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After the sudden shut down of Bitcoin mixing website, speculations arise that the service is avoiding unpleasant action by law enforcement.

The news that, the Bitcoin mixing service website has been abruptly shut down, has been received with a mix of reactions.

The website, arguably the largest platform engaged in offering Bitcoin mixing services, has issued a statement through its operator that it is the reputation of the cryptocurrency that was on the line and did not want to be party to the general perception that Bitcoin is used only for unlawful transactions.

How Worked

It is well known that Bitcoin transactions are logged through the blockchain ledger, which is open for anyone to trace the deals publically.

This poses a threat to cryptocurrencies through blockchain—rather they’re for either illegal or innocent purposes.

Many Bitcoin buyers and sellers may feel that an amount of transparency leads to mischief-makers tracking their Bitcoin wealth and going after it.

But for those who are holding the digital currency to use in unscrupulous transactions, the fear is that investigative agencies would pick up the information and ultimately trace it back to their location—leading to unpleasant consequences for them.

Your TOR usage is being watched

To avoid such a scenario, these people reach Bitcoin mixing service sites like, which gives them the option to convert their Bitcoin wealth into a mixed currency basket and the other currencies are not traceable and their privacy is protected.

In more technical terms, the Bitcoin mixing service is a kind of barter.

Your Bitcoins are mixed up in a pool and assigned to another holder of a cryptocurrency basket on the site, while a third entity’s mixed holding would be assigned in your name.

All adjustments for equivalent values of the different currencies will be made, and you will have to have faith in the Bitcoin mixing service website to hold your asset in trust.

The “mixing” analogy helps illustrate this concept; “tumbling” is another piece of terminology used in the trade for this service.

As already mentioned, the purpose of availing this Bitcoin mixing service is purely privacy of data.

The Criminal Context

The opinion is split on what prompted the Bitcoin mixing site to close its operations.

Some firmly believe that the site came under pressure from the authorities, pointing to two relevant factors—one direct and the other indirect.

The statement issued by the site after shutting it down claims that their action would hold a mirror to their rival sites offering similar Bitcoin mixing services, that they might also close down their operations as they face legal uncertainty.

After such a statement was made, analysts were quick to make a connection between and the darknet market AlphaBay, which was recently shut down through the concerted efforts of law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada and even Thailand.

It is being mentioned, in this context, that among the various reasons for which the U.S. Justice Department found the activities of AlphaBay illegitimate, the practice of Bitcoin mixing was also included.

Since the closing down of happened so soon after the AlphaBay incident, it can be assumed that Bitmixer was fearing action against it.

Other Sites Might Gain Customers

bitcoin with graph rising
Bitcoin is ascending these past few months

Though was the leading Bitcoin mixing service provider website, there are others offering the same service.

However, once the alert agencies and governments have identified this kind of activity as a convenient means of laundering ill-acquired wealth by criminals, then Bitcoin mixing services or any such route are likely to be shut down relatively soon.

This is indeed a paradox for many. Bitcoin has been in the ascendancy over the past few months and there is every likelihood of even governments acknowledging and approving the digital currency as an alternate mode of payment for products and services.

If this move by ends up cleaning up the system and Bitcoin transactions remain transparent and above board, it could prove to be a very welcome step.

But the actual results may take a few more weeks to surface.

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  1. Anonymous

    All LE can do is try to track transactions and identify the account owners, right? Where I buy my BTC they have several ways to identify me if required by LE and the wallet of where I sent it. I sent the coin to a site that required me to register. If I sent my coin to a tumbler wouldn’t they have me register for an account so going in it’s like the previous stop? How does my coin get back to me untraced?
    I know, I know it is too many questions to ask here.

  2. Anonymous

    We wouldn’t need “dark” markets and bitcoin mixers if governments were pro people. The government that treats its people best is Portugal. Recreational drug use was decriminalized there in 2001. Here is an excerpt from a 2008 Cato Institute research project evaluating the result:

    “The data show that, judged by virtually every
    metric, the Portuguese decriminalization frame-
    work has been a resounding success. Within this
    success lie self-evident lessons that should guide
    drug policy debates around the world.”

    Let’s prevail upon our politicians here in the U.S. to work for “THE PEOPLE”. And vote—CAREFULLY. ALWAYS vote. Bad politicians hope you won’t or that you will vote based on slick pictures and propaganda you get in the mail etc. There are good, non-profit, volunteer organizations that evaluate candidates and post results on the web. Check them out.

  3. Anonymous

    There are two types of crime: Direct crime where one man does something to harm another; and second, political crime where one man says, “you can’t do that” and another says, “YES I can!” There is no harm done to anyone. Many shutdowns of “illicit sites” are done purely on political crime. This is where the bitcoin shuffling services are valid. An overbearing government that is pushing a religious or political agenda on someone is outright wrong and any means of defeating their tyrannical efforts is morally valid!

  4. Anonymous

    Darker works wonders to bc … search and find even better alternatives that are untracable

  5. Anonymous

    They’re still online………


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