be illegal in nature. This has led to a number of international governments actively attempting to tackle increasing crime on the dark web.

Adland, The First Ad News Source On The Dark Web

Adland, a website focused on the advertising industry and archiving Internet commercials, has now been made available on the dark web. Adland is the first among the advertisement news organizations to have become accessible as a hidden service on Tor network. This enables individuals to read Adland within the dark web with their privacy intact. There will be neither network surveillance of any kind, nor traffic analysis. Reports show that news organization Propublica is also available on the dark web.

Reddit Has Sent Out 100,000 Password Resets

Earlier, Reddit has reset more than 100,000 of its users’ passwordsin two weeks amid a surge in account takeovers. Moderators attribute this phenomenal to a recent influx of unsolicited data dumps posted on the web by mischievous hackers.

Infamous Dark Web Hacking Forum Supposedly Ran by a Teen

The administrator of an infamous dark web hacking forumwho operated under the pseudonym Ping was allegedly a 15-year-old boy from Canada.

Suspected Dark Web Drug Dealer Arrested on Trip to World Beard Competition

Gal Vallerius, who hails from France, was arrested recently by United States law enforcement for his alleged involvement in the dark web drugs trade....
Russian Hackers

Dark Web Hacker Offers Spy Services for $50

One Russian hacker is allegedly offering services on the dark web to anyone looking for extensive tracking of an individual across the globe.According to...

Pirated Academic Research Is Accessible On The Dark Web

After being shut down in late 2015, a site that allows users to access paywall academic research papers for free has resurfaced again on...
Police car

US Tor Users Hacked By Australian Cops

According to reports, Australia’s law enforcement authorities hacked the computers of US Tor users when the Argos taskforce carried out an investigation into a child pornography website. In one instance, Australian authorities hacked the computer of a Tor user in Michigan for the purpose of obtaining the IP address of the suspect.

Charleroi Agent Buys Weapons from Dark Web, Arrested

The 35-year-old Thomas V. is a Charleroi policeman who was detained following the allegations that he purchased illegal merchandise from the dark web. Thomas is a member of a Charleroi-based security intelligence agency called GSA.

IRS Pays Threat Intelligence Firm to Scour the Dark Web

The IRS paid threat intelligence firm Flashpoint to use their platform and API to gather intelligence from the dark web in preparation for the tax season.

Revenge Services Offered on the Dark Web

A dark web vendor known by the screenname “Etimbuk” is offering a range revenge services for $700 on a darknet market.

Mail Postman Unknowingly Delivering Drugs from the Dark Web

Trending in recent news headlines, large amounts of illicit narcotic substances are being sold on the Dark Web and delivered to clients through the postal services.

Judge Rules FBI To Turn Over Malware It Used To Hack Dark Web Adult...

A judge has officially ordered the FBI to release the full code it used in infiltrating a child exploitation site located at the dark web. Much...

Researchers Found Trojan Plot Unfolding On The Dark Web

Web hosting provider to some of the largest brands, Invision Power Services (IPS), was saved from a systems compromise in early April. The cybercriminal plot could have potentially damaged IPS clients had it been launched. Good thing it was not left undetected with the watchful eye of researchers who gathered intelligence on this activity unfolding on the dark web.

Playpen Admin Sentenced to 30 Years in Jail

The creator and admin of Playpen, a child pornography site on the dark web, is sentenced to 30 years in prison after the FBI arrested him two years ago.

New Mac Malware Spotted on the Dark Web

Over the years, Apple’s impeccable marketing strategies have led to some misguided beliefs concerning the security of Mac computers.While the system is considerably secure,...
Cropped closeup of a drug dealer and an addict exchanging drugs and money on the street

Lubbock Man Charged for Selling Drugs Bought on the Dark Web

A 26-year-old Benjamin Bricker is the latest dark web-affiliated criminal to fall into the hands of the authorities after a Fed-Ex package addressed to him gave up his drug-related activities. This is after his former landlord intercepted the suspicious package before alerting law enforcement, who, after using a sniffer dog, determined that the package did contain illegal narcotics.

Teen Attempted To Buy Gun On The Dark Web, Sentenced

A 17-year-old teenager from Cardiff, Wales, attempted to buy a gun from a dark web vendor and has now been caught and convicted. After a police raid at his residence in December 2015, he has been sentenced to 12 months in a juvenile prison. The young man tried to buy a Glock handgun from a seller of firearms on the dark web. It has since been discovered that the dealer lives in the United States. The teenager who attempted to make the purchase was sentenced at Cardiff Youth Court and will spend the next year of his life in a young offenders’ institution.

Stolen Data Of 5,400 Spanish Police Leaked By Hackers

Recently, a hacker claimed to be affiliated with the hacktivist group Anonymous has released confidential data belonging to approximately 5,400 Spanish police officers.The stolendata includes full names, national ID numbers, hashed passwords, and email addresses, which were leaked online.

FBI Employed CMU To Unmask Dark Web Suspects

It’s been announced that a certain academic institution was involved in an attack on the Tor Project in an attempt to catch the dark...
different kinds of guns

Thousands of Australians Reportedly Use Dark Web to Buy Illicit Firearms

A new shocking report has emerged online suggesting that a large number of Australians show keen interest in smuggling illegal weapons into the country...

TheDarkOverlord Strikes Again, Targeting Multiple Companies

A data breach at Larson Studios is one in a series of exploits by TheDarkOverlord, a hacker/hacking group that’s sharpening its target on Hollywood studios.
Italian Mafia Brussels Arrested

Dark web Group “Italian Mafia Brussels” Arrested By Authorities

Police in Belgium arrested six suspects, and most of them were nabbed in the Bruges area. However, others among the six suspects were arrested in the United States and in Romania. The arrests came as part of a global police operation in which authorities arrested the dark web vendor group known as “Italian Mafia Brussels” who trade Ecstasy and MDMA tablets on darknet markets.

Man Bought Glock Handgun From The Dark Web, Jailed

According to reports, Moynul Haque, a 21-year-old West Midlands (Smethwick) man, was jailed for ten months after he purchased parts of a Glock handgun from the dark web, which is a collection of websites not accessible by popular browsers. The Wolverhampton Court issued the sentence on 28 June 2016.

The Value of Stolen Data on the Dark Web

Stolen data is one of the fastest selling commodities on the dark web.With the array of affordable hacking and exploitation tools at the disposal...

Can You Buy Things From The Dark Web That Are Legal?

The dark web was made for selling illegal goods on the internet.But just because it was made for illegal purposes does not mean that...

The Number of Dark Web Hidden Services Has Dramatically Dropped

The dark web has shrunk by approximately 85%.This was the revelation that was brought to light by a published OnionScan report after the web...

Two Bratislavan Men Accused of Illicit Dealings via the Dark Web

Two Bratislavan men were arrested in connection with buying and selling illegal merchandise and drugs on a dark web marketplace.

Dark Web Vendor Selling Over 950,000 Coachella User Accounts

Over 950,000 user account details for Coachella Music and Arts Festival’s website are being sold on the dark web, according to reports.The data vendor,...

Stolen Police Forum Data Available on the Dark Web

A hacker, only identified by the moniker “Berkut,” made easy work of breaching the database of popular police forum PoliceOne to steal the login...

Steam Stealer Malware Sells For $15 On The Dark Web

Steam Stealer, a growing family of malware, is being used by hackers to steal credentials from the Steam gaming platform. The hackers are reselling the stolen details in the dark web black market. This cybercriminal phenomenon has become more pervasive.
A credit card is a payment card issued to users (cardholders) as a method of payment.

Cracked Version Of “FraudFox” On The Dark Web?

It’s a scary time for credit card holders. (Online fraud)* is a hugely successful business for many criminals operating on the dark web and across the globe.

International Authorities Shutdown Notorious Darknet Site ‘Infraud’

Reports reaching Dark Web News indicate that law enforcement agencies have arrested a key mastermind in the existence of the world’s one-stop shop for...
tor fbi hacks

FBI Not To Hand Over Tor Exploit For National Security Reason

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is choosing not to hand over the Tor exploit it used to track and arrest 1,500 users of a darknet child pornography website.

UK Forms A New Task Force To Fight Dark Web Crimes

The “Dark Web,” also confusingly known as “Deep Web” is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets. Darknets are overlay networks that make use of the public internet but require specific software such as Tor browser, authorization, or configuration to access.

Recent Spike In Tor Hidden Services

Tor has become something of a hot debate lately. A security expert has spotted an unprecedented surge in the number of Tor hidden addresses...
man working on the tablet of the future, select on the virtual display: RANSOMWARE

Russian Dark Web Forum Selling GIBON Ransomware

GIBON Ransomware is supposedly now being sold on the dark web and for only $500 (£380), according to a criminal forum advertisement.
Money Laundering on computer keyboard background

Nigel Farage’s Aide Accused of Dark Web Money Laundering

George Cottrell, the 22-year-old aide of Nigel Farage, a prominent member of the UK Independence Party, was detained by the FBI on 22 July, just as they were preparing to board a plane back to Britain from the O’Hare airport in Chicago.
remote desktop protocol

Remote Access Credentials Being Sold on Dark Web for as Low as $3

There is no shortage of malicious actors looking to prey on individuals who do not take cyber security seriously.Proving this fact, internet security researchers...

French Police Busted 5 Men Allegedly Running a Dark Web Site

French police have rounded five men suspected of running a dark web site to sell illegal drugs.The five, according to court documents, set up...

Darknet Arms Vendor Sentenced to 5 Years and 6 Months

Christian L., known by the username Dosensuppe in darknet circles, was sentenced to serve a term of five and a half years in jail for illegal firearms dealing through darknet markets. According to the judge who is presiding over the case, the weapons sold by Christian L. would be enough for equipping a small army.
electronic crime concept. hacker is using computer.

Online Crooks Selling Infants’ Social Security Numbers on Dark Web

Cybercriminals are listing infants’ Social Security Numbers, together with other types of stolen data, for sale on the dark web.That’s according to a report...

Using Dark Web To Support Intelligence Gathering

We are all very familiar with using the Surface Internet. Basically, that’s everything that has been indexed by search engines - Google,Bing and Yahoo;...

How Mysterious Is The Deep Web?

Deep Web exists beneath the surface and cannot be accessed by standard search engines, this makes it very mysterious and only a few people actually know how the Deep Web works. Studies show that the portal consists of 7.5 petabytes, though this number continues to grow exponentially. While the Surface Internet is immense, Deep Web is even bigger and estimated to be around 500 times greater than it.

New Dark Web Site Offers To Monetize Stolen Data

As of today, ransomware has established itself as a criminal enterprise amassing $60 million a year. Internet criminals utilize the malware to steal data and extort data owners of their demands to pay a certain ransom, in order to remove the restriction it has implanted into the infected system.

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