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Another problem with GitHub is that it does not make anonymity easy to maintain.

It’s very common for files that are hosted on sites for open source coding to draw the ire of authorities.

Now though, there is a service on dark web which will allow novice developers to craft their controversial projects without being noticed.

With this service, upstart developers can now concentrate on their work knowing that no government or service can thwart access to their code.

Most collaborators use GitHub for open source coding.

However, it is not the best platform to use for projects that are highly sensitive.

For starters, it can easily be blocked by governments through asking ISPs (Internet service providers) to block any access to it.

Your TOR usage is being watched

In 2014, both Russia and India temporarily blocked GitHub for hosting content relating to suicide and for hosting content that was deemed to support ISIS respectively.

In 2013, China also briefly blocked GitHub.

Another problem with GitHub is that it does not make anonymity easy to maintain.

Even in the event that you sign up using a fake name and decided to hide your email, there are several ways of circumventing it and uncovering your email.

As you can see, it is not completely reliable.

Enter Git.psi.i2p

The entry into the fray of git.psi.i2p, which many people call “git without bullshit,” is seen as the ultimate game-changer for dark web users.

It is arguably best way to maintain anonymity on the Dark Web.

Launched last week, this site can be accessed via your chosen privacy protected technologies.

You can either choose to access the Dark Web on the Tor’s anonymizing Onion network or opt to access it through I2P, a new and quite untested technology.

According to git’s creator, Jeff Becker, and who also works on the main i2p project, he won’t consider any government shutdown requests.

Becker said that he is totally politically neutral to all the contents of the site.

He said that if GitHub took sides politically, it would ruin the internet meritocracy.

“Anonymity leads to the purest types of meritocracy that may exist in human society today,” he was quoted as saying.

Thus far, the git repository by Becker is being used by those who created a Russian social network that leans towards privacy.

It’s called Onelon. VKontakte, the Russian version of Facebook, was sold to the Kremlin-friendly parties in 2014.

Also, someone has uploaded the infamous Netflix for pirates app source code, called Popcorn Time.

The Onelon is thus seen as the social media site for those seeking privacy.


One of the most important things on the Dark Web is security.

Is the site really secure? Just because this site is hosted on I2P and dark web does not mean that users should not worry over the thing that they upload.

For Tor, the belief is that it is reasonably anonymous.

However, researchers found out many ways through which attackers could monitor your traffic on the dark web when using Tor.

Many people see I2P as the heir to Tor.

However, it hasn’t been extensively tested like Tor has.

Although we are aware of the fact that Tor has vulnerabilities, in the case of I2P, people don’t even know what they don’t know. It is completely untested.

Tor or I2P: Which Way?

Which site is recommended between the two? According to Becker, he would not recommend that you rely on either I2P or Tor to protect your life on the dark web.

He said that the issue of security is not a simple matter, which is why he cannot provide a simple answer.

One thing is for sure though: irrespective of the access point that you select to access the dark web, it will not only be much more secure but also more anonymous than accessing GitHub through standard search engines.

Just make sure you don’t become a “jerk” with the newly acquired ability to code anonymously.

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