Fake Tor Browser Used to Target Dark Web Users

A fake Tor browser is circulating the dark web, luring visitors into placing orders on a supposed darknet marketplace only to have their money stolen.

Australia Investigates Dark Web Sale of Medicare Data

Reports have emerged that a journalist from The Guardian Australia was able to purchase his own Medicare details from a black market trader on...

Dark Web Enables Easier Access to WMDs

The head of the UN’s Disarmament Affairs, Izumi Nakamitsu, has expressed concerns over the potential availability of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) on the...

New Dark Web Site Offers Automated Social Engineering-As-A-Service

There is a new service emerging on the dark web producing robocalls for stealing credit cards and PIN number information. The operation offers cybercriminals an...

The Value of Stolen Data on the Dark Web

Stolen data is one of the fastest selling commodities on the dark web. With the array of affordable hacking and exploitation tools at the disposal...

Admin of Dark Web Site Allegedly Used to Buy Gun in Munich Attack, Arrested

German police have arrested a 30-year-old man believed to be the sole administrator of a dark web marketplace that sold a pistol to Ali...

Access to Calls, Texts, and Location Being Offered on the Dark Web

The internet rules over almost everything in our day-to-day lives. But do we truly know it? Is there something that lies beyond, invisible to us? Yes,...

New Mac Malware Spotted on the Dark Web

Over the years, Apple’s impeccable marketing strategies have led to some misguided beliefs concerning the security of Mac computers. While the system is considerably secure,...

Dark Web Vendors Fueling Cyber Crime by Selling Tutorials

In a bid to maximize profits, dark web vendors have created tutorials that fuel cyber crime, in the sense that users who are new...

Couple Accused of Smuggling Fentanyl via Dark Web

A couple from Cincinnati area—Grace Bosworth, 38, and James Halpin, 30—have just been charged with trafficking, importing and selling fentanyl online. This substance is...

Hacked Data from Qatar and UAE Banks is Being Sold on the Dark Web

Even as animosity worsens between Qatar and its much more powerful former ally the United Arab Emirates, the repercussions of two cyber attacks on...

University Student Gets Busted with Weed Which Was Bought from The Dark Web

Most of us will encounter someone smoking Marijuana sometime in their life. But watching someone get busted right in front of your eyes is...

Wikipedians Want to Create a Dark Web Version of Wikipedia

It is clear that the threat posed by government surveillance is on the agenda even for the creators of the world’s most popular online...

Jaff Ransomware Linked to a Dark Web Market

Jaff ransomware, the latest in malware offerings from the murky depths of the dark web, has been linked to a Russian dark web marketplace...

Can You Buy Things From The Dark Web That Are Legal?

The dark web was made for selling illegal goods on the internet. But just because it was made for illegal purposes does not mean that...

Two Men Indicted for Allegedly Smuggling Firearms via Dark Web

Two men from Georgia have recently been indicted for allegedly smuggling illegal firearms through the dark web to a number of countries around the world.

Man Tried to Buy Grenade on the Dark Web, Pleads Guilty

A 22-year-old man from London has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempting to purchase a fragmentation grenade through the dark web.

Infamous Dark Web Hacking Forum Supposedly Ran by a Teen

The administrator of an infamous dark web hacking forumwho operated under the pseudonym Ping was allegedly a 15-year-old boy from Canada.

Drug Labs and Dark Web Being Used by Dutch Drug Dealers

Earlier, top Austrian officials accused the Netherlands of failing to revamp efforts to shut down the narcotic labs where drugs such as crystal methamphetamine...

17 Million Hacked Zomato Accounts Listed for Sale on Dark Web

Zomato, a popular online restaurant and food-ordering app, fell victim to a data breach where 17 million user accounts were being sold on the dark web.


Another longstanding dark web drug hub, the Outlaw Marketplace, goes under. By now, that really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given the slough of shutdowns that have taken place over the last few years, starting with the iconic Silk Road seizure.

TheDarkOverlord Strikes Again, Targeting Multiple Companies

A data breach at Larson Studios is one in a series of exploits by TheDarkOverlord, a hacker/hacking group that’s sharpening its target on Hollywood studios.

Playpen Admin Sentenced to 30 Years in Jail

The creator and admin of Playpen, a child pornography site on the dark web, is sentenced to 30 years in prison after the FBI arrested him two years ago.

Business Owner Arrested for Drug Dealing via the Dark Web

The owner of a smoke shop in Cape Girardeau, Missouri has been arrested by DEA agents for producing and selling various drugs via the dark web.

The Jordan Belfort of the Dark Web

It’s not often that you hear success stories of dark web criminals. But this a case of a 19-year-old in New Zealand becoming rich on the Dark Web.

Dark Web Device Increases Car Hacking Cases

A new hacking device is being sold on the dark web that allows anyone to unlock and steal parked cars.

WannaCry Ransomware On the Loose

A ransomware going by the name of “Wannacry” or “Wcry” has affected various institutions in several countries, thus causing some activities in the affected places to come to a halt.

Global Ransomware Cyber Attack Hits More Than 100 Countries

The largest cyber attack in recent history was carried out in May, involving the WannaCry ransomware. Total impact counts thousands of parties in 150 countries.

Millions of Stolen Edmodo User Details for Sale on the Dark Web

More than 77 million stolen Edmodo accounts have been listed for sale on the dark web for just over $1,000.

Dark Web Users Identified After Visiting File Sharing Site

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has obtained the IP addresses of several users of a dark web child porn site after they downloaded media on a file sharing service.

Behind The Scenes of Dark Web Admins

The owners and staff of big Dark Web marketplaces like the Hansa Market have to deal with a lot of dangers, plus the risk of getting arrested.

Two Bratislavan Men Accused of Illicit Dealings via the Dark Web

Two Bratislavan men were arrested in connection with buying and selling illegal merchandise and drugs on a dark web marketplace.

Revenge Services Offered on the Dark Web

A dark web vendor known by the screenname “Etimbuk” is offering a range revenge services for $700 on a darknet market.

IRS Pays Threat Intelligence Firm to Scour the Dark Web

The IRS paid threat intelligence firm Flashpoint to use their platform and API to gather intelligence from the dark web in preparation for the tax season.

Border Force Intelligence Analysts Tasked to Patrol the Dark Web

Australian Border Force puts together a team of intelligence analysts tasked with the monitoring of criminal activities on the dark web.

Russian Hacker Advertising Karmen Ransomware on Dark Web

Karmen is the latest ransomware as a service introduced on the dark web by a Russian hacker.

100M Stolen Youku Accounts for Sale on Dark Web

Over 100 million user accounts from Youku Inc. have been stolen and are listed for sale on the dark web by ‘CosmicDark’.

Teenager Tried to Buy Guns and Ammo on Dark Web, Charged

A 14-year-old resident of Colerain, Northern Ireland was arrested and charged with the attempted possession of a live firearm and 100 rounds of ammunition. The...

Lecturer Bought Drugs on the Dark Web, Jailed

A Cambridge-educated lecturer was arrested and sentenced for buying drugs from the dark web.

How Will The New US Senate Bill On Internet Privacy Affect Dark Web Users?

ISPs are now allowed to sell our info to the highest bidder. Learn some of the tricks to preserve your online privacy from the dark web community.

A Service that Will Create Your Onion Site on Tor Network

UK-based Dogsbody Technology is offering to create Tor hidden services for its customers using Muffet’s EOTK.

Author of NanoCore Arrested for the Actions of Its Users

The author of the NanoCore software was arrested following the recurrent use of his tool by hackers for their malicious exploits.

DDoS-As-A-Service Popular on the Darknet

Kaspersky Lab reveals that cyber criminals are making up to a 95% profit by offering DDoS-as-a-service on the dark web.

The Government Connection To Tor

Tor was not always a private endeavor, but was initially designed and sponsored by US Government entities – possible affecting users’ privacy.

Top 9 Things to NEVER Do While Browsing the Dark Web

Browsing the dark web can be an exciting experience but it can end up having more troubles while browsing the dark web can be...

Credit Card Theft and Hacking on the Rise

Cybercriminals are progressing every day, and credit card fraud is seeing a rise in profitability and availability on dark web marketplaces.
Address Connection Contact Domain Sign Technology Concept

Millions of .edu Email Addresses for Sale on the Dark Web

Over10 million email addresses with .edu suffixes are being sold on dark web marketplaces, according to new research by Digital Citizens Alliance.

Alleged Dark Web Vendor of the Munich Gunman Charged

The Munich prosecutor’s office officially charged the man who supposedly sold a firearm via the dark web to the 18-year-old Munich gunman who later...

Dark Web Drug Dealer’s Simple Mistake Led to His Arrest

28-year-old ChukwuemekaOkparaekewas arrested in New Jersey for conspiracy to distribute an analogue of fentanyl via the dark web.

Identity Fraud Reached Record High in 2016

The number of identity fraud cases in the UK reached a record high in 2016, with the majority of the victims being people under the age of 30.