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An upcoming Tor-as-a-Service (TaaS) portal called TorWorld is in development, and will arouse interest among anonymity advocates.

Ever since its launch back in September 2002, the Tor project (The Onion Routing Project) has seen unprecedented growth to be in the frontline in providing anonymity and privacy to millions of internet users.

Privacy advocates, who make up the largest portion of Tor users, will be ecstatic about a recent initiative from the CryptoWorld Foundation.

According to a recent interview, the new platform is a Tor-as-a-Service portal called TorWorld.

The CryptoWorld Foundation is a conglomerate of several organizations that develop and manage anonymity services and products.

One member of the founding team revealed that the idea for service has been four months in the making.

The main goal of this Tor initiative is to essentially create a public forum where internet users can set up entry, exit, and relay nodes as well as unlisted relays (bridges) that facilitate anonymous browsing with Tor – these are essential to Tor operations through its routing protocol (Tor Protocol).

Your TOR usage is being watched

A number of users around the world run Tor nodes, and traffic from a single user is routed through several nodes before it reaches its destination.

Exit nodes are those that enable traffic to flow from the anonymous network to the public domains.

Relay nodes on the other hand simply route traffic between users and the exit nodes.

Most users opt to run the only relay due to the high risk of abuse from exit nodes.

For this reason, the bandwidth available is unusable for public browsing.

In order for the user traffic from Tor browsers to remain hidden, the nodes have to be configured properly.

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Tor-as-a-Service will be dedicated to running these nodes in addition to creating more awareness about the network itself.

Tor-as-a-Service will be dedicated to running these nodes in addition to creating more awareness about the network itself.

TorWorld’s official website is largely educational and contains content related to the nuances of the onion network and supporting Tor.

The aforementioned founding member iterated that the project was inspired by an incident with their Internet Service Provider, which had been repeatedly removing the network’s guard nodes for Tor.

In order to tackle this inconvenience, the team set out to create a way for multiple Tor servers to be deployed much more effectively through automation scripts.

Four months down the line and Tor-as-a-Service boasts of automated scripts, such as Bash scripts.

These scripts enable the fast deployment of entry and exit nodes, relay servers, and bridges.

It is important to note that the said scripts are still work in progress, but they can definitely be used to create and configure live nodes for the Tor network.

According to the team behind TorWorld, the development of the scripts is only the starting point.

They will be the stepping-stone towards the creation of the Tor-as-a-Service portal.

It will function to provide hosting services to the users, and will make it easier for anonymous internet users to contribute to the Tor network.

Following the completion of the portal, the users will be able to configure their very own nodes by employing the servers from TorWorld.

An added benefit of the automated scripts is that they are completely open-source.

This is just part of numerous features that Tor-as-a-Service will offer.

These will include mitigation options for abuse notifications that are evident in the nodes, which have been a major concern for a large percentage of Tor users.

The developers behind the project have assured its users that the service will not be used to host internet crime platforms.

Currently, the team is hard at work developing a collection of Tor nodes.

A definite release date has not been set yet and privacy advocates are eagerly awaiting its launch.

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