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Weekly Crypto Round Up: Latest News on Cryptocurrencies & the Dark Web | Week...

Bitcoin ended the previous week with loses of around 20 percent, while the monthly losses increased to 47.3 percent.Currently, the coin is trading at...

Manchester Trio Arrested for Darknet Financial Fraud Scheme

Police have arrested three men in the Manchester borough of Rochdale after an early morning raid.The three were alleged cyber fraudsters whom the authorities...

Officials Discuss Darknet Crime at Interpol General Assembly in Dubai

The advancement of information and communication technologies has affected the nature of today’s digital age and presented a plethora of ramifications.The rapid evolution of...

New Advanced Malware Targeting Windows Computers Available on the Dark Web

There is new hacking tool making rounds in dark web forums reportedly capable of stealing data, mining cryptocurrencies and avoiding detection from anti-malware tools.The...

Father/Son Darknet Drug Dealers Sentenced to 5 Years

Two individuals, a father and his son, have been sentenced to five years in federal prison for selling drugs in person and on the...

The Story of the Death of a Darknet Drug Buyer

A couple in Nashville continues to mourn their son two years after his death. Josh Holton, the deceased, was a 20-year-old amateur photographer.He died...

Weekly Crypto Round Up: Latest News on Cryptocurrencies & the Dark Web | Week...

Major cryptocurrencies remain in the red as the market experienced another poor week.At press time the total market cap is $123 billion, a drop...

Darknet Cybercriminals Capitalize on Black Friday

“Black Friday,” or the day after Thanksgiving, has become an international consumer phenomenon, where buyers all around the world search the internet and brick-and-mortar...

Instagram’s Drug Dealer Problem

Drug dealers are turning to Instagram to boost sales, and algorithms may even be helping their cause.As of yet, the platform has not adequately...

San Francisco Man Loses $1 Million to SIM Swapping Scheme

A man from San Francisco lost $1 million after what seemed to be a problem with his cell phone signal.The man had no idea...

Man Behind Darknet Bomb Threat Service Sentenced to 10 Years

A 20 year-old man was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Israel for threatening various Jewish Community Centers across the United States.His identity...

Australian Navy Shipbuilder Targeted by Iranian Hackers

Australian defence shipbuilder Austal recently announced that they had experienced a cybersecurity breach in their data management system.There was no known suspect at the...

PsychonautWiki: Educating the World About Drugs

More and more, it appears as though human civilization is beginning to recognize that the “War on Drugs” isn’t as effective as previously thought.Although...

UK Undergrads Making Sizable Profits from Reselling Drugs Bought on the Dark Web

A group of students in Durham, England has been profiting off a thriving drug trade at their university.The undergraduate students are seeking to spice...

Weekly Crypto Round Up: Latest News on Cryptocurrencies & the Dark Web | Week...

The total crypto market capitalization continues to plunge, as Bitcoin’s price is continually losing value.Last week ended with Bitcoin falling to a new low...

Drugs Destined for Gold Coast Schoolies Celebrations Seized by Australian Police

As recent developments have shown, the drug crisis in Queensland, Australia has been worsened by the easy accessibility of drugs through the dark web.In...

Whonix or Tails?

Getting on to the dark web can be a bit of a process. You can’t just fire up Chrome, type in an address and...

US Seeks to Extradite Two London Men Associated with Infraud Hacking Group

Law enforcement officials in the U.S. want two men facing charges in London to be extradited over their roles in running the Infraud hacking...

Murder Suspect Accused of Searching for Hitmen on the Dark Web

A pharmacist from Middlesbrough, England is facing murder charges following the death of his wife.Mitesh Patel, the 36-year-old suspect, had reportedly used the dark...

6,500 Darknet Sites down After Hosting Service Gets Hacked

The users of the dark web have a lot fewer sites to visit. Hackers recently took control of about 6,500 darknet sites.These attackers targeted...

Anonymity Guides

The Majestic Garden

The Majestic Garden

The Majestic Garden only provide a listing service for customers to get into contact with others. They do not have a payment processing or escrow system. They charge no fees and all transactions are P2P. Make sure to use a VPN with Tor when accessing The Majestic Garden.

Dark Web Beginners Security Guide

We did plan on creating our own amazing, in-depth deep web security guide for beginners. But, we found one by Jolly Roger that is...
Dream Market

Dream Market – Badass Guide 2018 + Screenshots (Real URL)

Dream Market is another in a line of escrow markets catering to the needs of vendors looking to sell various exotic goods. The shop has little over 2.5 thousand listings with nearly 1.8 of those listings being drugs or drug related items.


AlphaBay is a simple marketplace web site made by the user alpha02 to cater to the needs of people wanting to sell different things around the world. When following the Alphabay URL link with Tor and a VPN, the first page you will run into is AlphaBay’s captcha page made as a DDoS protection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Deep Web?

Deep Web is part of the Internet (World Wide Web) that cannot be found by traditional search engines.  This includes some dynamically generated web pages, pages protected by password and pages that are on encrypted networks.

What is the Dark Web?

To put simply Dark Web/Dark Net  is part of the Deep Web. Pages on the Dark Web can only be accessed via special browser (Usually Tor or I2P).  These web pages are intentionally hidden and their IPs are also masked.

What the difference between Dark Web and Deep Web?

Internet > Deep Web > Dark Web.   Deep web is a subset of the World Wide Web. Dark Web is a subset of Deep Web. All Darknet Markets are on the Dark Web.

How to Access the deep web / dark web?

Some parts of the deep web are restricted and only accessible by the people who made them.

For parts of deepweb/darkweb/darknet that can be accessed generally please see this guide.

Are there any Dark Web / Deep Web / Invisible Web Search Engines?

There are many Dark Web / Deep Web / Invisible Web Search Engines. We’ll be making a list soon. For now you can use << This can be accessed from normal browser.

Warning! Your identity will not be hidden if you access any dark net market via the above search engine.

See this guide for the proper way

Is there a Deep Web Index?

Because most pages in Deep Web have restricted access it is not easy to build comprehensive index of pages on the deep web.

We’ve not found something that can be called a deep web index.

We have one of the biggest hidden .onion Deep Web Links list on the net with full descriptions, site name, categories and site status. These links have all been tested.

Is there a resource where I can find Deep Web Links?

There is no Deep Web Links resource that is comprehensive.

We have one of the biggest Deep Web Links list on the planet with website descriptions, website name, categories and site status.  All the links in the table are tested.

Please be warned!  It’s very easy to put up fake sites on the dark net and claim them to be the real ones.   You can easily get scammed.

Is there a movie about the Deep Web?

There is a documentary about the Deep Web that came out in March, 2015. Narrated by Keanu Reeves.

Here is the Wikipedia Link


Where are the Internet's secret black markets?

These marketplaces reside on the dark web portion of the deep web.

We do have list of some here    (Market Links verified to be real)

How can I access dark web black markets ?

Here is the complete guide on access dark web black markets

Where can I find dark web stories?

We cover dark web and deep web stories. Bookmark our website

Where is the hidden wiki?

There are many “Hidden” Wikis.  All of them are on the TOR Network (Deep/Dark Web)  We cannot give a link because there are too many fakes that have phishing links to scam you.    Besides anyone can edit and put a scam link in the Wiki Software unless someone is keeping a eye.

What is 4chan?

4chan was originally an image board posting mostly about Japanese Anime. Later it expanded to other areas. E.g. politics, porn, pranks etc.

What is the link for dark web reddit page?

Reddit page for Dark Web

Deep Web page on Reddit.

Is there a Darknet market comparison table/chart?

Yes, we do have it here

It has total number of market listings, screenshots, and different attributes of the markets compared in an easy to read table.

Other Stuff


Help and Advice


The articles and content found on Dark Web News are for general information purposes only and are not intended to solicit illegal activity or constitute legal advice. Using drugs is harmful to your health and can cause serious problems including death and imprisonment, and any treatment should not be undertaken without medical supervision.

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