ProtonMail Adds Bitcoin in Its Payment Methods

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ProtonMail, the Swiss company known for providing end-to-end email encryption, has officially started accepting Bitcoin as one of its payment systems.

ProtonMail is a popular anonymous email service operating from Switzerland and is known for encrypting emails by default.

Emails exchanged between the users of this service provider undergo end-to-end encryption, a process more commonly represented as E2EE.

What might leave many surprised is the fact that even unencrypted emails received and sent by users of the service are encrypted when being stored in ProtonMail’s servers.

Services like ProtonMail are key to maintaining users’ security while communicating online.

And they could have been used to prevent major, high-profile hacks such as last year’s phishing email campaign that infiltrated the DNC (Democratic National Committee), causing massive leaks and never-ending chaos during the 2016 presidential elections in the U.S.

A few days back, ProtonMail anonymous email service made one of the biggest announcements of recent times.

Your TOR usage is being watched

It has started accepting Bitcoin officially, as one of the platform’s payment systems.

The company also informed the public that it used to have an informal method for accepting Bitcoin by means of a special donation system.

However, now the use of the digital currency on this platform would be recognized as official.

According to the blog post announcing this news, the rising popularity of Bitcoin within the last few years made the previous process unfeasible.

In fact, it was almost mandatory that ProtonMail develops a dedicated, automated system.

Experts at ProtonMail believe that this change indicates a much broader trend. According to them, Bitcoin’s increasing popularity among mainstream users will force merchants to support the cryptocurrency.

This, in turn, would result in further support for Bitcoin and a significant increase in the number of transactions involving the currency.

Another possible outcome of the above situation would be constant appreciation of the price of BTC.

Here, it must be noted that demographics using Bitcoins often overlap with ProtonMail’s user base.

Both these technologies enjoy maximum popularity among individuals who value privacy.

But it may be a couple of years before other companies tap into the Bitcoin trend.

Bitcoin exchange to dollar rate
Price of BTC has increased from its all-time high

Many companies—within a variety of industries—haven’t yet observed serious demands for making the cryptocurrency option available for customers.

The main reason behind the rise in digital currency’s popularity in recent times is that this mode of payment helps mask the identity of the individual making the payment.

ProtonMail has previously encountered several payment issues.

The most famous case among them is when PayPal started blocking crowdfunding payments being made to the service via Indiegogo.

In the post announcing Bitcoin’s arrival as an official mode of payment on the platform, ProtonMail wrote that accepting Bitcoin would enhance the stability of its business.

According to the company, for operating businesses, cryptocurrencies appear as an extremely important diversification.

It’s true that there was a time when companies used to hold various fiat currencies, but now things have changed significantly.

Presently, ProtonMail is holding a big chunk of their funds in Bitcoins.

However, the story is not the same everywhere.

Not everyone is happy with the fact that they are forced to adopt Bitcoins just because people love the privacy offered by this mode of payment.

There is, however, good news for fans of the cryptocurrency.

Since ProtonMail’s announcement was made, the price of BTC has increased from its all-time high that started earlier this month.

Right now, it’s hovering around $4,000.

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