DHS And FBI Employees’ Data Exposed In Hack

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After completion, they posted that DHS and FBI data has now been dropped and that’s all the criminals wanted to do.

A few days ago, hackers have reportedly released more than 20,000 confidential FBI employee data to the internet.

The exposure came only a day after posting similar information on approximately 10,000 Department of Homeland Security employees.

According to their official twitter account, @DotGovs, the hack was done by infiltrating into Department of Justice database.

One of the hackers divulged that he was able to hack and access files through a compromised email account, belonging to an employee working at this particular institution.

Authorities still don’t know whether it’s a group of criminals or a single person who’s responsible for these activities, but based on available information chances are high that there are several people involved.

He claimed that only 200 GB of files out of an approximate 1 TB were available for download, which implies that the amount of hack information leaked so far is quite negligible.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Taking into account the total amount listed above.

After completion, they posted that DHS and FBI data has now been dropped and that’s all the criminals wanted to do.

This message was finished by a peculiar hashtag reading #FreePalestine.

Several days after the hack was done, they tweeted that @TheJusticeDept finally realized that their PC had been breached after an entire week.

Currently, the names, titles, phone numbers and email addresses of 9,000 DHS workers have been publicized. With even more employees running a risk of getting exposed as well.

The hack conspirator also mentioned that he possessed certain military emails and credit card information, but didn’t give insight as to whether he plans to release them.

There are about 35,000 people working with FBI, which means that more than half of the agency’s population could be at risk of exposure from this hack.

It’s not yet clear whether the 20,000 confirmed cases affect people who work in sensitive positions or not.

Though the hack doesn’t pose any serious threats to persons involved, other than mere annoyance. What’s worrying is that these details were easy to obtain in the first place.

Both FBI and Department of Justice are state agencies that handle very sensitive information.

And if they can’t safeguard their digital footprints, then there’s reason to believe that other government departments are also prone to similar hack attacks.

hacker hands at work with interface around
A few days ago, hackers have reportedly released more than 20,000 confidential FBI employee data to the internet.

Following these revelations, the Justice Department revealed that they are currently conducting investigations on the hack.

Official spokesman, Peter Carr, mentioned in an interview that the hack doesn’t involve private personnel information such as Social Security numbers.

But rather only general data that does not pose any serious risks to victims.

The department is keenly checking the unsanctioned access of an operating system administered by one of its internal components, containing employee contact details.

This unauthorized hack is still under investigations, though there’s no indication as to whether any personally identifiable sensitive information has been breached so far.

Carr says that they take this lapse very seriously, and as a department they continue deploying better protection and defensive measures to ensure employee information is kept safe.

If any criminal activities are detected then they shall be referred to the law enforcement agency for more investigations to be carried out.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators taunted feds by tweeting that, when will America realize they won’t stop hacking until U.S. cuts all its ties with Israel.

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    If FBI and DHS can be hacked then how safe will a normal user be ?


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