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Online PGP Key Creation Tools: Are There Risks?

Using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) as the information encryption standard is a necessity on the dark web. In fact, PGP should be used a...

Cryptocurrency Trading Now Live on OpenBazaar

The open-source decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar has now introduced peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading direct from users on its platform in a move that could possibly see...

Notorious Darknet Vendor ‘Mr. Hotsauce’ Busted by Canadian Police Alongside Others

Mr. Hotsauce, one of the most popular darknet drug dealers in Canada, finally came face-to-face with the law when Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)...

Dream Market Moderator ‘OxyMonster’ Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering & Drug Charges

An accused darknet criminal operating as “OxyMonster” plead guilty in a Miami federal court on Tuesday to charges concerning drug conspiracy and money laundering.Reportedly,...
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Every Dark Web User Is a Risk Analyst

Everyone gains skills and learns from their environment and surroundings. The same is said of the online communities that we all take part in....
Hacker using a smartphone. Very dark nocturnal environment

Should You Access the Dark Web on Your Phone?

We all walk around with computers in our pockets that are faster than any of us could have imagined a short while ago.Our cell...

How Might Artificial Intelligence Disrupt Cybersecurity?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a touchy subject for most people. It’s like the marmite of the digital world, some people love the idea and...

Connecticut Limo Driver Arrested for Using the Dark Web to Obtain Checks

Police in Greenwich, Connecticut have arrested a former limo driver who was well-known for identity theft and check fraud.He was accused of using a...

Wall Street Market Warns Users of Phishing Links

Wall Street Market has warned its customers and verified vendors to be extra careful when opening any link sent to them or found on...

Analysis: The Use of Anonymous Messaging Apps on the Dark Web

The use of messaging applications to send instant messages has made communication not only convenient but also effective.And as such, more industries—depending on the...

West Yorkshire Gang Uses Darknet Markets to Distribute Drugs

Markets on the dark web have expanded the drug dealing market by quite a lot.Drug deals have gone from a shady in-person exchange to...
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Dark Web Policing in Developed vs. in Developing Countries

The technological and industrial revolution has significantly changed how human beings live. Work has been made easier and daily tasks are executed much faster.It...

Spanish Cyberthreat Intelligence Firm Rolls out New Darknet Search Tool

Cybercrime is one of the spine-chilling challenges enterprises are facing nowadays. We have heard now and then that a company’s emails have been hacked...

New Research Shows Australia Has Second Highest Number of Darknet Drug Dealers

Australia is a major drug player on the dark web, a new study shows. The country holds the second place for the highest concentration...

Cambridge Man Arrested Alongside Friends After Consuming Drugs Ordered from the Dark Web

A Cambridge man was apprehended following a tipoff by hotel workers over dark web-sourced drugs.James Johnson, age 30, was said to be in the...
PGP is presented in the form of binary code, 3D illustration

PGP Security Scare Could Have Been a Disaster for the Dark Web

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an encryption method which these days is mostly used for signing software as opposed to its first use as...
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Athletes Buying Drugs for Doping from DNMs

Sports is an integral part of society, and over the years various societies have come up with different types of sports that help them...
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Meshnet: A Decentralized Internet Solution

Centralized structures of power are how most people have organized themselves since the rise of the first city-states.Before the Enlightenment period, it was widely...

UK Doctor Escapes Prison Sentence For Buying Drugs to ‘Cope with Hospital Stress’

A medical practitioner in the United Kingdom has managed to avoid going to jail for importing drugs on the plea that he did it...
Police in hi-visibility jackets policing crowd control at a UK event

UK Police Make High-Profile Bitcoin Seizure After Arrest

As Bitcoin rises and falls in popularity and price, laws and regulations scramble on how to treat it. Since Bitcoin isn’t just a normal...

Anonymity Guides

Tor Guide

If you want to browse through a vast sea of unindexed internet, aka the Dark Web, you will have to use something called Tor,...

PGP Guide

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is software developed for the purpose of providing good, fast and accessible encryption to anyone who...
Tails Logo

Tails Guide

Intro Tails a Linux based operating system aimed to provide anonymity and security to its users. Unlike standard operating systems like Windows or Linux, it...

Guide to Setting up a Jabber Account, Using Pidgin & Enabling Off-The-Record Conversations

Jabber is one of the most popular communication tools used by darknet users in their daily activities. Some of the markets do have the...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Deep Web?

Deep Web is part of the Internet (World Wide Web) that cannot be found by traditional search engines.  This includes some dynamically generated web pages, pages protected by password and pages that are on encrypted networks.

What is the Dark Web?

To put simply Dark Web/Dark Net  is part of the Deep Web. Pages on the Dark Web can only be accessed via special browser (Usually Tor or I2P).  These web pages are intentionally hidden and their IPs are also masked.

What the difference between Dark Web and Deep Web?

Internet > Deep Web > Dark Web.   Deep web is a subset of the World Wide Web. Dark Web is a subset of Deep Web. All Darknet Markets are on the Dark Web.

How to Access the deep web / dark web?

Some parts of the deep web are restricted and only accessible by the people who made them.

For parts of deepweb/darkweb/darknet that can be accessed generally please see this guide.

Are there any Dark Web / Deep Web / Invisible Web Search Engines?

There are many Dark Web / Deep Web / Invisible Web Search Engines. We’ll be making a list soon. For now you can use << This can be accessed from normal browser.

Warning! Your identity will not be hidden if you access any dark net market via the above search engine.

See this guide for the proper way

Is there a Deep Web Index?

Because most pages in Deep Web have restricted access it is not easy to build comprehensive index of pages on the deep web.

We’ve not found something that can be called a deep web index.

We have one of the biggest hidden .onion Deep Web Links list on the net with full descriptions, site name, categories and site status. These links have all been tested.

Is there a resource where I can find Deep Web Links?

There is no Deep Web Links resource that is comprehensive.

We have one of the biggest Deep Web Links list on the planet with website descriptions, website name, categories and site status.  All the links in the table are tested.

Please be warned!  It’s very easy to put up fake sites on the dark net and claim them to be the real ones.   You can easily get scammed.

Is there a movie about the Deep Web?

There is a documentary about the Deep Web that came out in March, 2015. Narrated by Keanu Reeves.

Here is the Wikipedia Link


Where are the Internet's secret black markets?

These marketplaces reside on the dark web portion of the deep web.

We do have list of some here    (Market Links verified to be real)

How can I access dark web black markets ?

Here is the complete guide on access dark web black markets

Where can I find dark web stories?

We cover dark web and deep web stories. Bookmark our website

Where is the hidden wiki?

There are many “Hidden” Wikis.  All of them are on the TOR Network (Deep/Dark Web)  We cannot give a link because there are too many fakes that have phishing links to scam you.    Besides anyone can edit and put a scam link in the Wiki Software unless someone is keeping a eye.

What is 4chan?

4chan was originally an image board posting mostly about Japanese Anime. Later it expanded to other areas. E.g. politics, porn, pranks etc.

What is the link for dark web reddit page?

Reddit page for Dark Web

Deep Web page on Reddit.

Is there a Darknet market comparison table/chart?

Yes, we do have it here

It has total number of market listings, screenshots, and different attributes of the markets compared in an easy to read table.

Other Stuff


Help and Advice


The articles and content found on Dark Web News are for general information purposes only and are not intended to solicit illegal activity or constitute legal advice. Using drugs is harmful to your health and can cause serious problems including death and imprisonment, and any treatment should not be undertaken without medical supervision.

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