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With some of the best anonymous messaging apps on iOS and Android, it’s easier to message, make calls and safeguard your data from prying eyes.

With hacking attempts and NSA surveillance news hogging the internet, it’s not surprising to see the average user feel paranoid about their privacy. After all, everything you do is instantly recorded on the internet, providing customized ads based on your last visited page.

Messaging is a much more personal activity compared to sending e-mails or browsing the internet to buy products. You discuss intimate subjects, share personal details, bank account information and even share things that may not be considered legal by some governments.

The Android and iOS app marketplaces are filled with so many different options for anonymity tools, but these are the best anonymous messaging apps that you can rely on for your privacy.


AppBest Features Known For Platform & Pricing
SignalOffers end-to-end user encryption on both text messages and voice calls.Self-destruct messages with time, no special password or PIN required to login.Android/iOS (Free)
Silent PhoneEncrypted, uses dedicated server by developer but no data is read or scrutinized.Created by a reputed brand known for their secure communication software.Android/iOS ($9.95 per month)
Telegram MessengerOffers client-server encryption for all text messages. End-to-end encryption on all text messages.Specifically designed for tech-savvy users and offers range of customization.Android/iOS /Windows (Free)
Wickr MeAllows you to send private, self-destructing messages with a timer.More popular and an ideal platform for both text and video chat.Android/iOS (Free)
SilenceLocally stored messages are encrypted with a passphrase.No login or signup required. Just install the app and it works instantly.Android (Free)




Your TOR usage is being watched

Signal is one of the more popular and well-known anonymity tools developed by Open Whisper Systems. It’s free to use, available on both iOS and Android combined with reliable end-to-end encryption on text, voice calls and media attachments. Standing out among other messaging apps, Signal is simple to use, highly secure and even favored by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.


  • Free to use.
  • Available on both iOS and Android.
  • Offers the best encryption on all types of communication. One of the top anonymity tools.


  • For a free app, Signal is one of the best out there. No major cons to point out.

Silent Phone

Silent Phone for All Applications
With hacking attempts and NSA surveillance news hogging the internet, it’s not surprising to see the average user feel paranoid about their privacy.

Developed by Silent Circle, Silent Phone is a messaging and voice calling app with all the basic features and encryption one would expect from a private program. However, it isn’t as intuitive or supported as other messaging apps. The app is available on both iOS and Android operating systems, providing secured communication and privacy for nearly all smartphone users.


  • Encrypted messages are secured by official servers.
  • Easy to use.


  • Lacks more features.
  • The $10 price makes it an expensive choice with so many free messaging apps available.

Telegram Messenger

This app is designed specifically for tech-savvy users who love customization. All chats are encrypted, allowing only you and the recipient to read it. Telegram uses MTProto encryption by default, but you can opt for end-to-end encryption by manually making some changes in the settings.


  • Tech savvy users would love the customization options.
  • Easy to send messages fast and secure.


  • It doesn’t use the latest encryption technology. Needs to be manually activated.

Wickr Me

Compared to other anonymity tools, Wickr Me has been around for a long time now. It offers text, voice and video calls.All encrypted pictures and videos you send will be safeguarded against prying eyes when using this anonymity tool. Geotags will be deleted and you can send messages with the auto self-destruct option when the timer ends. Wickr Me offers new updates and security fixes from time to time.


  • Has a huge user base and provides reliable encryption to secure your privacy.
  • Wickr Me contacts can easily stay in touch and send self-destruct messages.
  • Receives quick security updates.


  • Requires both contacts to have the app installed and their phone numbers connected.


This is one of the best anonymous messaging apps that Android users could go for. If you use an Android phone, Silence is an easy choice. It does everything that’s expected of a secure messaging app with end-to-end encryption and local message encryption. It can’t be opened until a passphrase is entered.


  • No need to connect your phone number.
  • Both users can instantly start messaging if the app is installed.
  • Encrypts all locally stored messages.


  • Works only on Android. No iOS version available.
  • Doesn’t offer many customization features.
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  1. Anonymous

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    They have a published iOS app and a beta Android app available for use. It offers a wide range of features to include unlimited text, audio & video calls, data transfers, and soon group chat. It doesn’t require any private information when creating an account. All data is stored locally so no centralized servers are used. This system can’t be hacked or blocked.

  2. Anonymous

    well you people are right and wrong, none of the above mentioned are 100% secure, NONE

    what about Crypviser the new APP for iPhone and now as well Android

  3. Anonymous

    These comments about Crypviser are machinated by the Crypviser’s official chat (anyone can verify this): “I suggest everyone leave a comment about Crypviser on this article. Maybe the author will update it and include Crypviser.”

  4. Anonymous

    If you’re using your phone to message then it’s not safe at all. All those apps take note of your IMEI number and with that you’re traceable through your cell phone service provider. Your phone is the best wire tap ever needed, info and location of you at their fingertips.

  5. Anonymous is by far the best anonymous messaging platform out there. They did an amazing job keeping your messages safe from your close ones.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m personally a big fan of You can do that ngs there that none of these apps can do. And it’s a website so you don’t have to install it on your phone

  7. Anonymous

    i love hacker anonymous


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