Spamhaus Hacker Will No Longer Spend Time In Jail

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Sven Olaf Kamphuis, allegedly the hacker behind the biggest DDoS attack ever carried out, will not spend a single day in jail.

Sven Olaf Kamphuis, the Dutch hacker responsible for the biggest cyber-attack of all time, is apparently a free man once again after most of his sentence was suspended by the court.

Sven was purportedly the hacker behind the infamous Spamhaus DDoS attack that rocked the internet back in 2013.

While most attackers only require about 20Gbps to flood a server or a network, Sven bombarded the anti-spam group with a DDoS attack that peaked at over 300Gbps.

Arrest of the Alleged Hacker Made in Spain

The 39-year-old alleged hacker was imprisoned in Barcelona, Spain after a European arrest warrant was issued by the local authorities.

Following his arrest, he was remanded for a total of 55 days in Spain before he was extradited to the Netherlands and sentenced to serve a maximum of 240 days in prison.

Your TOR usage is being watched

However, due to the period, the Dutch national had spent on remand, the judges went ahead to scrape off his remaining 185 days of imprisonment, leaving the Dutch hacker a free man after only 55 days in jail.

CyberBunker was Purportedly Responsible for the Attacks

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Cyberbunker attacked back and this attack also affected normal internet users.

Spamhaus is a major anti-spam group that specializes in selling information about threats on the internet to internet security service providers.

Ironically, the international non-profit organization was taken down by the same hacker it claimed to be monitoring.

Internet service proiders rely on the blacklists provided by anti-spam groups to filter out malicious websites and prevent cyberattackers from getting an upper hand on innocent internet users. CyberBunker, Sven’s purported provider, was among those blacklisted.

It is, therefore, possible that the massive DDoS attack was launched in retribution to Spamhaus since it came only shortly after the anti-spam organization blacklisted CyberBunker.

According to court documents, the magnitude of the DDoS attack that was conducted against Spamhaus not only brought to crippled its operations, it also disrupted the proper functioning of the entire internet and consecutively affected the interests of many individuals, institutions and businesses that relied on the anti-spam organization.

Dutch Man Could Have Been Falsely Accused

Initially, Sven’s sentencing came because he was allegedly part of a worldwide organization that compromised personal computers and machines.

Later on, last July 2015, it became apparent that Spamhaus’ accusations did were baseless and that the hacker responsible for the massive DDoS attacks on the non-profit group was indeed a British teenager and cyber criminal, Seth Nolan Mcdonagh who also went by the screen name “Narko.” It is on these grounds that Sven’s lawyers pleaded his innocence.

Sven will not be spending any time in jail. In a Skype interview with AD back in 2013, he had repeatedly denied his involvement in the Spamhaus DDoS attack that nearly broke the internet and was not willing to make an appearance in court.

At the time, he had been the spokesperson for the Dutch web-hosting service CyberBunker when it purportedly carried out the DDoS cyber-attack after being wrongfully blacklisted.

Cyber crime experts also gave their two cents on the matter, saying that it was not as simple as it seemed. Later on, the evidence acquired against Mcdonagh was enough to conclude that the British teenager was indeed the hacker behind the attacks.

The Real Hacker Eventually Unmasked

Seth Mcdonagh, a 16-year-old hacker at the time of the attack, was arrested and sentenced to 240 hours of community service in 2015 after the judges decided to take a more lenient approach to the young British hacker after it was found out that he was suffering from a mental illness.

Mcdonagh was apparently a hired cybercriminal who immersed in a bit of everything and sold out only to the highest bidder.

As such, the British court has reason to believe that the young hacker was not alone in his illegal online ventures.

Alleged Hacker Could Have Been Set Up

Sven’s involvement in the whole saga continues to look more and more like an elaborate setup that was put in place by the real hacker to draw the authorities’ attention from the real perpetrators of the massive cyber-attack against the U.S. based anti-spam organization.

The Dutch man’s current whereabouts are unknown at the moment, although it is speculated that he may be in Barcelona again or in Berlin.

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