Sigaint Darknet Email Service Down for Weeks

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Darknet email provider, Sigaint, has been offline since February 11th. Sigaint users are concerned that it may be due to government interference.

Sigaint, one of the largest darknet email providers, has been down from February 11.

To date, there are no signs of the site going online any time soon, while what caused to website to go offline is still a mystery.

Sigaint allows users to use an anonymous email services without revealing information such as personal identity and location.

The Sigaint service runs through a Tor hidden service, via a clear net proxy gateway, or directly on the darknet.

As such, the email provider’s service has become a popular tool among activists, journalists, and numerous other individuals who want to escape the dragnet surveillance that is currently being carried out by the government.

The point is to provide privacy that every person deserves, and it is not necessarily meant for people who are at conflict with the state.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Sigaint’s service has been in operation for years despite numerous attempts by the government and other parties to bring it down or identify its users.

In 2015, Sigaint warned its users of the likely attacks by law enforcement agencies who were trying to hack into their system.

TOR browser is needed to access Sigaint

According to Sigaint, the government tried to compromise their service using an attacker with access to about 70 bad Tor exit nodes – approximately 6% of their total nodes.

The Sigaint administrator reported that they initially discovered the 58 malicious Tor exit nodes, and later discovered the other 12.

Though law enforcement did not acknowledge that it was responsible for the 2015 attack, the method of attack pointed to the direction of a government-related agency.

It was clear that the attacker was not after the log in details because out of the 42,000 accounts, only one person’s account was hijacked.

This means that the attacker was not financially motivated, but more focused on knowing the identities of the users, thus making it appear to be a government operation for many of the users.

Back to the present, Sigaint has been offline for the past weeks, while there is no clear information from the Sigaint administration on what might have gone wrong.

However, speculations are floating around that a government attack may responsible for the current woes Sigaint is going through.

This would not come as a surprise given that the government has reportedly attempted several times to bring down the site or otherwise de-anonymize its users with the hope of tracking either journalists, terrorists, or illegal agents who use Sigaint to communicate anonymously.

With each passing day of silence confirming the likelihood that the Sigaint email service provider has been compromised, it has raised much anxiety among its users.

A particular group of Sigaint users is offering up to $20,000 USD to retrieve back their emails.

Other users have taken to Twitter and Reddit to voice their grievances against Sigaint.

Despite the users’ mixed reactions, all they can do is wait for Sigaint to give an official statement about why their site is not accessible.

In the meantime, users have to speculate while hoping that Sigaint web service will get back online soon and that their identity and data will has not been lost or compromised.

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