Darknet Email Service “SIGAINT” Adds Tor Relay for Monero

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In August 2016, AlphaBay and Oasis announced that they would integrate Monero. Since then, the demand of Monero has drastically increased.

Recently, a darknet email service provider “SIGAINT” added a Tor relay for Monero transactions.

SIGAINT is one of the most popular email service providers on the darknet.


Not even the least bits of information can surface anywhere on Monero.

Your TOR usage is being watched

There is one obvious reason for this – Monero transactions weren’t meant to be public. That is an advanced degree of privacy and confidentiality.

Other darknet markets have decided to adopt the XMR as a mode of payment because information about Monero transactions is untraceable to its entirety.

So far, we cannot easily tell the popularity of Monero even many darknet marketplaces are accepting this cryptocurrency as a method of payment, and it’s difficult to estimate the number and value of transactions on the darknet.

It is not surprising because this alternative cryptocurrency was designed with the highest degree of privacy.

How possibly does SIGAINT guarantees privacy in that level?

SIGAINT guarantees privacy

SIGAINT has an enhanced server model that is designed with user privacy in mind. It handles two tiers of email service provision.

SIGAINT subsequently runs two servers that operate as proxies. The servers, however, do not have any user data.

The proxies use Tor to tunnel mail to their secret data warehouse from the Clearnet and vice versa. It is worthwhile to note that the proxies can also expand and therefore they can be replaced.

SIGAINT also ensures that data does not leak whatsoever because there are no central points of failure on the servers or any virtual servers. Apparently, there has not been a privacy-centric email service provider like SIGAINT before.

Information is stored in secret locations

Information on SIGAINT is stored in undisclosed locations which are highly protected by the Tor network. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the free tier ad or the paid tier ad. The free tier is ad-supported, but it doesn’t disclose any information.

The paid ad tier, on the other hand, accepts cryptocurrency.

SIGAINT, a darknet email service, has added a Tor relay for Monero transactions.

Interestingly, one needs to pay $30 for a lifetime membership. Your privacy is much protected, and thus it is worth to incur the cost.

SIGAINT accepts both Bitcoin and Litecoins, and the addition of Monero.

One advantage of the SIGAINT’s system is that that it can work with different email clients.

That means that the users can get access to their emails using various clients. They can access the Bitmessage gateway and their emails through any client as well.

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