OpenBazaar To Enhance Users’ Anonymity with Tor Integration

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OpenBazaar announced to its users its integration of Tor to its system, done with the objective of improving privacy on the platform.

OpenBazaar is an online marketplace that is introducing a new approach to its e-commerce platform. Unlike the typical centralized service marketplaces like eBay, OpenBazaar is creating a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace; Tor users will be connected directly, and the transactions will be anonymous.

This online marketplace has no restrictions whatsoever on what can be purchased or sold, as they take a hands-off approach.

Since its inception in April 2016, OpenBazaar has been aiming at improving its platform with its 2.0 version.

This has been coupled with a lot of pressure from the bitcoin community to integrate Tor into its platform.

Tor is a free software that allows for anonymous web browsing and communication through redirection of internet traffic through the numerous relays in the Tor network.

Tor provides a high level of anonymity through hiding the location of users and their traffic from network scrutiny advances.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The system integration of Tor is perhaps the best technological advancement by the marketplace.

Their main aim of integrating Tor is to ensure that its users’ privacy is top-notch even as they make transactions.

Integrating Tor is only one part of the much bigger objective of reconstructing the platform by OpenBazaar’s development team.

Tor will help OpenBazaar to be more efficient and anonymous.

Tor will create an avenue for OpenBazaar to be able to change the encryption language on its platform, and OpenBazaar will also be introducing built-in bitcoin wallets for its users.

OpenBazaar’s Integration of Tor Happened on Valentine’s Day

OpenBazaar intergrated TOR

OpenBazaar’s team of developers decided to show the bitcoin community and its users some affection on Valentine’s Day.

On the 14th of February, 2017, the marketplace made it public that the code the development team had been working on was finally ready.

The code was meant to be the gate that paved way for the Tor integration, and Tor and OpenBazaar users were thrilled with the revelation.

In September 2016, Chris Pacia, the developer of OpenBazaar, had confirmed that Tor had always been the most requested feature on OpenBazaar despite the fact that it proved to be a technical challenge to actually implement.

Now that Tor has been integrated to OpenBazaar, users were thrilled that darknet marketplaces can now be created from home.

Pacia, during an interview with the media, commented that he was very pleased about Tor’s integration.

However, he recommended that Tor users on Openbazaar use the online platform for experimental purposes, as there is still much to be done before the integration is complete.

OpenBazaar founder Brian Hoffman has revealed the beta version of the platform’s 2.0 developers’ version.

He assured OpenBazaar users of the numerous improvements that Open Bazaar’s technical team was working on.

This included Tor integration, an improved search engine, as well as an integrated wallet system.

This will attract more users to OpenBazaar due to the advanced privacy, courtesy of the integration of Tor.

In a nutshell, integration of Tor will prove to be beneficial to the marketplace’s users.

Eventually, with time, more mainstream consumers will see the advantages of decentralized trading and appreciate having Tor’s capabilities.

Owing to the network system improvement on OpenBazaar and their updated code, Tor has the potential to make OpenBazaar a very efficient marketplace.

As with bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that is the main method of payment on OpenBazaar, decentralization and privacy are the key features that are guaranteed on OpenBazaar platform.

Therefore, even the Tor integration meant an upgraded level of privacy and anonymity for the users.

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