Lead Tor Developer Claims FBI Is Harassing Her

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Concept of military aggression of ISIS. Word ISIS typed with font made of bullets on white backgroundIsis Agora Lovecruft, a lead developer who has been working with the Tor team for many years, has accused the FBI of harassment.

The FBI has wanted to talk to her but would not tell why. She has worked with the Tor team on many encryption and security products.

LEAP Encryption Access and Open Whisper Systems were some of the projects that she was involved in. Currently, her position is that of a lead software developer at Tor.

She claims that there have been many phone calls from FBI to her parents’ home requesting Isis to contact them.

In response, Isis has asked her lawyer to get in touch with the FBI agent who contacted her.

Recently,the Tor developer has published a blog accusing the FBI of harassing her for the last six months.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The Tor Developer and the FBI

It started when an FBI agent Mark Burnett turned up at Isis’ parents’ home last November.

On finding no one at home, he left behind a card (with an additional phone number) asking the Tor developer to contact him.

Given the fact that FBI is interested in anything that is related to Tor, Isis quickly involved her lawyer who requested that FBI should direct all questions to Isis and her family through him.

The FBI agent on the other end of the line quickly agreed and informed the lawyer that he would call back in five minutes’ time.

However, in the call made by Mark Burnett five minutes later, he expressed the opinion that he did not believe that the lawyer represented Isis.

He also added that though a phone call from the Tor developer would suffice, the FBI would be only too glad to meet her in person.

Burnett had also warned the lawyer that they would ask her questions directly in case they ran into her on the street.

Wooden 3D rendered letters/message. Can be used for an online banner ad or a print postcard.The Tor developer and her lawyer discussed the range of topics that FBI would want to know about, including the Carnegie Mellon University attacks on Tor, request for backdoor entry into a software package, issuance of a subpoena to someone else, etc., but are clueless.

It was around the same time that Isis was making arrangements to move into Germany permanently.

The Tor developer had just come back to the US to visit her family when this happened.

It left her wondering whether she would even be able to get back without any incident.

However, things went on smoothly and she was able to get back safely to Germany.

Her next endeavor was to get her official residence visa in the new country.

In the meanwhile, her lawyer had got yet another call from the FBI.

This time, Special Agent Kelvin Porter from Atlanta gave her lawyer a call.

When asked for the reason of the call, the agent responded saying that they would want to meet her in person for opinion on some documents that they had in their hands.

The agent also mentioned that there were teams in five different parts of the US looking out for her.

Isis Agora Lovecruft, the lead Tor developer, got her German residence visa approved the next day after the call.

The Tor developer’s lawyer received a voice mail soon after from Kelvin Porter that the issue concerning the documents was fixed and they would be only too pleased to see her in person if she wants to set up a meeting with them.

The communication ended with this voice mail in January.

Recently, the FBI contacted Isis’lawyeragain.

They wanted the Tor developer to meet one of their agents inSan Francisco in order to clear her involvement in a matter, the agent claimed.

The agent wanted to know if the lawyer was the contact point for serving the subpoena in case she did not meet the FBI agents as directed.

At the back of it all, Lovecruft feels that she will be sent back with a gag order after the conversation, which would prevent her tospeakabout it.

Lovecruft expressed fear that all these have made her stop contacting anyone that she knew, in fear of unpleasant actions and threats that may follow.

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