Qubes Tor Onion Services to Continue Thanks to Maintenance by Team Member

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A respected Qubes team member has generously agreed to bring the Qubes Tor onion services back and continue to maintain them.

Security-focused desktop platform Qubes announced last month that its Tor onion services would no longer be maintained due to a lack of resources.

However, on March 25, Qubes staff posted another update indicating that the services will be preserved after all thanks to one of Qubes’ very own team members.

The Original Announcement

Qubes is an open source, security-oriented operating system. This kind of software essentially runs on all programs within a computer; popular examples include Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android.

However, with Qubes, the source code is public and available for all users who want to audit or contribute to it. It is free to use, change and copy in any way.

Late last month, news about Qubes ending maintenance of its Tor onion services appeared in a blog post.

They informed the public that the care of these services was to stop due to lack of resources.

Your TOR usage is being watched

According to their initial report, this termination applied to all of the onion services that Qubes oversaw, including onion package repos and the Qubes website onion mirror.

Later in their published announcement, the team behind Qubes thanked the Whonix Project for maintaining their services for more than a year.

They continued by explaining that the maintenance of services, such as the Tor onion services, requires bandwidth, servers, and of course, a lot of labor.

In order to keep these services available, Qubes and Whonix Project need to have such resources in adequate quantities. This was something neither could continue to provide.

The original statement ended by advising all users who relied on any Qubes onion addresses at that time, to immediately transfer to the relevant clear net addresses.

Debian Template Maintainer Came to Rescue

Operating system in a cloud.
Security-focused desktop platform Qubes announced last month that its Tor onion services would no longer be maintained due to a lack of resources.

As stated in the announcement’s update, a member of Qubes’ core team came to the rescue in order to prevent the loss of Tor onion services.

Within the community, the man is identified as “Unman” and according to his own description, he is a Debian template maintainer.

Debian is an operating system that is extremely similar to Unix. It contains entirely free software, and it provides users with more than a simple OS.

Along with the system come over 51,000 packages bundled up in a format perfect for installing it on the computer.

Due to his work on such an operating system, Unman is considered very experienced in running onion services, and therefore infrastructure and hosting management.

Unman agreed to bring the Qubes Tor onion services back as well as maintaining them. According to the update, he is currently working on the issue.

As soon as they have another update, the team behind Qubes continued, they will be sure to publish it on their website.

The statement ends expressing thanks to their team member, Unman.

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