Tor Released with New Features and Improved Stability

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Tor has just released its latest upgraded version, offering enhanced security with improved features offering more anonymity to users.

Developers have officially unveiled the version of Tor, making it more stable and adding some new features. Those who wish to use the Tor Browser can download the latest 0.3.2 version directly from the website.

This latest update is the most stable one for the series.

It also offers greater security than the previous versions. Users who want a private browser can install this new design from the onion service.

Onion Service

The main feature of the Tor Browser is its onion services, which provide users enhanced privacy while connecting to a site server. Unlike other regular browsers, Tor obscures or hides the connection and offers boosted protection and anonymity to users.

Based on the change logs available for the update, plus an accompanying blog post explaining the details, it’s clear that the developers of the new version of Tor have brought in several upgrades and added new features.

More Anonymity

The new version of the Tor Browser now supports the next-gen protocol for onion services. The present protocol has been completely changed and renovated.

Your TOR usage is being watched

In addition, the Tor Browser now offers more privacy to users as they connect to a site anonymously using the upgraded version.

Improved Security

Earlier in 2017, Tor faced a situation when a bug in the service led to leakage of several IP addresses.

However, the bug has been fixed and the latest security features offered in the version of Tor will not be susceptible to such leaks in the future, and developers say it will offer enhanced privacy protections to users.

Revamped Code

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Developers have officially unveiled the version of Tor, making it more stable and adding some new features.

The revamped code will add more strength to the encryption. This enables the administrators to create a more hidden darknet site, so that it can only be found using characters that cannot be guessed.

This will enable tighter security for those using the dark web and enable a new set of encryption apps. For instance, people can create hidden services that cannot be discovered.

The latest improved cryptography offered by the Tor upgrade will also improve the directory protocols. This will prevent data from being leaked.

Onion addresses will offer more security to protect the users from impersonation by attackers.

New Scheduler

The latest Tor upgrade will also offer more privacy with the new scheduler. This assists in relaying traffic, as a scheduler will find out ways for routing traffic in the network.

The earlier versions of Tor network made use of additional data and this resulted in burdening the relay, leading to delays in the traffic.

The latest scheduler, called KIST, is capable of assessing the data to be written on the relays, so that information can pass more quickly through the network without much congestion.

This new scheduler is now present in systems running on Linux, but it is expected that another version of the scheduler, named KISTLite, can be used for other versions of the Tor Browser.

Connecting with Nodes

Tor offers anonymity by connecting your computer to a node on the Tor network. If you make a request on your Tor Browser, the request is sent through several nodes and then reaches the server.

Though the information about your device is still present, it is hidden. This is because the information about your device is packed in layers (like an onion) at each node. This makes it impossible to find out where the request originated.

That is why it is referred to as a layered service or an onion service.


In short, the new next-generation Tor will offer improved cryptography, more privacy features, enhanced stability and a better directory protocol to prevent data leaks.

The directory protocol has been improved so that the surface for attacks becomes smaller.

The onion addresses are also more secure to prevent site impersonation. In addition, the code base is much cleaner and more modular.

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