Two VPN Servers Seized By Authorities

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The company tweeted on August 24th,, letting customers know that two of their Rotterdam-based servers had been seized.
The company tweeted on August 24th,, letting customers know that two of their Rotterdam-based servers had been seized.

A VPN provider by the name Perfect Privacy was targeted by the Dutch police on the 24th of August after two of their servers were seized for investigation.

No notice whatsoever was issued beforehand, and the VPN provider only came to know of the incident after they were informed by I3D a Rotterdam hosting company.

Your TOR usage is being watched

VPN is used worldwide as a privacy tool for people who prefer not to have their browsing and location data revealed to prying eyes.

They are an invaluable resource for large companies that rely on the secure connection to relay sensitive data across bases or branches, journalists and other individuals who use them for legitimate privacy purposes.

On the flip side, however, VPN is also used by black hat hackers and other criminals who also rely on the privacy offered by the service to protect them from the hand of the law.

VPN Services are Frequently Targeted by Law Enforcement

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Several VPN providers advertise an “anonymous service” on the marketing pages of their website, but have terms in the fine print of their privacy policy indicating they do log.

The seizure of the two Perfect Privacy servers came as no surprise to anyone, least of all the VPN service providers themselves.

This is because VPNs are constantly subjected to random investigation by the authorities due to the amount of criminal activity that goes on in those encrypted networks.

Authorities often rely on the element of surprise, and this is why the VPN provider was given no notice prior to the seizure.

Data Logging

Following the seizure, there was a significant amount of correspondence from the company as it informed its customers that the servers based in Rotterdam had been seized through a Tweet.

They were fortunate enough, however, as I3D promptly acted to provide two replacement servers in order to cut the downtime.

Data logging is a point of conflict between some VPN service providers and their customers.

Some openly log the data and often provide it to the authorities when prompted, while other VPN companies secretly log the data without the knowledge of their customers.

Perfect Privacy was, however, resolute in the knowledge that nothing would be found on the servers given that they do not log any data at all.

In a press release submitted by the VPN provider shortly after the seizure of the servers, they stated that at that time, they did not have any information because the responsible law enforcement did not communicate directly with them; they were informed by their web host.

According to them, since they do not practice any form of data logging, they are confident that no customer data was compromised.

Bottlenecked Information

Information concerning the incident is still very much limited as I3D, and the Dutch Police Force continue to keep things hush.

I3D only went as far as divulging that they had no choice but to comply after the police issued a subpoena to seize the servers.

The best they could do, according to an email response sent to TorrentFreak, was to ensure that there was no significant outage by providing temporary servers during the investigation.

This is another seizure of an encrypted network by the Dutch government after they permanently shut down Ennetcom early this year.

Ennetcom was a firm that provided mobile phones with the secure PGP-encrypted network.

According to Dutch law enforcement, Ennetcom was a hub for criminals involved in crimes such as drug trafficking and assassinations among other heinous offenses.

Professional Conduct

Perfect Privacy has received many props for its professional conduct during the whole ordeal.

The lack of findings by the law enforcement has led its customers to fully believe that the VPN provider truly does not participate in logging customer data.

In a digital world where some VPN providers are not quite as safe, the candor that was displayed by the VPN company is a rare attribute.

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