Reddit Users Migrating to Other Platforms Following Ban on Darknet-Related Forums

The ban on forums that discuss the darknet markets and related topics came as a no surprise to users who frequently use the community...

Charleroi Agent Buys Weapons from Dark Web, Arrested

The 35-year-old Thomas V. is a Charleroi policeman who was detained following the allegations that he purchased illegal merchandise from the dark web. Thomas is a member of a Charleroi-based security intelligence agency called GSA.

Hacked Uber Accounts Being Sold For 40 Cents On The Dark Web

Following the report from Motherboard that thousands of hacked Uber accounts were for sale on the Dark Web for about a dollar each in...
Judge. Male judge in a courtroom striking the gavel

Dark Web Vendor Known As “Shiny Flakes” Sentenced To 7 Years

The dark web vendor famously known as “Shiny Flakes” may spend the next 7 years lighting up a jail cell.This is after a German...

How Will The New US Senate Bill On Internet Privacy Affect Dark Web Users?

ISPs are now allowed to sell our info to the highest bidder. Learn some of the tricks to preserve your online privacy from the dark web community.

Playpen Admin Sentenced to 30 Years in Jail

The creator and admin of Playpen, a child pornography site on the dark web, is sentenced to 30 years in prison after the FBI arrested him two years ago.

Father and Son Accused of Dark Web Drug Dealing

The U.S. Department of Justice’s crackdown on dark web dealers continues.It all started this summer when officials seized the servers of popular darknet market...

Thai Authorities Now Focusing More on Dark Web and Use of Cryptocurrency

In response to an increase in online criminal activity in Thailand, the country’s law enforcement authorities have been swiftly narrowing in on the dark...

Dark Web Arms Vendor Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison

A Berlin-based man was recently slapped with a 4-year prison sentence after being found guilty of trafficking illegal arms. There was enough evidence to bind the 41-year-old man to his arms dealing activities in addition to physical evidence. His arrest was the result of a crackdown on dark web arms dealers in the region in which the law enforcement ultimately managed to catch up with him.

Dread: A New Reddit-Like Service for the Dark Web

Reddit user HugBunter announced the launch of Dread, a Reddit-like .onion site that will also include market security reports, premium reports, ratings, a .onion...
Money Laundering on computer keyboard background

Nigel Farage’s Aide Accused of Dark Web Money Laundering

George Cottrell, the 22-year-old aide of Nigel Farage, a prominent member of the UK Independence Party, was detained by the FBI on 22 July, just as they were preparing to board a plane back to Britain from the O’Hare airport in Chicago.

Children Still Endangered in Human Trafficking Row in Most African Nations

Parents in most African Nations, the majority of which are from developing nations, are a worried lot as cases of child trafficking are on...
Cyber Criminal Downloading Data Onto Portable Hard Drive

Over 600,000 PlayStation Accounts for Sale on the Dark Web

A data vendor is allegedly selling more than 600,000 decrypted PlayStation user accounts on a dark web marketplace for $35.71 in bitcoin.
Experian logo on the website homepage.

Op-Ed: Breaking Down the Fear Mongering Campaign Behind Experian’s Dark Web Scans

Experian, the consumer credit reporting agency, has consistently received negative press regarding its horrific security practices.It is a company that holds a significant volume...

Essay: The Dark Web—Under-Appreciated and Over-Generalized

To anyone reading this, it’s obvious that you’re probably fairly familiar with what the dark web is.The amount of people who actually use Tor...

Dark Web Site Dealing In Illicit And Prescription Drugs

A Dark Web site has emerged once again after the seizure of Silk Road 2.0 and a few other sites by the federal police,...
Cropped closeup of a drug dealer and an addict exchanging drugs and money on the street

Lubbock Man Charged for Selling Drugs Bought on the Dark Web

A 26-year-old Benjamin Bricker is the latest dark web-affiliated criminal to fall into the hands of the authorities after a Fed-Ex package addressed to him gave up his drug-related activities. This is after his former landlord intercepted the suspicious package before alerting law enforcement, who, after using a sniffer dog, determined that the package did contain illegal narcotics.

South African Police Service Introduces ‘Turnaround Strategy’ to Tackle Darknet Crime

South African officials are working together in a mission to snare dark web criminals from carrying out illegal operations within the nation.The new initiative...

Number Of Users Accessing Facebook Via The Dark Web Is Increasing

The world’s largest social network announced last April 22ndthat the number of Facebook users who utilize the Tor browser to access their accounts via the Dark Web is currently at 1 million per month.

Second Judge Recommends To Discard Evidence Obtained From FBI Mass Hack

FBI Mass HackPaul J Cleary, a Magistrate Judge, is the second judge to suggest that evidence obtained in the FBI mass hack,using malware planted...

Second Man in British Model Kidnapping, Arrested

There was a new development in the Chloe Ayling kidnapping saga when the police took into custody a second suspect, Michal Konrad Herba.The 36-year-old...

New Mac Malware Spotted on the Dark Web

Over the years, Apple’s impeccable marketing strategies have led to some misguided beliefs concerning the security of Mac computers.While the system is considerably secure,...

Dark Web As A Source For Threat Intelligence

The Dark Web is home to many underground dealings, illicit trade marketplaces and shady cyber activities, all of which aren’t readily visible to enforcement agencies and the prying eyes of various government bodies. Under the safety of the Tor browser and some other clever software, people can purchase cyber-attack tools, potent malware and procure some pharmaceutical products, among others.

FBI’s Hacking Tool “NIT” Is Not A Malware

From as early as the 1990s, FBI has been known to use hacking as a method and deploying malware programs to identify suspects and...

French .Onion Sites Hacked By Anonymous Darkweb Hacker

Recently, rather shocking development shook French darkweb community, as news of a wide-range hack was reported from a French online magazine As it stands, a certain unknown darkweb hacker has reportedly gained access to databases and private messages of several French .onion sites

Authorities Join Forces in Global Darknet Enforcement Operation

From October 22 to October 28, law enforcement agencies across the globe conducted a crackdown on various darknet sites in a bid to track down merchants and the numerous customers of the darknet marketplaces. The darknet has a reputation for being an online black market, which is dominated by the trade of illicit goods and services.

Drug Labs and Dark Web Being Used by Dutch Drug Dealers

Earlier, top Austrian officials accused the Netherlands of failing to revamp efforts to shut down the narcotic labs where drugs such as crystal methamphetamine...

SMS Spammers Caught After The Darkode Shutdown

A trio of SMS spammers, all busted when the FBI and other law enforcement agencies from over 20 countries discreetly infiltrated and took down...

19-Year-Old Man Jailed for Importing Drugs Bought on the Dark Web

A teenager has recently been charged with the importation of illegal drugs through a dark web marketplace. Toby Fairall, 19 years old, confessed that he had purchased herbal cannabis through the dark web and he sought to supply the product.
phishing attack

Dark Web Phisher ‘PhishKingz’ Got Doxxed

There are plenty of unscrupulous individuals on the dark web looking to profit from unsuspecting users. Sometimes, however, certain users do get the better...

Dark Web Vendor to Give Support To NORML

A dark web cannabis dealer recently announced that he will be sending part of his proceeds to a nonprofit organization, which campaigns for the...

WannaCry Ransomware On the Loose

A ransomware going by the name of “Wannacry” or “Wcry” has affected various institutions in several countries, thus causing some activities in the affected places to come to a halt.

Many Dark Web Busts Are Bull Shit

Even for the powers that be, telling a fib every now and then to shape public opinion is not something particularly strange or unheard...

Illinois Woman Caught Paying $10K in Bitcoin for Murder-for-Hire Service

A 31-year-old nurse from Illinois was charged with conspiring to kill another woman by hiring a hitman from a dark web-based platform.She is said...

French Police Busted 5 Men Allegedly Running a Dark Web Site

French police have rounded five men suspected of running a dark web site to sell illegal drugs.The five, according to court documents, set up...

Securing The Dark Web With “Digital Blue Helmets”

In an interview, the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) with the UN, Atafeh Riazi, shared her ideas as to how the dark web could be secured. She said that Digital Blue Helmets would be of great help in foiling the threat posed by the dark web. Digital Blue Helmets refers to an expert group that would serve to maintain peace in the cyber world.

Behind The Scenes of Dark Web Admins

The owners and staff of big Dark Web marketplaces like the Hansa Market have to deal with a lot of dangers, plus the risk of getting arrested.

A New Tool that Makes Creating Dark Web Site Version Easier

The dark web, previously considered a well-hidden part of the internet where all sorts of criminal activities occur, is now attracting the presence of mainstream websites.

17 Million Hacked Zomato Accounts Listed for Sale on Dark Web

Zomato, a popular online restaurant and food-ordering app, fell victim to a data breach where 17 million user accounts were being sold on the dark web.

Alleged Murder Suspect Linked to Dark Web Site “Besa Mafia”

Stephen Allwine allegedly shot his wife, Amy Allwine, from close quarters using a nine-millimeter handgun.A crime of undisclosed motives, the fatal shooting took place...

Admin of Dark Web Site Allegedly Used to Buy Gun in Munich Attack, Arrested

German police have arrested a 30-year-old man believed to be the sole administrator of a dark web marketplace that sold a pistol to Ali...

How Cops Bust Cybercriminals on the Dark Web

No matter how technologically savvy today’s cybercriminals are and think they’ve found a haven in the Dark Web, law enforcement agencies are surely getting better at tracking and bringing them down. Police from different parts of the globe have managed to come up with not one, but several proven effective ways to bust criminals as they aim to get the situation under control.

Some Dark Web Vendors Shared Photos of Their Drug Labs

In what can only be termed as a brazen display of arrogance and blatant disregard for authority, two dark web vendors have released pictures and footage of the operations of their drug labs. Many of us would have never gotten the opportunity to set our eyes on anything of the sort if it weren’t for the audaciousness of these dark web dealers.

Using Dark Web To Support Intelligence Gathering

We are all very familiar with using the Surface Internet. Basically, that’s everything that has been indexed by search engines - Google,Bing and Yahoo;...

Dark Web Users Identified After Visiting File Sharing Site

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has obtained the IP addresses of several users of a dark web child exploitation site after they downloaded media on a file sharing service.

Bupa Employee Found Selling Medical Records on the Dark Web

Current advancements to the internet and all of its capacities bring about a sense of urgency when it comes to safeguarding online security, especially...
Cocaine and marihuana in packages on black background

European Dark Web Drug Ring Busted By Authorities

According to a report that appeared in Yle Uutiset, a Finnish publication, police has busted and closed down a multi-million dollar European dark web drug racket in Finland. Officials said that three Finns who had exceptionally good IT skills were running a smuggling operation valued at 2 million euros or $2.26 million.

Australia Investigates Dark Web Sale of Medicare Data

Reports have emerged that a journalist from The Guardian Australia was able to purchase his own Medicare details from a black market trader on...
A credit card is a payment card issued to users (cardholders) as a method of payment.

Cracked Version Of “FraudFox” On The Dark Web?

It’s a scary time for credit card holders. (Online fraud)* is a hugely successful business for many criminals operating on the dark web and across the globe.

Can You Buy Things From The Dark Web That Are Legal?

The dark web was made for selling illegal goods on the internet.But just because it was made for illegal purposes does not mean that...

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