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Interpol has embarked on a program of training police officers combat sophisticated cybercrime such as those found on the Dark Web.

Cops from different countries around the world have already registered for this course; they are getting training on how to tackle illegal cyber activities with modern technology.

For quite some time now, Tor networks have made it difficult for agents to investigate due to their anonymous nature.

As such, all sorts of criminals ranging from drug dealers, terrorists and smugglers have been using them to propagate their actions without being caught.

However, with help from Global Complex for Innovation, Interpol is set to change this trend by making policemen more competent in handling darknet cases.

Interpol’s Cyber Research LabAccording to officials in-charge of the operation, identifying new methods and techniques used by organized crime systems to conceal identity is the main priority.

Your TOR usage is being watched

As part of the training, Interpol’s Cyber Research Lab has created its own Dark Web network, simulating private cryptocurrency and other marketplace tools used by felons to avoid detection.

Participants have been required to role-play as vendors, clients and administrators so as to enhance their understanding of Dark Web technical infrastructure.
Exercises additionally included live law enforcement “take downs” on simulated markets.

The course has featured the concept of penetrating test marketplaces on the Dark Web, which will help cops know whether a Tor system is prone to attacks or not.

There would also be a second training program intended for senior law enforcement agencies, this is meant to raise awareness of Dark Web activities within the policy level.

The training program equips participants with the skills needed to take real-time action against organized cybercrime.

Furthermore, the course underlines Global Complex for Innovation’s added value to Interpol member states in helping them tackle emerging crime threats.

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