Deep Web and Dark Net Latest News

Drug Trafficking Rampant as a Result of the Dark Web

Acquisition and sales of drug-related products are the leading forms of income generating activities on the dark web.The sales of these products create millions of dollars in profit for the sellers and commissions for the site admins depending on the volume of product flow.The prime factor that determines the...

How to Avoid Malicious Websites on the Dark Web

A malicious website is a system that tries to install malware in an attempt to disrupt the normal operating procedures of a computer. It also tends to gather your personal information at the same time.If proper measures are not taken to prevent this from happening, the malware program will...

Synthetic Opiates Sold on the Dark Web to Finance ISIS Activities

ISIS is well known for terror activities. However, it is difficult to identify the financers of the group.The source of income used to expand and fund ISIS’ operations has been identified to be funds generated from the sale of drugs and illegal ammunition on the dark web.Drug trade on...

How Do Spectre & Meltdown Affect the Dark Web?

The year 2018 welcomed the tech industry in shock. The Spectre and Meltdown critical vulnerabilities rock nearly every machine in use, allowing attackers to steal memory content within entire computers, mobile devices and cloud servers.Such a massive, wide-reaching tech catastrophe was the result of a lack of oversight creating...

The Future of Dark Web Marketplaces

It’s apparent that a significant change is needed if darknet marketplaces are to be taken to the next level of sustainability.The next exit scam always seems to be around the corner for every marketplace that rises to the top in terms of sales volume.I’m not a drug user. I...

Earning a Passive Income with Cryptocurrency Trading in 2018

If you invested around $1,000 into Bitcoin back in 2013, you would now be looking at a nice six-figure sum of cash in your online cryptocurrency wallet.You might have already seen these kinds of headlines on the internet over the course of 2017 when the digital currency skyrocketed in...

Dark Web Users Abandon Bitcoin for Other Cryptocurrency

According to recent reports, dark web users are dropping Bitcoin for new and emerging cryptocurrencies that are more difficult for authorities to track.Despite it being quite tricky to trace and pin down actual criminal activities associated with digital currencies, there has been a substantial decline in the number of...

Drug Known as ‘Devil’s Breath’ Reaches Europe and is Up for...

Currently circling around Europe is a popular drug known as“Devils Breath,” which is used by criminals and sexual predators to perpetuate violence by putting victims into a situation where they have no control over themselves.The drug can be found on the dark web and other e-commerce sites such as...

Send Bitcoins or Die: Hingham Residents Threatened

Anew ransom-based email scam received by two Hingham residents is demanding recipients to pay 0.5 Bitcoins, which is currently worth approximately $7,500, or else they would be killed.According to the Hingham police, the victims of the scam are two old senior ladies.The two ladies received similar a message addressing...

Alleged Dream Market Moderator Trial Rescheduled for Mid-January

Gal Vallerius, a suspected darknet market moderator on Dream Market who goes by the pseudonym “OxyMonster,” has apparently moved to have his December court hearing rescheduled to early 2018.Authorities took Vallerius into custody after arresting him in an Atlanta, Georgia-based airport.In a statement by Vallerius’ lawyer, the office of...

Australian Border Force Officers Accused of Working Alongside Criminal Syndicate

An Australian border patrol officer is accused of working with drug smugglers as an inside job. It is alleged that the senior officer has been formulating laws and action that will in return assist the smugglers to conduct their business smoothly.This revelation comes after the organized drug peddlers were...

Russian Hacker Suspected of Laundering $4B in Bitcoins to be Extradited...

The Greece Supreme Court has finally come to a unanimous decision and ruled to extradite a Russian money laundering suspect in favor of the United States’ request. It was after Washington DC and Moscow were involved in a tug-of-war on who will get to put the suspected cybercriminal on...

Top 10 Online Scams You Should Know, And How To Avoid...

Cybercrime is a very lucrative business. In fact, some studies say online scams are turning over more money than drug trafficking.So, if you are tech savvy and have no moral objection to criminal activities, you know where to look for work.What is even more interesting is that today, cybercriminals...

Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation Agents Bust Two Notorious Drug Traffickers

Agents from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation have busted two central Florida drug traffickers in the middle of their business.The drug traffickers were caught right as they had all their goods and interested parties in one place.According to law enforcement officials, the two notorious drug traffickers have been reported...

Anonymity Guides

Tor Guide

If you want to browse through a vast sea of unindexed internet, aka the Dark Web, you will have to use something called Tor, otherwise you won’t be able to access the Darknet inside Deep Web.So, what is Tor and why do I need it?Tor stands for The Onion...

PGP Guide

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is software developed for the purpose of providing good, fast and accessible encryption to anyone who might need it.The first version of PGP was developed by Phil Zimmermann in 1991. Since then and since its simple symmetric key algorithm, PGP has...
Tails Logo

Tails Guide

Intro Tails a Linux based operating system aimed to provide anonymity and security to its users. Unlike standard operating systems like Windows or Linux, it does not require to be installed on the machine; instead, it is launched from a LiveUSB stick, DVD or SD card.It also doesn’t require many...
tor messenger logo

Tor’s New Messenger App Has Launched

Last Thursday, the Tor Project announced the release of Tor Messenger (beta version), open-source instant messenger client for those that are concerned about surveillance and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Deep Web?

Deep Web is part of the Internet (World Wide Web) that cannot be found by traditional search engines.  This includes some dynamically generated web pages, pages protected by password and pages that are on encrypted networks.

What is the Dark Web?

To put simply Dark Web/Dark Net  is part of the Deep Web. Pages on the Dark Web can only be accessed via special browser (Usually Tor or I2P).  These web pages are intentionally hidden and their IPs are also masked.

What the difference between Dark Web and Deep Web?

Internet > Deep Web > Dark Web.   Deep web is a subset of the World Wide Web. Dark Web is a subset of Deep Web. All Darknet Markets are on the Dark Web.

How to Access the deep web / dark web?

Some parts of the deep web are restricted and only accessible by the people who made them.

For parts of deepweb/darkweb/darknet that can be accessed generally please see this guide.

Are there any Dark Web / Deep Web / Invisible Web Search Engines?

There are many Dark Web / Deep Web / Invisible Web Search Engines. We’ll be making a list soon. For now you can use << This can be accessed from normal browser.

Warning! Your identity will not be hidden if you access any dark net market via the above search engine.

See this guide for the proper way

Is there a Deep Web Index?

Because most pages in Deep Web have restricted access it is not easy to build comprehensive index of pages on the deep web.

We’ve not found something that can be called a deep web index.

We have one of the biggest hidden .onion Deep Web Links list on the net with full descriptions, site name, categories and site status. These links have all been tested.

Is there a resource where I can find Deep Web Links?

There is no Deep Web Links resource that is comprehensive.

We have one of the biggest Deep Web Links list on the planet with website descriptions, website name, categories and site status.  All the links in the table are tested.

Please be warned!  It’s very easy to put up fake sites on the dark net and claim them to be the real ones.   You can easily get scammed.

Is there a movie about the Deep Web?

There is a documentary about the Deep Web that came out in March, 2015. Narrated by Keanu Reeves.

Here is the Wikipedia Link


Where are the Internet's secret black markets?

These marketplaces reside on the dark web portion of the deep web.

We do have list of some here    (Market Links verified to be real)

How can I access dark web black markets ?

Here is the complete guide on access dark web black markets

Where can I find dark web stories?

We cover dark web and deep web stories. Bookmark our website

Where is the hidden wiki?

There are many “Hidden” Wikis.  All of them are on the TOR Network (Deep/Dark Web)  We cannot give a link because there are too many fakes that have phishing links to scam you.    Besides anyone can edit and put a scam link in the Wiki Software unless someone is keeping a eye.

What is 4chan?

4chan was originally an image board posting mostly about Japanese Anime. Later it expanded to other areas. E.g. politics, porn, pranks etc.

What is the link for dark web reddit page?

Reddit page for Dark Web

Deep Web page on Reddit.

Is there a Darknet market comparison table/chart?

Yes, we do have it here

It has total number of market listings, screenshots, and different attributes of the markets compared in an easy to read table.

Other Stuff


Help and Advice


The articles and content found on Dark Web News are for general information purposes only and are not intended to solicit illegal activity or constitute legal advice. Using drugs is harmful to your health and can cause serious problems including death and imprisonment, and any treatment should not be undertaken without medical supervision.

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