Introducing OnionChat, The First Anonymous Web Chat Service For Tor

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A few months ago, a developer released a cool service for TOR users and we thought we would share the post for people who have not heard about it.

OnionChat is the first anonymous web chat service for TOR, and most importantly it doesn’t use JavaScript!

The original Reddit thread can be found here.

Hey all, I’m pleased to announced OnionChat, the first anonymous web chat service for Tor. There’s also anr/Onions room set up where you can discuss the goings on of the sub with other members.

The neat thing about OnionChat is that it’s an anonymous real time chat service which doesn’t use JavaScript.

Through a combination of meta refreshing, long polling and iframes, OnionChat is able to provide a very low-latency real time chat service without the use of JavaScript, making it perfect for users of the Tor Browser Bundle with JavaScript disabled.

Your TOR usage is being watched

As a chat server, it’s quite basic, but I figure it might be fun for people to play around with.

It’s certainly a lot easier to get set up than IRC, but it is missing some of IRC’s features.

We’ve tested it with Tails, the Tor Browser Bundle and the Orbot Browser, and it works great with all of them.

It isn’t mobile optimized yet, but that’s something that will hopefully be improved shortly.

The source code is available on Github if you’re interested in contributing!

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please consider contributing to the open source project. Any other feedback, please leave below.

Anyway, enjoy! Mis

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