Tor Announces the Release of Tor Alpha

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Tor fixes numerous bugs discovered in the previous alpha version.

Tor’s latest browser, Tor, comes with a lot of promise in terms of major and minor bug fixes alongside some few minor features aimed at optimizing user experience and upgrades on its hidden services, download scheduling and a few other tweaks here and there to make the browser more efficient in all respects.

The update comes only three weeks after their previous alpha release, which was rolled out back in October, and mainly addresses most of the bugs and issues that users faced in the previous Tor browser alpha version.

Latest Version Features Numerous Bug Fixes

The announcement was made by Nick Mathewson from the Tor Project, who encouraged users of Tor (The Onion Router) anonymity network to download the Tor browser release and test it since the alpha version is still unstable.

Although most of the bugs from the previous version were addressed, the developer still believes that there remain one or two bugs to be removed.

Tor’s latest release shows just how hard the development team works to ensure that the Tor anonymity network remains impossible to pass through and offers a smooth browsing experience for its users.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The change log is available for download at

We recommend using a VPN with TOR in this guide.

Tor Not Stable Yet

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Tor’s development team recently announced their latest release, the Tor, which features lots of new upgrades, bugfixes, and features.

Nick Mathewson advice that users looking to download Tor’s latest release should only do that for the purposes of developmental tracking and conduct tests on the browser to see how well it runs on unusual platforms.

Due to the developmental stage it is in, he advises those looking for a more stable version should stick to Tor’s stable releases as the Tor still has a long way to go before it is stable for use.

The packages for the release will continue to be availed for download over the next several days and users are reminded to always check the signatures.

From the changelog, it is evident that the Tor looks to enhance client performance and to make the browser more reliable by reducing the number of bugs.

The improved downloading schedules are also a much welcome upgrade, especially coupled with The Onion Router anonymity network’s latest directory scheduling changes.

Other notable upgrades of the Tor include the GeoIP and GeoIP6 updates to Maxmind GeoLite2 Country, the most recent database as of November 3.

The browser also features enhanced hidden services, improved relay bootstraps, unit testing areas, logging, single onionservices, and portability.

Tor Project Encourages Users to Test the Release

The Tor Project development team is encouraging people to take part in the final touches by downloading this latest release and helping to point out various bugs and other hitches so that they can be solved before the official release.

The development teams still urge users looking for something more stable to go for the previous versions as this latest pre-release of the alpha version is not suitable for production.

Nick Mathewson and his team of developers hinted at a couple more alpha releases before a stable version of the Tor browser can be released for production.

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  1. Anonymous

    Still need the stable version but thanks so much to all the developers and testers who will make this version an even more secure browsing experience for those of us who need it. My one and only real regret is that “kiddie porn” sites and the “assassins for hire” will be able to hide behind this newer and more improved browser with the same degree of anonymity that I wished Silk Road had managed to find with those who used Tor.

    • Anonymous

      agree with the kiddie porn and other questionable sites/areas of focus – assholes.

  2. Anonymous

    Nice drawing of the developer chomping on the “Onion”!


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