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Legal Analysis: CLOUD Act & Dark Web Investigations

In early April, Dark Web News published a news report on the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (or CLOUD Act) and its...

LeakedSource Allegedly Shut Down by Police Raid

According to recent reports, an unidentified United States law enforcement agency carried out a raid on LeakedSource, causing the site to go offline. LeakedSource is the highly controversial breach notification website.

6 Arrested in Dark Web Drug Ring Bust

When the federal agencies and Department of Justice in the U.S. swooped down on dark web markets like AlphaBay, few in the trade would...
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Nigel Farage’s Aide Accused of Dark Web Money Laundering

George Cottrell, the 22-year-old aide of Nigel Farage, a prominent member of the UK Independence Party, was detained by the FBI on 22 July, just as they were preparing to board a plane back to Britain from the O’Hare airport in Chicago.

Ukrainian Dark Web Vendors Arrested In Drug Bust Operation

Law enforcement around the world seems to be slowly gaining an upper hand over dark web criminals as the recent increase in dark web drug busts shows. A major dark web drug ring is the latest to bite the dust after Ukraine’s law enforcement made several arrests throughout the country and shut down the operation once and for all.


Another longstanding dark web drug hub, the Outlaw Marketplace, goes under. By now, that really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given the slough of shutdowns that have taken place over the last few years, starting with the iconic Silk Road seizure.
Cyber security concept on meltdown and spectre attacks. Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors work on personal computers, mobile devices and cloud.

How Do Spectre & Meltdown Affect the Dark Web?

The year 2018 welcomed the tech industry in shock. The Spectre and Meltdown critical vulnerabilities rock nearly every machine in use, allowing attackers to...

Essay: The Dark Web—Under-Appreciated and Over-Generalized

To anyone reading this, it’s obvious that you’re probably fairly familiar with what the dark web is.The amount of people who actually use Tor...

Capital One Launches Dark Web Social Security Number Alert Service

The number of cases of personal information being put up for sale on the dark web has continued to rise.Social Security Numbers and credit...

University Student Accused of Drug Trafficking

Spencer Nichols, a first-year student from the University of Minnesota, was arrested and charged in late February with the first-degree sale of narcotics and...

Stolen W-2 Tax Form Data Up for Grabs on the Dark Web

It is common knowledge today that the dark web is a major facilitator of many cybercrime incidents. A large percentage of dark web transactions involve the buying and selling of fraudulently-obtained troves of confidential data.

2014 Hacked ICANN Data Still Being Offered on Dark Web

If you were a user of ICANN’s CZDS (Centralized Zone Data Service) in 2014 you might wish to think about changing some of your...

Coleraine Man Arrested For Running Darkweb Drugs Operation

A man has been arrested and charged with running a darkweb drug operation from his bedroom.Richard Sinclair, a 32-year-old male from Cranagh Road,Coleraine,was busted...

Stolen Data Of 5,400 Spanish Police Leaked By Hackers

Recently, a hacker claimed to be affiliated with the hacktivist group Anonymous has released confidential data belonging to approximately 5,400 Spanish police officers.The stolendata includes full names, national ID numbers, hashed passwords, and email addresses, which were leaked online.
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Millions of .edu Email Addresses for Sale on the Dark Web

Over10 million email addresses with .edu suffixes are being sold on dark web marketplaces, according to new research by Digital Citizens Alliance.
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Stolen Reward Points Used in Dark Web Travel Scam

Hackers on the dark web have initiated a notoriously innovative travel scam that rips travelers off their travel points which can be used to...

IRS Pays Threat Intelligence Firm to Scour the Dark Web

The IRS paid threat intelligence firm Flashpoint to use their platform and API to gather intelligence from the dark web in preparation for the tax season.

Memex Indexes The Internet’s Darkest Corners

As most of you probably know, the one important thing that separates Dark Web from Clearnet is the fact that Deep Web was unindexable and as such unreachable by search engines. As it stands this might soon become untrue, since DARPA has announced that they are finishing the development of their MEMEX search engine capable of crawling dark web.
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Munich Gunman Allegedly Bought Gun from the Dark Web

David Ali Sonboly, the Munich killer, reportedly bought the Glock 17 pistol from the dark web. The German police said that though the serial number of the reactivated gun with which the 18-year-old killed nine people was scratched off, it appeared as though it is of Slovakian origin.

The Value of Stolen Data on the Dark Web

Stolen data is one of the fastest selling commodities on the dark web.With the array of affordable hacking and exploitation tools at the disposal...

Nuke Malware For Sale on the Dark Web

Cases of cybercrime continue to increase with each passing day. On December 16th, a new malware was discovered by Sixgill security researchers on a popular Russian/English cybercrime message board - it is known as Nuke and is being sold in the dark web.

Stolen Netflix Accounts Available For sale on The Dark Web

The dark web is infamous for selling stolen accounts or sensitive information about people including their bank account details. According to a report released by McAfee Labs, logins to video streaming services have been stolen and are being sold on the dark web at a surprisingly low price.

DarkCyber: Weekly Video Series Explores the Dark Web in Depth

Understanding the dark web has been a complex task for many people.There are a lot of cautions against visiting the dark web without knowing...
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24-Year-Old Student Arrested on Dark Web Drug Charges

Police in New South Wales, Australia have arrested a 24-year-old University of Sydney student while receiving a package containing banned drugs.He had allegedly ordered...

Indianapolis Night Club Manager Sentenced for Dark Web Drug Trafficking

Gone are the days when drug traffickers and other criminals could smoothly run their businesses under the guise of anonymity that they enjoyed in...

100M Stolen Youku Accounts for Sale on Dark Web

Over 100 million user accounts from Youku Inc. have been stolen and are listed for sale on the dark web by ‘CosmicDark’.

Dark Web Vendors Fueling Cyber Crime by Selling Tutorials

In a bid to maximize profits, dark web vendors have created tutorials that fuel cyber crime, in the sense that users who are new...

Teen Attempted To Buy Gun On The Dark Web, Sentenced

A 17-year-old teenager from Cardiff, Wales, attempted to buy a gun from a dark web vendor and has now been caught and convicted. After a police raid at his residence in December 2015, he has been sentenced to 12 months in a juvenile prison. The young man tried to buy a Glock handgun from a seller of firearms on the dark web. It has since been discovered that the dealer lives in the United States. The teenager who attempted to make the purchase was sentenced at Cardiff Youth Court and will spend the next year of his life in a young offenders’ institution.
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Trussville Vet Allegedly Bought 18 grams of Fentanyl on Dark Web, Busted

A Trussville, Alabama veterinarian is under arrest for allegedly using Bitcoin to purchase 36,000 doses fentanyl on the dark web.David Wallace is the suspect...

Analysis: The Use of Anonymous Messaging Apps on the Dark Web

The use of messaging applications to send instant messages has made communication not only convenient but also effective.And as such, more industries—depending on the...

Liberty Market Publicly Posted A Dark Web Job

A public job advertisement is not something you would expect to get the whole internet buzzing - then again, most “help wanted” advertisements do not come from well-known French underground markets.
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Dark Web Vendor Known As “Shiny Flakes” Sentenced To 7 Years

The dark web vendor famously known as “Shiny Flakes” may spend the next 7 years lighting up a jail cell.This is after a German...

The Evolution of the Dark Web with Bitcoin

The dark web’s greatest catalyst has been the introduction of Bitcoin, ultimately resulting in the growth of darknet marketplaces.

Student Bought Drugs on the Dark Web, Pleads Guilty To Charges

The internet has no doubt revolutionized the way of communication. It has also increased the allure to commit a crime. This is how Zhe Wang, a former University of Buffalo engineering student, found himself in crime. How, you ask?

Government Login Credentials Can Be Purchased on the Dark Web

According to a new report from cybersecurity firm McAfee, hackers can now purchase the login credentials of government institutions' systems at a cheap price...
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Over 600,000 PlayStation Accounts for Sale on the Dark Web

A data vendor is allegedly selling more than 600,000 decrypted PlayStation user accounts on a dark web marketplace for $35.71 in bitcoin.
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Cyber Crooks Sell Victim’s Selfies on the Dark Web

It is now no-brainer that you can literally get anything from the dark web.Commonly perceived as the Internet’s “shrouded underbelly,” the dark web is...

TheDarkOverlord Hacked WestPark Capital Bank and Demanded Ransom

One of the main issues that affect Information and Communication networks today is the increasing prevalence of cybercrimes. Cybercrimes are deliberate efforts to access and leverage information technology networks by unauthorized parties primarily for unlawful reasons. The main motivation behind cyber-attacks is often damage, sabotage, ransom or theft.

Not All Contents on Dark Web are Illicit, According to Study

The dark web, a criminal den where drug dealers, assassination markets, child exlpoitation, human trade and many worst things are done under safely cloaked in anonymity. This is what we were told about Dark Web and in the past. Terbium Labs is the data intelligence provider that has conducted the data-driven and a fact-based research report that went too far corners of the internet to study the dark web.

Hacked Database of For Sale On The Dark Web

The dark web has recently played host to some interesting events. However, this one seems to be the most stirring of them all.According to...

FBI Seemed To Shared Data from Its Hacking Operation With UK Authorities

When FBI agents seized on PlayPen server last year, a notorious child exploitation site operating under the guise of dark web, they installed a...

Almost 820,000 Accounts Leaked in vBulletin Hack

Cybercrime remains to be on the rise and people’s information is always at risk of being used maliciously.It has been ranked as the 2nd...

17 Million Hacked Zomato Accounts Listed for Sale on Dark Web

Zomato, a popular online restaurant and food-ordering app, fell victim to a data breach where 17 million user accounts were being sold on the dark web.

The Dark Web and Cryptocurrencies: A Barrier to Anti-Piracy

Software piracy has been a key issue in the tech industry.This problem dates back to the 70s and has caused dire effects on the...

Credit Card Theft and Hacking on the Rise

Cybercriminals are progressing every day, and credit card fraud is seeing a rise in profitability and availability on dark web marketplaces.

DDoS-As-A-Service Popular on the Darknet

Kaspersky Lab reveals that cyber criminals are making up to a 95% profit by offering DDoS-as-a-service on the dark web.

Man Tried to Buy Grenade on the Dark Web, Pleads Guilty

A 22-year-old man from London has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempting to purchase a fragmentation grenade through the dark web.

Kidnapping of Model Chloe Ayling Could be a Sham, Suspect’s Lawyer Claims

“Updated coverage on British Model Kidnapped case here“British glamor model Chloe Ayling’s horrendous July kidnapping could have been a publicity stunt, according to one...

Europol Shuts Down Over 20,000 Websites Selling Counterfeits

Law enforcement organizations have taken over more than 20,500 website domains following a coordinated international crackdown on counterfeit operations.The domain names were associated with...

Bupa Employee Found Selling Medical Records on the Dark Web

Current advancements to the internet and all of its capacities bring about a sense of urgency when it comes to safeguarding online security, especially...

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