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One of the newest trends of the 21st century’s hi-tech world is definitely sending an anonymous email.

anonymous hacker with no face in the darkness, breaks the access to steal information and infect computers and systems
Sending an email without using your real name is useful when you want to protect your identity.

Whether for the purpose of discovering your cheating spouse, expressing your political attitudes, reporting frauds, informing the authorities about some illegal activities, or reporting some sensitive information to the media; the point is that you can do it without having your true identity revealed.

Your TOR usage is being watched

However, this is not an easy job to do since some of the most professional hackers have ended up in jail quite recently.

But, you’ll need a mix of knowledge, luck, Tor, a good online service, encrypted messages, hidden VPN and no personal details. Not much, right?

There are many ways of sending an anonymous email and we’ve listed some of them below:

Creating an Anonymous Email Account

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Create an Anonymous Email Account

You can create an anonymous email account on any of the free email services. All you need to know is how to lie and to do it very well.

This means that when you’re signing up for your new email account, you will provide the service with a fake name and any other personal information that is requested from you.

Bare in mind that when creating an anonymous email account, you have to think up of something completely unrelated to you.

When thinking of a username or password, make sure that it can’t be linked to your first name, middle name, last name, your children’s name, profession, country you live in, etc.

If you include phone numbers don’t use your real one. The same applies to birthdays, anniversaries or other important dates.

The signup process is usually free and once you’re through providing the requisite information you can start composing your anonymous email!

Using an Online Service

However, if you want to hide your tracks a bit better, there are a variety of website services that you can choose from for creating an anonymous email.

Ways of using them and their services slightly differ. Below is a list of the most popular ones:

Some of these require registration before sending emails, while some don’t, which is great.

What you have to pay attention to with any of these services is that they do not take any responsibility for the content of the emails you send.

Moreover, if you want to secure your anonymity, you can download the Tor Browser.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out the most popular ones.

  • AnonEmail

This service allows you to send an anonymous email without having to register. It’s very simple to use, you just have to type in the receiver’s address and start writing your email. And, it’s free!

The same case as with the first one, there is no registration needed and it is free of charge. You can optionally write your own email, but, what would be the point?

GuerrillaMail provides you with a temporary and disposable email address. You are not required to sign up and leave your personal information.

The service will generate a random email address for you, and any message that you will receive will be deleted after one hour. The email address doesn’t expire; you can use it for as long as you want.

One thing you need to note though is, if anyone knows your ID your account may be compromised. That is why they offer you a scrambled address to use.

Compared to the rest this one is best. You can have a free account with 10MB storage as well as end-to-end security and protection without any advertisements or marketing.

However, if you want unlimited storage, there is a membership fee.

The membership fee is tiered and ranges from $6.95 for a monthly membership, $15.95 for a quarter and $49.95 for an annual membership.

TorMail is a hidden service, which means that your email is completely anonymous. You must use the Tor browser to access it.

HideMyAss is another free service. When you’re signing up you will be asked to enter your existing email address.

However, this is not obligatory and is only required in cases you want the service to notify you when you receive new emails.

You can set the lifetime of your address to last for different time periods; 24 hours, one week, a month, six months or even a year.

If you decide to send an anonymous email using Hushmail, you need to check the Encrypt checkbox.

However, this is not an end-to-end encryption, which means that Hushmail has access to the plaintext version of your emails.

When you sign up to Hushmail, you will have to check a box to indicate you understand that Hushmail is obligated to cooperate with the authorities if the need arises.

This means sharing your messages, IP addresses for your computer and the addresses you’ve been sending emails to.

Another thing worth mentioning is that some of the services may track your emails, eg. HideMyAss and Hushmail.

Since they log all the VPN traffic they also log the emails. The best way to secure your anonymity is to use Tor whenever you send an anonymous email.

Tor-Based Hidden Email Services

Apart from TorGuard and TorMail, there are other mail services you can use to send an anonymous email.

Unlike the services mentioned above though, they can only be accessed via Tor. Those are OnionMail, Lelantos, Austici, TorBox, SIGAINT, BitMessage, andVFEMail.

  • OnionMail

The OnionMail service will provide you with an encrypted connection. Another benefit is that only the recipient’s server stores messages.

In case of hacking, their system would not reveal any sensitive data, as hostnames and IP addresses will be either deleted or replaced with [].

To make sure that your encryption is going well, it is recommended to use GPG or PGP. You won’t receive many spam messages since each user can modify the blacklist.

  • Lelantos

Creating an account on Lelantos is not free. The pricing schedule ranges between 6 months which will cost you $10, 12 months for $18 or $32 for a lifelong membership.

The cost is well worth it as there are numerous advantages that accrue to you.

First, you can create emails that will self-destruct on a set date. Then, you can make up over 100 aliases and PGP encryption utilizing your keys!

  • Austici

You can join them if you share their views on politics, fascism, racism, sexism and many other fields. They offer both anonymous email services as well as chat.

  • TorBox

TorBox is a Tor-only service which allows you to communicate with other users.

It’s important to know that you can’t send messages to Gmail, Yahoo, or any other everyday account.

If you want to send messages to anyone using TorBox, they have to be TorBox users also.


SIGAINT is a bit different from the others. Once you sign up, you are provided with two email addresses.

One of them ends with so that you can communicate with people outside Tor; and the other one ends with .onion, and it serves for communication inside the Tor browser.

If you create your account for free, the service will delete it after one year of inactivity, but if you decide to pay for it, you will get a bigger inbox, Bitmessage integration, priority support, and most importantly, encryption of your data.

  • BitMessage

BitMessage is a free email service that demands a basic knowledge of privacy technologies.  What stands out is that messages are encrypted.

  • VFEmail

You can choose between their free or paid service. Free email account, or Bronze membership as they call it, gives you the least of all the possible extras; storage, bandwidth and protection.

The more you pay for your account, the more convenience you’ll get. None the less, they hide your IP address and your messages can be encrypted.

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  1. Thanks boss but I want to become a professional carder of which I will be buying stuff with fake credit card who I hope deep web can be of help

  2. Another good mail service, encrypted end to end, without having to register is Tutanota. Free and a premium service (1,2 $/month)

  3. hi. I have a free vpn but tor isn’t reconizeing it. its open and running. what am I not doing right? could someone help me.? I am broke as far as money. im on a fixed income so I downloaded a free VPN.

  4. I’m a 4th grader, and I can not afford to have a lot of money to wear Tor Browser. Can anyone give me a job to have TorBrowser? I would love to have the opportunity to join DarkWep ..

  5. dear friend, please help me to get some kind of 5000e, otherwise they will kill my racket … I’m from kosovo, that is, the Kosovska Mitrovica. here we are terrorized by us and we are all caught up in the public racket .. please help me … thank you in advance ..

  6. Outdated. Been many months since I have seen a service that simply accepts random phone number without SMS verification that you have access to that number via SMS.

    No matter what their public statements — almost all of the non-Tor email services will capture & verify either your phone # (SMS verification required) or IP (which is why their Catchpa will not work with Tor as it tries to reverse connections).

    Protonmail is a good example of a recently succumbed service. I laugh when they claim that SMS verification is the best way to prevent bots from signing up for accounts. (Short fixed format text messages make it simple to robot. I had a job 15 years ago to automate SMS responses and SMS robot services have been common at least 20-25 years. ) Maybe they don’t associated phone # to account in their records — but in that case they are turning info over to someone else in anti-privacy anti-terrorism circles during registration process. Nice completely legal dodge.

    In any case the sole point of SMS verification is to get phone info verified by a response – not limited to phone number but like ANI, IMEI,ESN, etc even GPS talker ID. In US and Europe there have been many central government cases where pursit became trivial because email led directly to tracking suspects via phone GPS tracking. Nice for terrorists and stolen children. But that same info is apparently also for sale to criminals and big business.

    The best you can do with non-Tor service is to register an IP only verification service from an open or public WiFi network away form home or business. Even there many services will complain that too many accounts were creted from this location/IP.

    Lots of Tor stuff has been shutdown or is currently being targeted for shutdown. LOL by Anonymous who may soon put themselves out of business.

    • Absolutely, I’d never trust any anonymity service which requires verification or payment. True anonymity means that even the anonymity service provider doesn’t get hold of any information about my identity. That’s why single-hop VPNs and mail services, which know about your IP address, are pure snake oil.

      To make things robust messages have to be routed multi-encrypted through a number of servers run by independent operators, where single compromized entities don’t matter. So, taking it seriously, I only accept the Tor network with the Tor Browser for real-time communication and the Mixmaster remailer network with Omnimix and Quicksilver for delayed mail transfers.


  7. I was told that a few months ago, the email provider SIGAINT had been compromised and the feds got control over all of its users email contents. Sent/receive emails and contents, IP info, everything. I have an account there and i cannot log into it anymore, or do anything using it. Can anyone confirm or deny the Sigaint issues?

  8. Judging by the majority of the post and responses on this thread. You morons need to stay far, far away from even attempting to get on the dark web, let alone use it for anything. Stay with your AOL messengers, FB, and Kik and leave the rest of us alone.


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