100M Stolen Youku Accounts for Sale on Dark Web

Over 100 million user accounts from Youku Inc. have been stolen and are listed for sale on the dark web by ‘CosmicDark’.

17 Million Hacked Zomato Accounts Listed for Sale on Dark Web

Zomato, a popular online restaurant and food-ordering app, fell victim to a data breach where 17 million user accounts were being sold on the dark web.

Fraudsters Behind £1m Next Directory Scam Jailed

Several people belonging to a group of cyber criminals that were accused of hacking the accounts of Next Directory clients through the dark web have been incarcerated.

Hacked Data from Qatar and UAE Banks is Being Sold on the Dark Web

Even as animosity worsens between Qatar and its much more powerful former ally the United Arab Emirates, the repercussions of two cyber attacks on...
Malicious Tor Nodes Spying On Darknet Sites

Malicious Tor Nodes Spying On Darknet Sites

The Tor Project, developed since 2006, has made the open network fully featured Tor browser available on virtually every platform for anyone wanting utmost privacy protection. However, the entire Tor network cannot be deemed safe just like the internet in general.

Qld New Task Force To Hunt Down Pedophiles On The Dark Web

Dark Web PedophilesQueensland’s new task force, Taskforce Orion, will become a specialist branch of Argos Taskforce which its principal task will be to catch...

The Dark Web – The Number One Source Of Malware

The Dark Web is known to have been the source of most of the major security breaches of the past few years.Any place where...

Arms Dealer Jailed after Trying to Buy Grenade from the Dark Web

An arms dealer named Umair Khan was recently jailed after getting caught buying guns and ammunition illegally from darknet sites.He went by the alias,...

Author of NanoCore Arrested for the Actions of Its Users

The author of the NanoCore software was arrested following the recurrent use of his tool by hackers for their malicious exploits.

Steam Stealer Malware Sells For $15 On The Dark Web

Steam Stealer, a growing family of malware, is being used by hackers to steal credentials from the Steam gaming platform. The hackers are reselling the stolen details in the dark web black market. This cybercriminal phenomenon has become more pervasive.

FBI And CMU Both Denied The $1 Million Payment

Carnegie Mellon University recently issued a statement to deny allegations that the FBI paid it a million dollars to unmask the Dark Web. The Tor...

Hitman Site On The Dark Web, A Scam

The hitman marketplace Besa Mafia, a user-friendly and slick website, burst into dark web earlier this year. Silk Road, the first darknet market to offer illegal items, was focused on drugs and had drawn the line at weapons and hitmen. Besa Mafia, on the other hand, offered different kinds of violence in exchange for bitcoins, including arson, acid attacks, beatings and even murder, to pick up extra business.

Business Owner Arrested for Drug Dealing via the Dark Web

The owner of a smoke shop in Cape Girardeau, Missouri has been arrested by DEA agents for producing and selling various drugs via the dark web.

Dark Web Users Identified After Visiting File Sharing Site

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has obtained the IP addresses of several users of a dark web child porn site after they downloaded media on a file sharing service.

Stolen W-2 Tax Form Data Up for Grabs on the Dark Web

It is common knowledge today that the dark web is a major facilitator of many cybercrime incidents. A large percentage of dark web transactions involve the buying and selling of fraudulently-obtained troves of confidential data.

Cost of Dark Web Services Has Dropped

According to experts and other researchers of the dark web, it seems that the rates charged by cybercrime perpetrators have dropped dramatically in recent times. They came to this conclusion after an investigation into the different markets and forums on dark web.

Drug Traffickers Using Dark Web Detected In India

Authorities discover increased activity of dark web-based drug traffickers in India, following the country’s adoption of the cryptocurrency. The Indian anti-narcotics agency registered the reports of rising illicit operations as its first case.

Teen Attempted To Buy Gun On The Dark Web, Sentenced

A 17-year-old teenager from Cardiff, Wales, attempted to buy a gun from a dark web vendor and has now been caught and convicted. After a police raid at his residence in December 2015, he has been sentenced to 12 months in a juvenile prison. The young man tried to buy a Glock handgun from a seller of firearms on the dark web. It has since been discovered that the dealer lives in the United States. The teenager who attempted to make the purchase was sentenced at Cardiff Youth Court and will spend the next year of his life in a young offenders’ institution.

Dating Profiles Of Users For Sale On The Dark Web

BeautifulPeople, a self-described “elite”dating site, was hacked last year and its members’ stolen data is now for sale on the dark web, according to a report. The members’ data that was hacked from the dating site was purportedly sensitive and ranged from addresses, sexual preferences and private messages.

Lecturer Bought Drugs on the Dark Web, Jailed

A Cambridge-educated lecturer was arrested and sentenced for buying drugs from the dark web.

The Government Connection To Tor

Tor was not always a private endeavor, but was initially designed and sponsored by US Government entities – possible affecting users’ privacy.
Men Arrested To Stand Trial (1)

Men Arrested For Dark Web Drug Dealing, To Stand Trial

Kyle Hall, Stephen Rodgers, and Richard Sinclair are to stand trial in court to answer charges against them of dealing illegal drugs on dark web. Three Irishmen are to stand trial for their roles in drug dealing operation on dark web. Kyle Hall, Stephen Rodgers, and Richard Sinclair were all arrested on suspicion of dealing MDMA and other drugs on the dark web.
Track Down Stolen Data

How To Track Down Stolen Data On Dark Web

More often than not, it could take weeks or months to discover that critical company or customer data has been hacked. Stolen data can be anything from names, addresses, login credentials, social security and credit card numbers, financial details, to an entire database of personal information, fingerprints, and more.

Border Force Intelligence Analysts Tasked to Patrol the Dark Web

Australian Border Force puts together a team of intelligence analysts tasked with the monitoring of criminal activities on the dark web.

Dark Web Vendors Fueling Cyber Crime by Selling Tutorials

In a bid to maximize profits, dark web vendors have created tutorials that fuel cyber crime, in the sense that users who are new...

Counterfeit Money Rose Dramatically In Germany

According to Germany’s Police Agency (BKA), the rate of counterfeit money crimes spiked by 42% in 2015.

FBI’s Hacking Tool “NIT” Is Not A Malware

From as early as the 1990s, FBI has been known to use hacking as a method and deploying malware programs to identify suspects and their online activities.However, in the recent Playpen case which involved the identification of a few suspe.cts in a child porn ring site, Daniel Alfin, an FBI agent has argued that the hacking tool called Network Investigative Technique (NIT) used to identify the Playpen userscannot be considered as “malware.”

Behind The Scenes of Dark Web Admins

The owners and staff of big Dark Web marketplaces like the Hansa Market have to deal with a lot of dangers, plus the risk of getting arrested.

German IT Specialist Bought Ammunition from the Dark Web

A 45-year-old German man whose identity has not yet been made public was arrested after two detectives from a Customs Investigations Office in Essen pinned a dark web shipment of ammunition to his address.

FBI Hacked Tor And Taken Down A Child Pornography Site

Reports show that FBI’s hacking tool succeeded in cracking Tor and identifying the visitors to a dark web child pornography site. In fact, the FBI has made use of hacking methods that have never been seen deployed till date in order to bring down the clients and owners of one of the largest child pornography sites that have ever been created on the dark web.

Millions Of Tumblr and MySpace Logins Up For sale On The Dark Web

A total of 360 million MySpace accounts and 65 million Tumblr accounts have been hacked and put up on the Dark Web for sale; other details have also been listed on the hidden marketplace including emails, usernames, and passwords.
Student arrested

24-Year-Old Student Arrested on Dark Web Drug Charges

Police in New South Wales, Australia have arrested a 24-year-old University of Sydney student while receiving a package containing banned drugs.He had allegedly ordered...

2014 Hacked ICANN Data Still Being Offered on Dark Web

If you were a user of ICANN’s CZDS (Centralized Zone Data Service) in 2014 you might wish to think about changing some of your...

Hacked Database of BitcoinTalk.org For Sale On The Dark Web

The dark web has recently played host to some interesting events. However, this one seems to be the most stirring of them all.According to...

Dark Web Device Increases Car Hacking Cases

A new hacking device is being sold on the dark web that allows anyone to unlock and steal parked cars.

Hacking Forum “w0rm” Breached and Defaced

Black hat hackers operating on dark web platforms have been a pain in the neck for tech world security for years now. Although a considerable percentage of hacking attacks orchestrated by these parties are focused on innocent victims, they themselves are often not safe from each other.

Dark Web Site Dealing In Illicit And Prescription Drugs

A Dark Web site has emerged once again after the seizure of Silk Road 2.0 and a few other sites by the federal police,...

Recent Spike In Tor Hidden Services

Tor has become something of a hot debate lately. A security expert has spotted an unprecedented surge in the number of Tor hidden addresses...

Owl Detect: A Dark Web Scanning Service for Stolen Data

A new online service known as OwlDetect has been launched in the UK following recent rampant cyber-attacks. It is capable of scanning the dark web for any kind of stolen data.

Some Dark Web Vendors Shared Photos of Their Drug Labs

In what can only be termed as a brazen display of arrogance and blatant disregard for authority, two dark web vendors have released pictures and footage of the operations of their drug labs. Many of us would have never gotten the opportunity to set our eyes on anything of the sort if it weren’t for the audaciousness of these dark web dealers.

Using Dark Web To Support Intelligence Gathering

We are all very familiar with using the Surface Internet. Basically, that’s everything that has been indexed by search engines - Google,Bing and Yahoo;...

Well-Known Vendor On The Darkweb Gives Donations To Charities

Back in the 1960’s, we had the Vietnam War and a bunch of drug users openly gathering in public places, singing, dancing, protesting against wars; while the drug dealers were considered the bad guys.

Fake Diplomas Are Being Sold on the Dark Web

Admittedly, the internet is a scary place. We have seen ransomware merchants breaking into secured computers to compromise the security and safety of users. We have also seen hackers getting unauthorized access to personal email addresses to steal sensitive information.

The Evolution of the Dark Web with Bitcoin

The dark web’s greatest catalyst has been the introduction of Bitcoin, ultimately resulting in the growth of darknet marketplaces.

Liberty Market Publicly Posted A Dark Web Job

A public job advertisement is not something you would expect to get the whole internet buzzing - then again, most “help wanted” advertisements do not come from well-known French underground markets.

Alleged Dark Web Vendor of the Munich Gunman Charged

The Munich prosecutor’s office officially charged the man who supposedly sold a firearm via the dark web to the 18-year-old Munich gunman who later...

Deep Hosting Hacked, Several Dark Web Sites Affected

Cyber attacks seem to have moved one level up now. After targeting individual websites with a variety of objectives, now a server hosting hundreds...

US Voter Data Has Been Exposed On The Dark Web

It has been alleged that the voting records of millions of citizens of America are available on a site on the dark web which is affiliated to Hell, a well-known cybercrime forum. The administrator of the forum posted a link to the site on which the data is hosted.

How Will The New US Senate Bill On Internet Privacy Affect Dark Web Users?

ISPs are now allowed to sell our info to the highest bidder. Learn some of the tricks to preserve your online privacy from the dark web community.

Hacker “Rasputin” Attacked Government Agencies and Universities

A Russian hacker going by the pseudonym “Rasputin” has compromised over 60 global organizations, including US and UK universities and government organizations.Security researchers believe...

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