Snapshot of Tor Project’s Upcoming Plans for This Year

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Tor Browser official website.
Various Tor browser improvements are yet to come as the Tor Project team strives to make the software better than ever.

Over the last year, Tor Project, the team behind the Tor browser, achieved many milestones they set for themselves.

In 2018, the team fully focused on understanding how big tech manages users’ personal and sensitive information as well as making things easier for people who face issues with censorship the internet, therefore Tor.

The year 2019 is projected to be a milestone year for the Tor Project team as they plan to increase their efforts to circumvent censorship around the world, launch the official stable Tor browser mobile-use version and expand their financing sources.

Achievements of 2018

Fighting for the fundamental rights to making the Tor browser more accessible for users everywhere, the Tor Project continually worked on improving their product and service over the last year.

In 2018, the broader mission point of the Tor Project, as mentioned, was continuing their battle for securing the most essential and important human rights such as online freedom and privacy. Today, their software is the most available it has ever been.

Tor Project also released Tor 8.0 in September 2018, which was by far the most straightforward and easy-to-use version of the product.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Further, the alpha variant of the Android Tor Browser was also launched in 2018.

Other accomplishments include traveling with the purpose of meeting their users in person, receiving a large number of worldwide donations, and security advancements of the v3 onion services.

Plans for 2019

In 2019, the Tor Project says they are slated to improve their product and bring it to a whole another level where the Tor browser will be even more accessible and effortless.

The ultimate goal of the team is to make the software a go-to choice for every individual who faces online threats.

During the course of this year, the Tor Project will focus on moving forward with the initial Tor alpha version for Android and finally launching an official usable and stable version for all Android users.

Another technical action item for 2019 will be improving the Tor software memory and battery life.

The localization of support and resources will expand as well, after the Tor Project introduced nine new languages to the service in 2018.

Tor Browser greeting from the official website.
Over the last year, Tor Project, the team behind the Tor browser, achieved many milestones they set for themselves.

In 2019, the Tor project is going to start reconstructing their website to be correlated with its set of design standards.

The website will also feature different portals that will grant enhanced navigation.

In addition, the team intends to continue with their work on diversifying their funding sources.

Due to the heightened demand for trustworthy means of evading censorship, the Tor Project plans to work with its newly formed anti-censorship team to expand access to users in areas where Tor is blocked.

The team also plans to train more people in the Global South how to use the Tor software and become instructors themselves.

The idea is to meet and qualify more local users among the Southern countries of the world.

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