FBI Hacked Tor and Took Down A Child Sexual Exploitation Site

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The dark web refers to the section of the internet that cannot be discovered by conventional means.

Reports show that FBI’s hacking tool succeeded in cracking Tor and identifying the visitors to a dark web child Sexual Exploitation site.

In fact, the FBI has made use of hacking methods that have never been seen deployed till date in order to bring down the clients and owners of one of the largest child Sexual Exploitation sites that have ever been created on the dark web.

Playpen, a bulletin board site launched in August 2014, enabled Internet users to create an account and then upload images of their choice on to the dark web.

As per court documents, the primary purpose of the website was to advertise as well as distribute child Exploitation.

Dark Web

The dark web refers to the section of the internet that cannot be discovered by conventional means.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Users cannot access this section either through a Google search or by entering the URL of a site.

As the websites remain hidden, they are a safe haven for cyber criminals who created underground marketplaces for selling illicit and banned good and services, including firearms, narcotics, chemicals and counterfeit goods and services such as hacking.

Many of the dark web activities are carried out using the Tor (The Onion Router) anonymity network which serves to disguise web traffic.

FBI’s Hacking Tool Identifies IP/MAC Addresses

FBI agent in his office in uniform
Reports show that FBI’s hacking tool succeeded in cracking Tor and identifying the visitors to a dark web child pornography site.

Playpen had as many as 215,000 members, 117,000 posts and traffic of 11,000 unique visitors per week.

On the bulletin board, the FBI identified a number of child abuse imagery and advice as to how online detection can be potentially avoided by child sex abusers.

The FBI seized the computer server that ran Playpen in February 2015.

The server belonged to a web hosting service provider located in Lenoir in North Carolina.

The FBI then decided to host Playpen on its servers in Newington, Virginia, for a period of two more weeks from February 20 to March 4.

The FBI then deployed a hacking tool – network investigative technique (NIT) – and made use of a single warrant to identify 1,300 IP addresses of visitors accessing the website.

These addresses were also traced back to actual individual users. As of now, the investigation has resulted in more than 1,500 cases.

NITs effectively captured the actual IP addresses of user computers and identified the computers’ operating system, architecture, MAC addresses, host name and active operating system username.

The hacking tool then issued a unique identification to each user.

Though the FBI has deployed NITs in the past, the agency was able to get through the Tor for the first time only in the case of Playpen.

According to reports, the hacking tool secretly installed a Flash application on the computers of users even though they accessed the bulletin board through Tor and the traffic was encrypted.

The application transmitted key data about the user back to the FBI outside of the Tor network.

It is true that the use of NITs has been instrumental in bringing down child sex abusers, but what the American Civil Liberties Union is concerned about is the fact that the FBI has been able to hack more the 1,000 computers with the help of just one warrant.

The Union wants the public and the Congress evaluate as to whether NITs should be used by law enforcement at all.

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  1. Anonymous

    So, it’s confirmed then. TOR is a FBI bunny now.

  2. Anonymous

    Child porn is one of the most sicking things on the surface and deep web, as a fellow Tor user it’s our responsibility to shut these sites down but, we should be able regulate our-self’s. We use Tor to keep the government out of our internet, yea that’s right NSA, stay out of our cyber-lives. Unless you have evidence that was legally gathered and a warrant, you have no right to be spying on anyone. The surface and deep internet should be allowed to be self-regulated without direct interference from you, if the community needs some sick people taken care of by the law, we will let you know; till then, please stay out of the last place freedom of speech reigns supreme and censorship is only used in the most dire of circumstances.

    • Anonymous

      No, the people operating and uploading content to child porn sites need to be arrested.

      • Anonymous

        They should be killed ! Only monsters would hurt children so jail is not what they need . A good old Fashion bullet will do the job ??

      • Anonymous

        100% TRUTH!

    • Anonymous

      well if they wanted to self regulate it would’ve been done already. but no, paranoid that your being tracked? what do you have to hide

      • Anonymous

        ^^^ Says Anonymous… 😉

        • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Thank you what you posted shows that those of us who choose to not be regulated while we use the deep Web are not perverts, drug users/sellers and watching kids be taken advantage of. Could not of stated it better myself.

  3. JohnGault

    Its convenient all this child porn being proliferated, its giving the big bloated governments more and more of an excuse to insist upon invasive monitoring of our every move online. If its child porn I don’t think government should even require a warrant, child protection should come first. Perhaps if we all took aggressive action towards the issue, actively seeking out the information that could be passed onto the judiciary, or, better still, organize our own task forces to deal with them. The truly libertarian thing to do is come together in mutual agreement with the view to irradiating our societies of this scourge, perhaps even having an area to mount the miscreants testicular s on – well a digital picture of the severed appendage – and in so doing we show law enforcement that, if they scratch our back by leaving us alone to make deals and use substances so long as it doesn’t hurt anybody (the caveat being ourselves!)

  4. Anonymous

    Ok, child porn = bad sure, but where does it end? It always starts with using things like this to take down people committing “horrible crimes” but then it just snowballs until the FBI is tracking ISPs to arrest for misdemeanors. Once it starts it won’t stop, definitely won’t stop at child porn.

  5. Anonymous

    This is why you
    (1) Disable any third-party plugins in Tor Browser
    (2) Use Proxifier, which forces proxy to every application in computer.

  6. Anonymous

    Good Job!

  7. Anonymous

    I hope they take down all the illegial sites. Good Job FBI.

  8. Anonymous

    One job

  9. Anonymous

    Child Purv’s = Bullet to head !

  10. Anonymous

    They should be killed ! Only monsters would hurt children so jail is not what they need . A good old Fashion bullet will do the job ??

  11. Anonymous

    Child molesters are an unfortunate but very real part of our society. Taking down one of their “anonymous” sites serves only to prove that they can and will infringe on our rights even at the lowest possible level they can find. Did taking down these sites/ criminals prevent any further crimes against children from happening? I personally believe that the action our government took to catch only a handful of these degenerates has served no one but themselves. What can be done to ultimately rid our communities of these people? That is the question. As hard as it may be to swallow, if we continue to be blinded by hate and disgust of these people then we will never understand how/why they think and behave the way they do. It is easy to toss these individuals aside in anger and disgust but at what point in society has anger and rage ever gotten us anywhere? My point is that to overcome something you must understand it and when we are blinded by hatred and anger we will not ever even come close to overcoming these people.

    • Anonymous

      One of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

  12. Anonymous

    Real bad

  13. Anonymous

    just like to take this moment6 to say, drugs drugs drugs

  14. Anonymous

    Thank God someone figured it out but when u find out the bad guy child touching pieces of shit then just post their name address work locations and description on a social site and I am sure a nearby resident of the area would be more then happy to take their time torturing and then disposing of the waste products still breathing. Peace

  15. Anonymous


  16. Anonymous

    Blah blah blah🖕

  17. Anonymous

    Hey People, CP is out there and will continue to be there. Here is a fact, Judges, lawyers, school teachers and people YOU THINK are pillars of society are jerking off to this shit. I’m not an advocate at all for CP, however, would you rather have some nut fuck jerk off to a picture OR get frustrated and actually go and molest your kid? Pedophilia is a FACT of life in any society, any culture and just because your wealthy or completely above suspicion does not mean it’s not their preference. I say that because homosexuality is not a choice. Child abuse ACTIONS are a choice!! If they choose to engage in an action of abuse they should be caught and dealt with worse than a sick fuck who rapes women or men those ACTIONS ARE A CHOICE. Perhaps if there was more help for these people? The social stigma is such that there is not much help for people who don’t want to hurt a kid.. I know kill em all. What if your father or brother was one of the people and if you look at the numbers; there’s hundreds of thousands of people looking at these sites. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Generally speaking, YOU probably know someone who is sexually attracted to kids,. They hide it well. I am a victim of such actions by a wealthy, well respected fuckhead who was above suspicion. Even in the early eighties no one (not even my parents) believed me! You might as well killed me back then. I have many problems because of these ACTIONS. Fuck the government and leave someplace where people can do and say things without being spied on. WE as that community need to deal with these sites with our own form of justice!
    Hopefully Fucking Anonymous

  18. Anonymous

    FUCK the FBI. It gives them free reign to spy on US and THEM. YOU think your safe?? Do NOT fool yourself. NIT is just one of many programs that spy on us, FUCK them. I know for a fact that you will NEVER be safe if THEY have you in their crosshairs. It doesn’t take much people. BEWARE!!!!

  19. Anonymous

    You people are morons. Who cares if someone likes kiddy porn, as long as they’re not hurting anyone what right do you have to look down on them?

    • Anonymous

      Because people who like it make a market for it **********. The more people who like it, the larger the market and therefore the more child abuse. Clueless ******

    • Anonymous

      The individual calling people morons makes me shake my head. Someone IS being hurt. The kids in those images and videos are being hurt one way or another. Who’s the moron? Also, If homosexuality is not by choice then please explain someone who is bi or lesbians that use strap ons with rubber dicks?! Or people who are into beastiality? People arent born this way….they just get real messed up along the road we call life. A lot of serious mental illness happening in the world. Lots and lots of messed up people out there.

      • Anonymous

        You are an complete moron! Never have read something that’s complete bullshit and uninformed in my life.

    • Anonymous

      totally agree with you and you’re completely right

  20. Anonymous

    Go fuck yourself. No picture or video of anything should be illegal to simply watch in the privacy of your own home, and I say that as a humanistic libertarian, not a “child predator” or someone having an interest in that kind of material. It’s by principle. You can sign on to any gore site and legally watch footage of so much worse things happening to kids, murders and mayhem beyond belief, than someone sucking a little dick or just some nude kid playing with himself/herself, which is really super innocent on its own. I’m sure there are genuine videos of kids being raped out there and worse, and while obviously heinous, I still don’t think it’s justifiable to prosecute someone for simply looking at a video for whatever reason, considering the extreme carnage anyone have access to, one click away. In that case, law enforcement are all child predators.

    It’s an outdated, puritan witch hunt only still conducted by a few remaining anti-sex countries on a dying crusade, spearheaded by a faltering, has-been USA still saturated by archaic, christian-fundamental sex phobia, nothing else, and people having their lives ruined without ever having harmed anyone, despite what you freaks accuse them of in the most absurd of anti-rationalizations, are indeed victims. If you detest their attractions so much, you should offer them help and support, not dehumanize and shame them, only violent rapists need to be separated from society, not your average harmless Herbert the pervert, come on now, nobody really feared these people until the 1990’s, when the newspapers started drumming up mass hysteria to boost revenue, spewing out a bunch of bizarre fairy tales about enormous child rape rings in the highest of circles, and so forth. It was a way to make a quick buck, based on pure fiction. Sensationalist nonsense.

    People genuinely abusing kids should face consequences, but many a convict never did so. Also, I strongly advocate that sex isn’t automatically abuse, just because someone is so old and so old. It can be a very loving, gentle and enjoyable experience across age gaps, if people take care of each other and respect boundaries. Children can be very willing participants, I should know: I had consensual sex at 10 with an adult and loved it, played doctor with other kids now and then from about age 5 and enjoyed that too. Not even close to abuse – only a deranged, militant American or British sex-hater would even suggest such. Today I’m happily married and fairly “normal”, but normalcy should not be so idealized in general. People are different and should allowed to be, as long as they treat others nicely and respect their free will.

    It’s very much okay to be abnormal and different, as long as it’s right for you and feels okay. The face of normalcy is a constantly transforming concept, regardless. In many places, it’s not that uncommon for kids to be sexually active, with each other and also adults, and most less “developed” countries fitting that description have much lower suicide rates and amounts of depressed people, than the “modern” nations so aggressively combating all kinds of child sexuality these days, even the consensual, positive aspects of it.

    Humanity needs to be set free and people need to be a lot more compassionate and understanding in general, a lot kinder to each other. Even talking about people who sadly violently rape others, I’m willing to consider that many of them would have not become so ruthless, had they not been met by such stigmatization to begin with. Some can’t help themselves and need to be kept in confinement, I acknowledge that, but you really can communicate with most people and yield results with an understanding, loving and non-judgemental approach.

    You’re funny, so hysterical and out of balance. So mentally disturbed. Why so emotionally tilted by the idea of children being sexual beings, while probably simultaneously of all the thousands of CHILD MURDERS facilitated by Uncle Sam, throughout the years and currently? Chill out, go cuddle a kitten and smoke a joint or whatever. Very happy frigidity mongers like you weren’t around when I enjoyed those moments with my lover at age 10, good times people like you weren’t able to ruin.


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