What is SADD.IO and How Does It Work?

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An anonymous desktop that can be created, used and then dumped in the virtual space has been developed. Here’s a profile of SADD.IO and its features.

On the internet, when people don’t want anyone else to know their browsing history, they use the Tor browser or subscribe to a Virtual Private Network, which helps hide their location and personal data.

Now, there’s a new privacy tool on the market called SADD.IO, which stands for Scalable Anonymous Disposable Desktops.

What is it and how does it work? Read on for the details.

Some Information on SADD.IO

The only parallel one can think of to SADD.IO is the conjuring tricks performed by illusion experts on stage where they will produce an object out of nowhere and after a while it will vanish the way it came.

So, here, you will have an anonymous desktop which you can use to browse the internet or to do other transactions; and then, the desktop vanishes from your screen without a trace.

SADD.IO routes all internet traffic through the Tor network.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The major features of SADD.IO are that it is offered for free and you do not have to provide any kind of personal information, including your email or phone number, to gain access to the anonymous desktop. It can be used on any of your devices, fixed or mobile.

How Does SADD.IO Work?

SADD.IO is the name of the website as well. You reach the site and you will find the homepage and two options; one says “Try for Free” and the other “Use Premium.” Once you click on either of these, you are taken to a dialogue box which asks you to choose your OS, Windows or Linux.

It then allows you to establish a desktop so that everything you do is within the Tor environment and therefore completely anonymous. What’s more, you are not asked to download anything either.

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On the internet, when people don’t want anyone else to know their browsing history, they use the Tor browser or subscribe to a Virtual Private Network, which helps hide their location and personal data.

The free version has its limitations. On the site, SADD.IO says the browsing history is not encrypted for those using the free version and they get just 15 minutes to do any activity, after which the desktop will close.

The paid Premium version means you need to pay a monthly subscription of $12 and the charges are based on the time slot you choose, between 15 minutes to one hour.

There is a third option of a customizable plan where the pricing has not been mentioned and it would be tailor-made to suit your particular needs and charged accordingly.

The Positive Aspects

Just like any other technological breakthrough, the SADD.IO anonymous desktop too has its merits and demerits.

On the positive side, the company claims its offering is meant for those who don’t wish to compromise on their privacy, besides being of benefit to ethical hackers and cybersecurity professionals.

These are more or less the same things said about the Tor browser as well. It was promoted as something that can help investigative journalism and law enforcement agencies for carrying on their work without anyone knowing what they are up to.

But in reality, it is no secret that a considerable base of Tor users are those with criminal intents, like drug and weapons dealers.

And the law enforcement agencies have had to work to trace their dealings or track them down and book them for the crimes they are involved in.

There is no way of telling now if the SADD.IO anonymous desktop would be used for such purposes too.

It is even being suggested that that if the agencies were to subpoena the site’s owners for any violation, there is nothing for anyone to worry about, since there is no log or record of what transpired on their site and no evidence of any kind can be traced.

But then, it is not feasible to stop such things either.

A Comparison with VPN Becomes Inevitable

A lot of people would want to know how SADD.IO compares with a Virtual Private Network (or VPN) which has some similar functions or purposes.

But one has to first accept that VPN services have been around for a long time, and their utility in keeping your system or computer network safe from hackers has to be taken into reckoning too.

In terms of privacy and anonymity, it must be mentioned that it is only those involved in rank criminal activities who would want to hide their tracks.

Common law-abiding people may not be so concerned about removing or destroying their browsing history as this anonymous desktop appears to do.

New privacy-focused technologies are being developed and launched on a regular basis. Each one of them appears to be better than the previous one and before you know it, one riding high could be pushed to the background as a better replacement rises in its place.

In many instances, after some time people go back to the one they used before.

There should be no bar on embracing new technology, as long as it is beneficial to a large number of people and does no harm to the society at large.

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  1. Anonymous

    This thing is definitely a breakthrough well done!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m so disapointed…
    Since many months now, it appeared that the owner of this site, or maybe the main team who worked on, has changed. Clearly, the opening-mind that we founded here before has been faded in a discourse totally agree with the one of autorities and establishment.
    Which is in fact not a problem itself!
    Until today… Where i have founded between some false informations a real will of to influence how people is understanding What happens really here!
    And let me say you that the real threat is less chasing dealers and junkies than restrain your privacies and liberties.
    Thanks for reading me. Answers are welcome.
    Bourgeois B.

  3. Anonymous

    What is this????
    “… it must be mentioned that it is only those involved in rank criminal activities who would want to hide their tracks.”

    This is wrong on so many levels!
    What terrible journalism.


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