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Muslim Activists Hack ISIS News Agency, Release Supporters’ Emails

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s online platform, Amaq, has been hacked and shut down by a group of Muslim activists by the name Di5s3nSi0N.The group of hackers has been in a trail of hacking ISIS websites and leaving a message to their followers. A Global RiseThe Islamic State...

More than $100,000 Worth of Bitcoin Stolen Over Public WiFi

Using public WiFi has always been considered a security risk in one way or another, which is why experts would never do it.However, the average citizen often falls into the trap set by hackers, and this time, it is an unsuspecting 36-year-old man whose device was compromised when he...

Fugitive Hacker, Activist Seeks Asylum in Mexico

A hacker from the group known as Anonymous has been on the run for a long time now. This time around, Anonymous is asking the Mexican government for his asylum as the American government is pursuing him.The hacker, Christopher Mark Doyon, is popularly known as Commander X. The nickname...

North Korea Hack Compromises South Korea’s Military Blueprint

North Korea has been on the global watch list for a long time now. This is out of the mere fact that it has been testing powerful missiles in the midst of recent United Nations sanctions.To make the country’s reputation even more sour to governments around the world, it...

Hong Kong Travel Agency Suffers Major Data Hack

Hong Kong is one of the world’s top tourist hubs. It’s an administrative center with an expanding threshold of businesses basing their headquarters in the region.Since Hong Kong has a booming transport and travel economy as a result of its tourism, a major travel agency by the name WWPKG...

Teens Being Sold ‘Killer’ Ecstasy Pills on the Dark Web

Law enforcement authorities in the United Kingdom have issued an urgent warning following a string of deaths that are believed to have been caused by ecstasy (MDMA) pills.Drug users who obtain ecstasy pills from vendors on the dark web have been warned to keep away from a certain brand...

UK Shipbroker Clarksons Compromised by Hackers

Several days ago, London-based shipping giant Clarksons was hit by hackers. Some confidential and sensitive data was stolen during this cyber attack, and the shipping company is working now with police and security experts to mitigate the issue and prevent further data loss.Hackers could access the company’s computer system...

With Net Neutrality Repeal, Trump-Appointed FCC Chairman Attempts to Scrap Internet...

Most of the companies that provide internet services to the public have a history of violating net neutrality. Some of these companies include Comcast, Verizon and AT&T. Not only have these companies violated net neutrality, but they’re also trying to influence the Federal Communications Commission to dismantle the law...

Former Security Engineer Creates an Unofficial Dark Web Version of Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been subject to online censorship on some occasions in countries including China, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Uzbekistan and Turkey. Some instances are results of widespread internet censorship in general.Other times, the censorship is put in place to prevent web users from accessing specific content deemed controversial or offensive.This...

How to Become a Professional Hacker — 10 Credible Tips for...

Anyone can write up an outlandish cyberpunk username and pose as a hacker. However, there is so much that goes into becoming a professional hacker. One must master many skills.It requires extensive knowledge of hacking techniques, creative thinking skills and a reputation in the ethical hacking community.There are two...

Hacker Claims to Have Compromised Apple’s Secure Face ID

Technological advancement continues to bring out new challenges, as is the case with Apple’s new iPhone X which uses Face ID for authentication.Upon the launch of the iPhone X, security experts, researchers, and those engaged in hacking began competing to see who will manage to compromise the feature in...

Data Breach at Uber Technologies Affects Approximately 57 Million Persons

For more than a year now, Uber Technologies has remained mute about a massive breach at the tech firm where hackers obtained personal details of over 57 million people, which include that of drivers and passengers.Following the hack and threats from the hackers that they would leak the information...

Stolen Artwork Surfaces on the Dark Web

After selling hacked user accounts and trading illicit drugs and weapons, the dark web seems to have taken a turn and is now focusing on making huge profits off of stolen paintings.A surprise it is, as one of the rarest paintings which was stolen back in April was just...

Fake Apps on the Android Play Store

Fake apps uploaded to the Google Play Store by ill-motive developers are the primary source of viruses that are on smartphones today. The viruses come in the form of adware, spyware, malware and Trojans.The most recent event that caused a stir and hit the headlines is where millions of...

Anonymity Guides

Tor Guide

If you want to browse through a vast sea of unindexed internet, aka the Deep Web, you will have to use something called Tor, otherwise you won’t be able to access the Deep Web.So, what is Tor and why do I need it?Tor stands for The Onion Router. You’ll...

PGP Guide

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is software developed for the purpose of providing good, fast and accessible encryption to anyone who might need it.The first version of PGP was developed by Phil Zimmermann in 1991. Since then and since its simple symmetric key algorithm, PGP has...
Tails Logo

Tails Guide

Intro Tails a Linux based operating system aimed to provide anonymity and security to its users. Unlike standard operating systems like Windows or Linux, it does not require to be installed on the machine; instead, it is launched from a LiveUSB stick, DVD or SD card.It also doesn’t require many...
tor messenger logo

Tor’s New Messenger App Has Launched

Last Thursday, the Tor Project announced the release of Tor Messenger (beta version), open-source instant messenger client for those that are concerned about surveillance and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Deep Web?

Deep Web is part of the Internet (World Wide Web) that cannot be found by traditional search engines.  This includes some dynamically generated web pages, pages protected by password and pages that are on encrypted networks.

What is the Dark Web?

To put simply Dark Web/Dark Net  is part of the Deep Web. Pages on the Dark Web can only be accessed via special browser (Usually Tor or I2P).  These web pages are intentionally hidden and their IPs are also masked.

What the difference between Dark Web and Deep Web?

Internet > Deep Web > Dark Web.   Deep web is a subset of the World Wide Web. Dark Web is a subset of Deep Web. All Darknet Markets are on the Dark Web.

How to Access the deep web / dark web?

Some parts of the deep web are restricted and only accessible by the people who made them.

For parts of deepweb/darkweb/darknet that can be accessed generally please see this guide.

Are there any Dark Web / Deep Web / Invisible Web Search Engines?

There are many Dark Web / Deep Web / Invisible Web Search Engines. We’ll be making a list soon. For now you can use << This can be accessed from normal browser.

Warning! Your identity will not be hidden if you access any dark net market via the above search engine.

See this guide for the proper way

Is there a Deep Web Index?

Because most pages in Deep Web have restricted access it is not easy to build comprehensive index of pages on the deep web.

We’ve not found something that can be called a deep web index.

We have one of the biggest hidden .onion Deep Web Links list on the net with full descriptions, site name, categories and site status. These links have all been tested.

Is there a resource where I can find Deep Web Links?

There is no Deep Web Links resource that is comprehensive.

We have one of the biggest Deep Web Links list on the planet with website descriptions, website name, categories and site status.  All the links in the table are tested.

Please be warned!  It’s very easy to put up fake sites on the dark net and claim them to be the real ones.   You can easily get scammed.

Is there a movie about the Deep Web?

There is a documentary about the Deep Web that came out in March, 2015. Narrated by Keanu Reeves.

Here is the Wikipedia Link


Where are the Internet's secret black markets?

These marketplaces reside on the dark web portion of the deep web.

We do have list of some here    (Market Links verified to be real)

How can I access dark web black markets ?

Here is the complete guide on access dark web black markets

Where can I find dark web stories?

We cover dark web and deep web stories. Bookmark our website

Where is the hidden wiki?

There are many “Hidden” Wikis.  All of them are on the TOR Network (Deep/Dark Web)  We cannot give a link because there are too many fakes that have phishing links to scam you.    Besides anyone can edit and put a scam link in the Wiki Software unless someone is keeping a eye.

What is 4chan?

4chan was originally an image board posting mostly about Japanese Anime. Later it expanded to other areas. E.g. politics, porn, pranks etc.

What is the link for dark web reddit page?

Reddit page for Dark Web

Deep Web page on Reddit.

Is there a Darknet market comparison table/chart?

Yes, we do have it here

It has total number of market listings, screenshots, and different attributes of the markets compared in an easy to read table.

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The articles and content found on Dark Web News are for general information purposes only and are not intended to solicit illegal activity or constitute legal advice. Using drugs is harmful to your health and can cause serious problems including death and imprisonment, and any treatment should not be undertaken without medical supervision.

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