Emerging Darknet Site Offers Zero-Day Exploits

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The Dark Web has long been involved in illicit trade: drugs, fake documents, stolen credit cards — anything that one can’t legally purchase from a real-life store can be found here. User’s traffic is encrypted through the TOR network and most darknet markets’ sellers often take advantage of the anonymity of cryptocurrencies to protect their transactions.

Now another dark web store has just opened up, and it’s bringing a new kind of ware to the table.

Called TheRealDeal Market, this darknet marketplace focuses not on tangible products like drugs or documents, but on zero-day exploits.

These exploits are named as such because of their nature – they are, most of the time, newly discovered and formulated, which means that they can be used to hack into networks undetected.

The sale of hacking tools and exploits is not a new industry, of course.
Hackers have long been peddling their wares on darknet markets, and their products do enjoy a high demand in the lawless free market of the dark web.
For example, there are a lot of people who are willing to pay huge money for working exploits; a few years ago, a zero-day exploit for iOS systems had a price tag of $250,000.

So, what can TheRealDeal Market offer that other similar darknet markets don’t have? It’s surely not the first of its kind; there were others before it that offered roughly the same kind of services.

Your TOR usage is being watched

For example, there was WabiSabiLabi in 2007, which was marketed as the “eBay for exploits”.

For once, TheRealDeal tries to formalize the whole business of the buying and selling of exploits. It endeavors to make the business as safe and scam-free as possible (or as safe as darknet markets can possibly offer). This kind of market is rife with scams; people are paying big money for exploits which they are not sure will work as advertised.

TheRealDeal solves this problem by implementing an escrow payment system along with multi-signature transactions.

A buyer’s coins will be held first in an escrow, and will only be released to the seller if the buyer has confirmed the transaction and is satisfied with the product.

It is important to note that these coins are moved to the sellers’ account if and only if two out of three involved parties (the buyer, seller, and TheRealDeal admins) have signed off the transaction.

This way, the admins will have the last say should disputes arise between buyers and sellers.

Another good thing is that TheRealDeal does not force its users to keep their coins in a wallet controlled by the market, so there would be no way that they can pull off a heist like what other darknet markets have done in the past.

The safeguards put in place by TheRealDeal founders are impressive, of course; but only time will tell if the whole establishment will be successful compared to other similar darknet markets that are available.

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  1. jesse

    im looking for links to the real deal and I’m looking for dream market or Isis . Or sheap can you provide me the url

    • Rillo

      All the links to markets are in our Market List Page.


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