Are You Being Tracked? Use these Codes to Find Out!

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Here’s how to detect if your phone conversations and messages are being tracked, and how to remove the privacy threats immediately.

There are times when you may just have a gut feeling you’re being tracked, in the sense that someone is listening to your phone conversations or that the private messages you send and receive on your phone are being read by someone they aren’t intended to reach.

This situation is real and can happen to anyone. The purpose of such tracking can be as innocent as a parent wanting to keep tabs on his/her child’s activities or as suspicious as a spouse keen to know what his/her partner is up to.

There are many other reasons why smartphone tracking can take place. But mere gut feeling cannot confirm whether or not you’re being tracked, nor will it do anything to stop the process.

Instead, you will need to understand how technology permits such tracking and how you can protect your privacy in an intelligent manner.

How Does It Happen?

If you want to know how your phone can be subjected to tracking through a remote device, you should understand a little bit about the technology involved.

Malicious software programs and rogue applications can be installed on your phone to keep records of your activities and behaviors—and this data can be easily tracked from another device.

Your TOR usage is being watched

This is different from the type of eavesdropping that government agencies indulge in, by commandeering the service provider to gain access to your device.

In a limited sense, there is every possibility that the person who accesses your phone for planting the tracking app can be someone you know and trust. The above examples of a parent or spouse fall in this category.

And there could be other instances too, such as rivalry within a workplace or even a friend wanting to track you just for fun.

How to Find Out if You’re Being Tracked

Broadly, there are two ways to detect if a tracking application has been activated on your phone.

One is through observing the behavior your phone is exhibiting, and the other is through using particular codes that can reveal the offending software and help you remove it from your smartphone.

While there are many such “symptoms” you will notice if tracking on your phone has been activated, a few of them are quite obvious and will show up easily.

One is by noticing any unusual and/or excessive data consumption on your phone that’s causing your usage charges to increase.

The other is if your battery is draining faster than the normal duration you are accustomed to.

If both are happening simultaneously, it’s possible that your phone is indeed being tracked.

There are also other direct and indirect ways you may be able to suspect and detect if any sort of tracking of your phone is being carried out.

Codes You Can Use

Are You Spying On Me? card with colorful background
there are ways to detect if a tracking application has been activated on your phone

The most useful code you can employ on your smartphone goes like this: “*#21#”.

The moment you input these values, your phone’s display screen will show you if conversations and messages are being diverted/transferred to another device.

What’s more, it will also disclose the number to which the diversions are sent to. That way, you can settle the issue if you confront the person or entity involved in the tracking and hope that your privacy is restored.

You can also use a code “##002#” to stop anyone else from tracking your phone. This is a well-known code to employ in order to block any form of tracking or diversion from your device.

There are other advanced methods to be used as well, but that may require some amount of technical expertise and tools, which you may not be in a position to access.

How to Stay Protected?

Irrespective of whether you’ve detected a tracking episode in your phone and whether you’ve removed it, or if no such thing has occurred, you must ensure that your smartphone is protected all the time.

The ideal method to do this is to download and install an effective anti-virus program that will block any and all attempts to gain access to your phone’s data or to install rogue apps.

There are also some minor differences in the way the issue could be approached, depending on whether your device is an iPhone or an Android.

Even so, understanding the issue and following the suggested tips thoroughly will help immensely.

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  1. Anonymous

    where do you enter these codes? my keyboard does not come up unless I am googling or texting.

    • Anonymous

      Thats the ph # you call Einstein 😂😂😂

      • Anonymous

        Some people are incredibly stupid….makes you think why dosuch people bother???

      • Anonymous

        Not everyone knows this stuff,be nice …

      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t work on some people’s phone Einstein

    • Anonymous

      Enter using the Dial Pad of the smartphone. The one you use to call people by dialing the number.

      • Anonymous

        That is actually funny. Ano at 7.08. Works well for me.thanks guys.

      • Anonymous

        I put both codes in and both came back caution call forwarded connection probably or invalid MMI code came back on both. What does that mean for me ??? Need answers asap !!! Please. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      codes go in the phone dial as if you are phoning some 1 i assume

    • Anonymous

      How bout if your making a call retard. Enter code the press talk

  2. Anonymous

    So the codes do not work? I also wouldn’t know where to enter them if it actually did work.

  3. Anonymous

    “Codes” accessed from phone call keyboard. Press as if making a call.

  4. Anonymous

    I used the *#21# on my phone dial screen and it said MMI code then a pop up window said: (call forwarding unconditionally. Voice: not forwarded.) Then I used the ##002# on my phone dial screen and it said MMI and then a pop up window said: (call forwarding erasure was successful.) What do each of these actually mean?

    • Anonymous

      I got same notices….can anyone help

  5. Anonymous

    enter in number field? like for dialing a call?? this article tells not much

  6. Anonymous

    This is bullshit. Using dial pad or just typing it into the search engine results in nothing. Guess this anonymous post must be the guvment version.

    • Anonymous

      Omg. Some people’s kids. Dude your a fucking retard. You enter the code just like your calling the moon to get directions to Atlanta’s. After I enter the code press the talk button. Duh

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks this is really cool , when you dial the code it tells you that nothing is being forwarded!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Excellent bit of info….Thanks

  9. Anonymous

    it does work. you have to press the green dial button

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous

    After inputting the codes, I get the following information: “Welcome to Verizon wireless. The call can not be completed as dialed. Announcement for location 70391.”
    The number is for Paincourtville, LA, which is nowhere near my zip code. What does this mean?!

    • Anonymous

      Happening to me too. Is my cell hacked by someone on Verizon Wireless? My ex-husband is on Verizon, and I have legally documented instances of his email hacking as well as physical theft. How can I find out further information? Even *#*#197328640#*#* returns that Verizon non-complete message.

  12. Anonymous

    There are other advanced methods to be used as well, but that may require some amount of technical expertise and tools, which you may not be in a position to access.
    What are they? When I dial those codes nothing happens. So what’s the advance options to find out… ?

  13. Anonymous

    Mine says the number has been change ? So just call these numbers to find out and to stop this from happening ?

  14. Anonymous

    Yes, this does work. Save the codes as contacts for future use. Simple.

  15. Anonymous

    first one means, you are not spyed, second one means, you have stopped any forwarding , that will occur either you are spyed or not, it will always cancel

  16. Anonymous

    exelente post

    • Anonymous

      the first code o21.i entered into dial pad said “mmi code started” , then “call forwarding unconditionally voice: not forwarded.”
      the second one: oo2
      call forwarding
      erasure was successful.

  17. Anonymous

    I entered *#21# on the dial keypad, there was the dialing tone, robo answer female Asian voice telling to press ? on the keypad, then recorded message, “Switch 406”. WTF?

  18. Anonymous

    I entered the code and nothing happened

  19. Anonymous

    Incredible, I dialed in both codes the first ##002# and a satellite came on the screen and a swirl went around it and said deactivated on the screen, I dialed the 2nd code on the same phone and the sat and swirl came up but that time it said it had been deactivated. This was a flip (burner) phone. Proceeded to run both codes on 2 other smartphones but it went through like a call and a recorded msg came on. Can anyone say what the deactivation was ?

  20. Anonymous

    What are the best apps or programs to use to stop the tracking ?

    • Anonymous

      signal messenger

      • Anonymous

        Signal messenger?

  21. Anonymous

    it works for android and iphone, we couldn’t believe this but works

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean signal?I tried the code*#21# and nothing showed on my screen but above ground Ave a location # what does that mean? I really need some serious help my phones have been a nightmare,i have no control of my own phone,and it seems like there are two phones on my one I see messages or phone calls and go to check and it wipes right off my screen!!can anyone help me with this?please I’m desperate!??!!

  22. Anonymous

    I tried the codes. Nothing happened. Am I supposed to push the keys and then press dial???

  23. Anonymous

    Wow great post! Phone checked for any forwarded or rerouted terminals on both. Thanks for the tip.

  24. Anonymous

    It’s a way to stop call forwarding so for all you guys that are getting robots talking to you, that’s probably the program that’s recording your every word. Cuz it should say call forwarding unchanged

  25. Anonymous

    ur smartphone goes like this: did into dial pad it said. “mmi code started “*#21#”. call forwarding unconditionally. voice not forwarded.”

    “##002#” dialpad and mmi code started. call forwarding all erasure was successful

  26. Anonymous

    I used both codes on my wife’s and mine Samsung 7s worked like a charm

  27. Anonymous

    didnt work for my i phone

  28. Anonymous

    WTH? I’m on Verizon. I tried both numbers from my phone key pad. All I got were error messages as if I had dialed a wrong number or a number not on service

  29. Anonymous


  30. Anonymous

    Says 002 min code invalid for a basic devices…. ??? Does this in fact say Im being tracked? Also the *# said a list and says no forwarding… never no message of ensure successful… help… losing my mind

  31. Anonymous

    What does call forwarding
    Modem_err mean?

  32. Anonymous

    after entering *#21# it says location 136197 does this mean my phone is being tracked?

  33. Anonymous

    i entered *#21# and it replied call forwarding unconditional not registered and then ##002# and it replied setting cancelled…what does that mean?

  34. Anonymous

    I used the code on mine and it came up with is it said on everything it was disabled? Plz help

  35. Anonymous

    Just ran the codes. Caution call forwarded. Connection problem or invalid mmi code came back k on both codes. What does this mean fore ????? Need answer ASAP !!! THANKS

  36. Anonymous

    And Not any single replay from the writers

  37. Anonymous

    I entered first code it came up setting interrogation succeeded sms call forwarding on all calls disabled what does that mean


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