Should Edward Snowden Be Given A Pardon?

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Why Obama should pardon Edward Snowden.

The recently released biopic by Oliver Stone that is based on the actions of former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, Edward Snowden, has inspired the campaign for his pardon.

This movement aims to call on President Barack Obama to pardon the man behind the biggest intelligence leak in the NSA’s history.

The buzz surrounding the film is definitely a great aspect that Snowden supporters can leverage.

However, not everyone shares the same opinions about the NSA whistleblower.

Some individuals have been vocal about their disagreement with the campaign and feel that Edward Snowden should still face charges.

The Actions of Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden can be said to be one of the most polarizing figures in recent history.

He is the man behind what is probably the most damaging data breach to affect the United States. Snowden was a former contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA).

In 2013, Snowden executed the data breach after a series of communication with two reporters; Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald. He then copied NSA data to four laptops, each with a 1 TB hard drive while on duty in Hawaii.

Edward Snowden would later seek asylum in Russia after releasing over a million classified documents prompting some government officials to term it the worst data breach.

By June that year, the United States had already filed criminal charges against him under the 1917 Espionage Act.

Reasons Behind the Push for His Pardon

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The Edward Snowden leaks aroused different sentiments among people from all over the world.

To understand the reasons behind the polarizing effects, one has to understand the nature of the documents he leaked.

Edward Snowden disclosed damaging details about NSA classified programs.

The two main reasons behind his support especially among the general public was the revelation of the NSA spying on American citizens and its allies.

The positive sentiments were so widespread that he was called a courageous national hero.

The civil rights groups lobbying for his pardon are in agreement that the actions of Edward Snowden were indeed acts of protection for citizen’s privacy and democracy.

They have always raised their concern about overzealous government surveillance stating that the data is not always used for national security purposes.

As such, the groups pushing for Snowden’s pardon see his actions as part of their political agendas that the Obama administration has failed to satisfactorily address.

Many people within and outside the United States were also enraged by this well-documented violation of privacy and Edward Snowden’s pardon would be a perfect reprisal. Oliver stone’s film seemed to have awakened these sentiments.

A few hours before the film screening, human rights group including the American Civil Liberties Union revealed a global petition lobbying for Snowden’s pardon.

The film actively portrays Edward Snowden as a patriot and national hero. It has been praised for dwelling more on the complexities of Snowden as a person thus shedding some light on his motivations for his actions.

Commenters including Ben Wizner, Snowden’s lawyer, state that the film may bolster the campaign for clemency as unlikely as it may seem.

Not Everyone Agrees

While the publicity surrounding the film has reignited the Edward Snowden pardon movement, there are some who bear opposing sentiments. A considerable number of people are of the opinion that he is an American traitor and should return to the US to face charges.

According to government officials including the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper and NSA deputy director, Rick Ledgett, Snowden’s indiscriminate disclosure of classified documents has made it more difficult for the government to protect US citizens.

They argue that since criminal and terrorists organizations had access to US surveillance documents, they have since reformed their tactics and this jeopardizes national security.

Also, the US House Intelligence Committee challenged this renewed efforts through a report issued in September. The report accused Edward Snowden of causing immense damage to national security and presenting false information about his background.

Although a pardon for Edward Snowden by the Obama administration looks unlikely, there seem to be some strong reasons behind the polarizing campaign. Nonetheless, he did commit crimes as stipulated by law, so the cases against him still stand.

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  1. Anonymous

    no pardon

  2. Robert

    Yes he should be pardoned

  3. Anonymous

    He is a hero pardon him. I think it was benjamin franklin who once said when you give up privacy for security you end up with neither.

  4. ronna

    The USA is technically a rogue nation, running amok around the world using subterfuge and outright violence to overthrow legally elected governments that don’t kow-tow to the rogue’s desires. Snowden took action to stop this. I know it is hard for most Americans to get it into their heads that they are the “bad guys” in the world but that is the sad fact. Until we unseat this warmongering self serving government we will continue to be the bad guys, and every method possible should be used to stop this! Free him!

  5. sehnaz

    without a question, he is a hero

  6. Anonymous

    He should be pardoned even if for the fact that he is being charged with a law of 1917. That is pathetic. The US government is using a century old law and I’m quite sure that at these times the laws were draconian.

    I would even say, that it makes sense to automatically disable any law that is older than 30 years and enact that fact in the constitution.

    No one will deny, that the world situation in 1917, during a second revolution in Russia is completely different from today’s. The laws should be relevant to the current situation and circumstances. Every 30 years, much better 20 years and possibly 10 years every law has to be reviewed, changed if necessarily and re-approved.

  7. Leto

    he should be pardon by people and continue to work to change the world.

  8. I think he should be pardoned..and maybe Obama does to at this point..but can’t pardon him because he publicly called him a criminal.

  9. Anonymous

    Yes I no the world is dangerous place he must of been shocked at the 1984 life were living these day’s but I think he should get a second chance

  10. Anonymous

    Pardon him, he is a hero


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