Tor Browser 8.0.5 Released

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Tor Browser official website.
The newest Tor Browser 8.0.5 has been released. The changelog includes new security updates to maximize users’ protection.

The Tor Project, the organization behind the Tor Browser, announced a new updated release for the software last week.

Tor Browser 8.0.5 was officially introduced on Jan. 29.

The latest version is released with essential security updates to Mozilla Firefox (the browser that Tor is modeled from), as well as updates to HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript to their most recent versions.

The Tor Project’s developers are regularly working on improvements to Tor, providing users with high-level security.

The Changelog of Tor Browser 8.0.5

Since December 2018, when the last version of the browser (Tor Browser 8.0.4) was released, the Tor Project did manage to change and improve many features.

The newest changelog introduces a lot of new platform updates and bug fixes, all of which improve the experience of the users.

Your TOR usage is being watched

As mentioned, one of the substantial changes is the update of Firefox to 60.5.0. Various security vulnerabilities were taken care of such as use-after-free parsing and memory safety bugs.

With this recent update, the Tor Project also announced Tor, the most steady release in the 0.3.5 series.

The Tor Project also updated the Torbutton to 2.0.10 including two bug fixes:

  • Bug 29035, also recognized as Post-YE campaign clean up, is currently a finished task. The organization took care and fully cleaned up their donation campaign and added a link for newsletter sign-up.
  • Bug 27175 is an issue discovered on 8.0.a9 Tor Browser version. The defect is currently fixed too, and a prefix is added to allow the users to carry on NoScript custom settings.

Additionally, HTTPS Everywhere was updated to 2019.1.7, the latest version of the extension. The same occurred with NoScript, which was also updated to its latest version 10.2.1.

Similar to the Torbutton update, the newest NoScript update incorporates two bug fixes as well:

  • Bug 28873 was covering issues with Tor Browser 8 regarding cascade permissions. As for now, the defect is closed.
  • Bug 28720 is a detected defect that completely restricts videos with NoScript security level “safer.” Currently, the bug is fixed.
Tor Browser new updates.
The Tor Project, the organization behind the Tor Browser, announced a new updated release for the software last week.

Besides updates to HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript, three additional bugs were also taken care of:

  • Adapting the Windows navigator platform value on 64-bit systems, cited as Bug 28740
  • An issue that prevents PDFs from loading, recognized as Bug 26540
  • Changing a name matching mode setting in Firefox Nightly to “Enforce,” noted as Bug 28695

Today, Tor version 8.0.5 is available for downloading from Tor Project’s dedicated Tor Browser page or via their distribution directory.

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